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  1. I have been using the AR Gold Trigger in mine with no problem.
  2. Is the slide stop still able to lock back after accu rails?
  3. Send him an email or call. His business is Innovative Custom Guns
  4. Jim Milks is fantastic. He will get it tight again
  5. Happened to me once when I tried Froglube when it first came out. I threw it all away and went back to militec. No more problems
  6. CMJ bullets and N320 works well for me but never used at night.
  7. Yes, as usual, Guy is correct.
  8. What I have seen from my experience doing gun refonishig is you will can keep yourself busy doing quality work but there is no money really in it. You spend many hours and dollars for little profit. Also if you are building guns you should look into insurance in case someone is injured by one of your guns. It is the things you don't think of that drive expenses up. Stuff happens. Good luck with whatever you choose. Bill
  9. I like the feel of the barrel profile and the ti cylinder. Loads easier for me with the tapered case. Everything feels more natural for me.
  10. I had the Devil Dog for a while. It is a bit heavy. I did have a piece break in a match which they replaced. It seems the effort to rack the bolt is greater than the original setup so in the end I went back to stock. Seems like a good idea for some things though.
  11. I have both. The 627 is a great gun but the 929 is a whole nother class above on pointablity, handling, accuracy and easy to load for. 929 any day
  12. Just change the weight to "without " a magazine. There. Solved the worlds problems.
  13. I am not a gunsmith but 3 excellent gunsmiths have told me they are no good.
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