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  1. I just picked up a Springfield RO that came with 2 Dawson 10 round mags. Years ago I had an older Springfield that I fought a lot to find a bullet and mag combo that worked. That said, while this RO seems nice, I found the Dawson mags to be absolutely outstanding. Seat easy with 10 rounds, no issues feeding. Haven’t had a chance to run it much yet, but the Dawson’s get a vote from me.
  2. I don’t own one, so it’s not personal experience, but I have been told getting an all steel railed 9mm 1911 to make weight for USPSA is super hard if not impossible. Ymmv.
  3. While this thread has remained civil, it reminds of when I was heavy into car racing. You wanna see people fight over opinions that only effect themselves, that’s where it’s at. “YOU CAN’T RUN THAT OIL, IT’S TRASH. YOU NEED XXXXXX BRAND, IT’S THE BEST!!” Uh... hey. My car is fine. Been that way for 3 seasons. But thanks for the input. ”NOOOOO!” Run what works. Be it prize table pickup, the latest brand wonder lube, whatever. I use Lucas. Red in the cold, Green in the heat.
  4. That is my new SS blaster. Dan Wesson SSC in 40. It’s not perfect, but it’s one heck of a nice piece. Also, not easy to find.
  5. In 40 cal SS, Custom is about all that’s left. The older Trojans (mine included) ran pretty well.
  6. Caliber is going to be a major (sorry, forgive the pun) factor. I have several 40 and 45 SS guns, my next one is a 9mm. In that market, the sky is the limit. In production guns, Dan Wesson is hard to beat.
  7. Are you interested in a Dan Wesson Valor 9mm?

    Thank you,



    1. Bigzeke


      Could be. Sending PM

  8. Not thread hijacking, but has anybody used Clark Custom Guns for HC?
  9. SS minor is a thing. There are GM SS shooters that choose minor and win with them. That being said, in Major PF, choosing between 40 and 45 is a preference. I shoot SS major in 40 and I love it. No need to monkey with mags to barney up, since mags hold 9. I personally like the recoil of 40 compared to 45.
  10. Hey buddy trying to see if you still want to move that Trojan. I think we can work something out.. please contact me. Thanks

  11. Both 40 cal 2011’s I have ran factory length ammo like a champ. If yours runs normal length, leave it alone. If you are having problems, start moving it longer, little by little.
  12. At a level 2 match a couple years ago my gun went on the scale and came up 43.1. Chrony guy looked at it funny, picked it up. Checked that the scale went back to zero. Set it back down, came up 43.0. Looked at me with smile and said “You’re good.... barely.” I shaved a little weight, just so I didn’t have a heart attack next time. Mine runs at 42.3 now.
  13. I have a hard chrome STI SS .40 cal. But that makes me jealous. Very sweet piece.
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