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  1. I cut a piece of bicycle inner tube about 2 inches long and use it as an extension around the primer cup. I cut one end on a little angle. Now it is completely preventing primer jumps
  2. I have one of these I purchased used. It is very cool being a bit rare.
  3. Try Jim Milks at Innovative Custom Guns. Fantastic gunsmith
  4. I just received a February order last week.
  5. I shot with all 3 of my boys as they grew up going to USPSA and steel matches. I told them I don't care if you continue in the shooting sports but I want you to be able to handle guns safely. One day my youngest was invited by his friend to shoot paintball guns. As they finished up my son walked out with the other kids but he was the only one that had his trigger finger outside the trigger guard. I knew that day my job was done. I am so glad you are shooting with your son. They remember these times for the rest of their lives. Take care
  6. I have been using the AR Gold Trigger in mine with no problem.
  7. Is the slide stop still able to lock back after accu rails?
  8. Send him an email or call. His business is Innovative Custom Guns
  9. Jim Milks is fantastic. He will get it tight again
  10. Happened to me once when I tried Froglube when it first came out. I threw it all away and went back to militec. No more problems
  11. CMJ bullets and N320 works well for me but never used at night.
  12. Yes, as usual, Guy is correct.
  13. What I have seen from my experience doing gun refonishig is you will can keep yourself busy doing quality work but there is no money really in it. You spend many hours and dollars for little profit. Also if you are building guns you should look into insurance in case someone is injured by one of your guns. It is the things you don't think of that drive expenses up. Stuff happens. Good luck with whatever you choose. Bill
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