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  1. DB_Cooper

    G34 Accuracy Issues

    I have the same shooting left issue with my G34.4 so it has become a safe queen. I mainly shoot my Canik TP9sfx and STI Edge. no problems hitting center of the target with those guns.
  2. DB_Cooper

    MBX Mag Question

    I pushed it on the edge of my reloading bench and all it did was dent the wood on the bench, I will try a harder surface this evening.
  3. DB_Cooper

    MBX Mag Question

    I got a brand new MBX mag for my STI Edge .40 and I can't get the pin to push down to remove the base pad. Should I just loosen the set screw a little or will this void the warranty or is their a trick to this?
  4. Great advice. E3 is supposed to be temperature stable but I might go ahead and bump it up to 4.3 gr. to be on the safe side.
  5. Sorry for they delay, had to purchase a chronograph before testing and here is the results...... STI Edge .40 180 gr. Blue Bullets 1.180 Winchester Small Pistol Primers E3 4.0 grains Low 889 Fps High 915 Fps Avg 903 Fps PF 162.54 E3 4.2 grains Low 915 Fps High 944 Fps Avg 928.14 Fps PF 167.07 I'm extremely happy with the results, it was soft shooting and low smoke. I have found my Limited major load, no further testing needed.
  6. DB_Cooper

    Looking to try a new powder

    I just picked up a pound of E3 to test with 180 grain Blue Bullets in my Edge for USPSA major.
  7. Picked this up today for testing, hopefully it goes well and this will be the only powder for now if it doesn’t work out then WST will be next. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I heard Ramshot Competition is a poor a man's N320.
  9. A lot of good info in this thread, keep it coming.
  10. Mine didn't come with a primer tube filler, suggestions?
  11. I already have the conversion kit and Dillion Dies except for Lee FCD, Powder check system, and help on the powder drop setup. I need tips on setting up the dies and everything else especially on how much bell to put on the case, also I will be loading 180 gr. Blue Bullets .40 S&W. I have been loading mainly rifle on a single stage press so I'm a noob when it comes to progressive presses. Any help if you have good video links that might be helpful comment those also. Thanks in advance!
  12. DB_Cooper

    Uspsa load...sort by headstamp?

    I sort .308 brass but I don't see any need to for pistol.
  13. I'm definitely going to load some 231 for testing and also going to test E3 if available, if not then I will probably give Longshot a try.
  14. Has anyone tried 231 for .40? I have some 231 laying around and thought about trying it out.
  15. DB_Cooper

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    Akai slide feels like it's on ball bearing and the trigger is sweet, I know from first hand experience. Maybe @TennJeep1618 can add something about Akai pistols.