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  1. Actually the first design the predates the 1911 had a grip safety and no thumb safety. The thumb safety was added at the request of the US Govt. I will post a link in a few.
  2. Alan Meek

    Which one?

    Jeep Jeep or Hummvee
  3. Alan Meek

    Which one?

    Jeep commander Jeep CJ or Commander
  4. Alan Meek

    Which one?

    Avalanche 4wd or 2wd
  5. When did you start shooting open? I started in 1988 when there was only one division Was 40 your first caliber in open? Started with a 9mm, then a 45 to a 38 Super and the 40 S&W right about the time the cartridge was announce. Had a little inside info. Why did you choose 40? Initially cause I could not get my gun to run in 10mm reliably and I had know about the Centimeter, but the commercial 40 s&w made so much more sense What make is your gun? I initially started with a Colt Delta Elite and then upgraded the frame to a Caspian Hi-Cap Who built it? With the exception of th
  6. Dave, I'll be there Alan (Hoping I picked the Sunny Days)
  7. Alan Meek

    Which one?

    Doesn't matter Use Spell Check or not
  8. A lot of my Limited Classifiers were also shot with a single stack. Alan
  9. I concur with TGO being granted honorary status and the esteemed 45 member number Alan
  10. I will vouch for Ed's misses as soon as she makes the correct formal application
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