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  1. I just recently purchased czc base pads and spring/followers. Mags are pretty much new, once I installed the czc stuff the followers do sit farther forward. I have to push it back to load the first round. Once the first round is in, the rest of the rounds load and feed fine. I'm assuming they need to break in. Are your mags dropping free with rounds in the mag? If you're shooting uspsa you shouldn't be shooting to empty anyway, which I'm sure you know.
  2. Degs

    Checkering CZ Shadow frame

    Im curious as well. I emailed czc and cajun and neither one will do it. For now skateboard tape will have to hold me over
  3. Degs

    TSO thumb rest - any leads?

    That would be awesome thank you
  4. Hello everyone. I am currently shooting a standard TS in limited minor right now. I am looking for a factory TSO thumb rest that I can mount to it. I have a 40 s&w TSO on order, so I want to have my TS set up like the tso. That way once I transition I'll already be used to drawing and what not with the tso. I have shot the tso and don't mind the factory rest ( I know most of you change it out) and I already have a RHT holster molded for the factory rest. The only place I found that carried it is the CZ USA shop but they are out of stock. Do any of you guys have any leads? Thanks
  5. I have been shooting a sp-01 shadow in ESP for years. I just prefer to start cocked and locked instead of DA. Now with the new rule changes, I have been debating on converting it to SAO and adding a magwell. But I can't justify the cost, the gun isn't holding me back. If you wanted to shoot your shadow 2 in idpa, you could shave some weight internally off of the slide/frame. You would also have to ditch the over sized mag release. It could be done, but I dont know if its worth it.
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