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  1. For basepads the EGW +2. You will need to remove the dimples in the sides of the mag and also either modify the follower to fit inside the basepad, or buy the followers from EGW that are already modified. All five of my mags with the EGS base pads work like a champ.
  2. Double Delta, Peacemaker National Training Center holds USPSA Matches they are west of Martinsburg WV. Also a quick drive down 81 and you can shoot at North Mountain Practical Shooters. There are quite a few single stack competitors in the area. Also if you want to make the drive you can go to Fredericksburg Practical shooters and they have about 100 shooters and seven stages. Alan
  3. Magnet test. If a magnet will pick it up by the point then no go. The bi-metal bullet is a steel jackt that is copper washed. While it might not go through an mgm target at distance it will dimple the target and cause early replacements of your targets.
  4. Gun with empty mag inserted must fit in the box.
  5. The 3 gun are scored with practiscore and are uploaded to practiscore.com We have include a 3 Gun Nation classifier in our June, July and Aug 3 gun matches Look under PNTC for the results
  6. We use nooks for USPSA, 3Gun and soon for IDPA at Peacemaker
  7. Welcome to VA (From another CA transplant) There is plenty of USPSA http://www.fredericksburgps.com http://northmountainps.com http://www.mpsa.net http://www.uspsa8.org The NRA Range is ok for some practice A little far out from where you are at but there is also http://www.peacemakernatinal.com That should give you a good start Alan
  8. Just Like Caspian Guy I also have the old style and they will actually feed factory 9mm, so let us know how the new springs and cleaning help
  9. Ace38super, First which mags are you using. and if it seemed to work at 1.180 OAL I would load up 50-100 at that length and try them.
  10. If you want to skip the Out of box experience, when powering up a NST for the first time. After powering on the Nook, you should be presented with a welcome screen with a Next button in the lower right. hold the lower right button and swipe acros the top of the screen. A "Factory" button will appear in the top left of the screen. Tap it to get to the Factory screen. While on the Factory screen, hold down the top right button and tap in the bottom right of the screen. A "Skip Oobe" button appears. Tap it to completely bypass the time zone, Wi-Fi and B&N registration process. Read more: http://nookdevs.com/Nook_Simple_Touch/Factory_Mode/Skip_Out_of_Box_Experience#ixzz2IfqsWSTT Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
  11. I feel the second line could be bigger.
  12. I have a family member that is currently in need of assistance. They are currently waiting for their vehcile to get repaired and might need to have their fifth wheel moved to an RV park. If you can help please contact me at aemeek@gmail.com Thanks Alan edited cuz I cant spell
  13. HIghsider, Send me a note and I can help Alan
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