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  1. I like the feel of the barrel profile and the ti cylinder. Loads easier for me with the tapered case. Everything feels more natural for me.
  2. I had the Devil Dog for a while. It is a bit heavy. I did have a piece break in a match which they replaced. It seems the effort to rack the bolt is greater than the original setup so in the end I went back to stock. Seems like a good idea for some things though.
  3. I have both. The 627 is a great gun but the 929 is a whole nother class above on pointablity, handling, accuracy and easy to load for. 929 any day
  4. Just change the weight to "without " a magazine. There. Solved the worlds problems.
  5. I am not a gunsmith but 3 excellent gunsmiths have told me they are no good.
  6. It's normal with new brass. Don't know exactly why.
  7. Look into Diamondback carbines. I have 3 that always work, very accurate and look great. You don't hear much about them though. Price is right also.
  8. That was 8 years ago
  9. Bill H

    Preferred grip tape

    I think I will try the Talon grit panels. If that doesn't work I will have a template for skateboard tape. I am trying to not go permanent. Thanks for the info.
  10. Bill H

    Preferred grip tape

    That's the way I am leaning.
  11. Bill H

    Preferred grip tape

    I know this has probably been discussed in the past but I couldn't find it. Is the Talon grip tape good stuff? Is there something better? Rubber type or grit? It is for a Glock 17 for competition. Thanks
  12. I put a Spikes Tactical buffer in mine which is a bit longer and heavier. You can also just stack quarters in the tube until it will travel just far enough to lock back . Someone sells a delrin or some type of synthetic spacer for like $3 dollars but I can't remember who. Someone will probably join in with that info. The quarters will work till you do something else. The 308 spring seems to make it work a bit nicer but still needs to be limited.
  13. Go to titanrocket.com and send a message from there. I don't have the email anymore. Contact was sometimes slow and spotty but I think if you have the info we could all benefit. Bill
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