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  1. Well I load for a cz so it's going to be a bit shorter then yours. I started with 3.6 grains of SP with an ACME 200 round nose no lube groove, loaded to 1.125. The average velocity was about 835 fps, about 167 PF. (I might bump it up to 3.7 or 3.8) when I ran out of the acme I bought some sns 200 gr, same load data and I actually lost velocity. Averaging like 815, only 2 rounds of the 10 I chronoed actually met PF. When I run out of the sns i might try the blues next, I dont know.
  2. I just started loading and shooting 40 a few months ago. I had titegroup on hand and was using it for 9mm minor as well. I loaded some 180s with titegroup and had terrible fouling within 100 rounds. I bought a pound of sport pistol and switched to 200 grain bullets. The sport pistol is much cooler burning and had minimal fouling. I still get black sooty fingers but that's not the end of the world. From everything I've read sport pistol is softer shooting compared to titegroup. All I know is I'm liking the 200 grain with SP. That's what I'm gonna be sticking with for a while.
  3. Degs

    Shadow holster?

    Red hill is nice. I also have a comp tac international holster that I like as well.
  4. Degs

    CZ for IDPA SSP

    As others have stated, the sp-01s are good to go. I've used an original shadow for years and don't see myself switching to anything else. They should all meet the requirements except for the shadow 2, acu shadow, bull shadows, or tactical sports.
  5. My vote is for the TSO. Its worth every penny. I've only had it about a month, over 1k down the pipe and 1 match. Not a single issue. I've shot a lot of different sti's (9mm & 10mm) while they are nice i cant justify the price tag. Never shot a 40 2011 so I can't compare the recoil impulse. I also used to have a tanfo elite witness match. Again, excellent gun but I couldn't find as many parts or holster options. For the money, out of the box the TSO is very hard to beat.
  6. Cz's do have short chambers as you stated. I load my 125's to 1.100 for my shadow and TS. I should go a little shorter as some rounds still dont plunk. A lot of guys will load to 1.085-1.095 for cz. And yes you should decrease your powder as you go shorter. Like you said the less case capacity the higher the pressure will be. I'm no expert but I would drop a couple tenths and chrono it.
  7. I don't have a p10, but I have a dpm system in all 3 of my cz's. I love them and none of them have given me any issues. Make sure you check the website description. In one gun the short spring is the lightest, in the other the long spring is the lightest.
  8. I know your shooting a fmj, but I loaded some sns 180 grain rnfp, with 4.4 of sport pistol, 1.125 oal and was averaging 940 fps.
  9. Degs

    Nationals Promo

    I tried yesterday too and it didn't work. It gave me the same error
  10. I just recently purchased czc base pads and spring/followers. Mags are pretty much new, once I installed the czc stuff the followers do sit farther forward. I have to push it back to load the first round. Once the first round is in, the rest of the rounds load and feed fine. I'm assuming they need to break in. Are your mags dropping free with rounds in the mag? If you're shooting uspsa you shouldn't be shooting to empty anyway, which I'm sure you know.
  11. Degs

    Checkering CZ Shadow frame

    Im curious as well. I emailed czc and cajun and neither one will do it. For now skateboard tape will have to hold me over
  12. Degs

    TSO thumb rest - any leads?

    That would be awesome thank you
  13. Hello everyone. I am currently shooting a standard TS in limited minor right now. I am looking for a factory TSO thumb rest that I can mount to it. I have a 40 s&w TSO on order, so I want to have my TS set up like the tso. That way once I transition I'll already be used to drawing and what not with the tso. I have shot the tso and don't mind the factory rest ( I know most of you change it out) and I already have a RHT holster molded for the factory rest. The only place I found that carried it is the CZ USA shop but they are out of stock. Do any of you guys have any leads? Thanks
  14. I have been shooting a sp-01 shadow in ESP for years. I just prefer to start cocked and locked instead of DA. Now with the new rule changes, I have been debating on converting it to SAO and adding a magwell. But I can't justify the cost, the gun isn't holding me back. If you wanted to shoot your shadow 2 in idpa, you could shave some weight internally off of the slide/frame. You would also have to ditch the over sized mag release. It could be done, but I dont know if its worth it.
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