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  1. Both 40 cal 2011’s I have ran factory length ammo like a champ. If yours runs normal length, leave it alone. If you are having problems, start moving it longer, little by little.
  2. At a level 2 match a couple years ago my gun went on the scale and came up 43.1. Chrony guy looked at it funny, picked it up. Checked that the scale went back to zero. Set it back down, came up 43.0. Looked at me with smile and said “You’re good.... barely.” I shaved a little weight, just so I didn’t have a heart attack next time. Mine runs at 42.3 now.
  3. I have a hard chrome STI SS .40 cal. But that makes me jealous. Very sweet piece.
  4. I have plenty of STI both 1911 and 2011. With that, the PM9 is killer. Been drooling over getting one for awhile.
  5. Around here night matches are kind of a thing for 3 gun. I found a deal on a SHOT show special 2011 that I couldn’t pass. Biggest issue, no light rail. If I had to do it over again, I would go for a railed setup hands down.
  6. Depending on your ammo cost, you will have to shoot a lot of 3 gun just to break even on the cost of another top end. My 40 minor loads cost about .01 more than 9mm. Brass recovered may mean more, but around here a lot of people are jumping off of 40, so brass is plentiful.
  7. For me it was very natural to disengage the safety after my weak hand had made contact and I was tightening my grip bringing the sights up on target.
  8. FWIW, none of my guns have ever had one. When I try others that do, both open and limited, my thumb never touches the rest. But I run with a thumbs up grip. Those that have them around here swear by them in open, but in limited not so much. I think if you trained with it you could see a huge difference. Just trying it out might not see the benefit.
  9. I shoot SS major with a Trojan 40 and would not give it up for anything. The PM9, while not cheap, would be my first choice in a SS minor gun. Hands down.
  10. As others have said, hard to beat wood for weight. Aluminum MSH, aluminum magwell of your choice, and Hogue woodys make for a pretty light setup.
  11. The Shot Show Special that I have is an absolute dream to shoot. I have used it in IDPA and 3 gun. While I have a perfectly good 40 cal LTD gun, I have strongly considered shooting the 9mm for Lim minor just for kicks I like it so much.
  12. Most popular around here is the DAA. When I upgrade from the Bladetechs I have, the Racers will be where I go.
  13. I have found that picking up a used 2011 from Enos has been a pretty good way to go. Yes, you do take the chance of getting someone’s lemon, but the people here are pretty darn honest. If you decide you want to stay in limited, upgrading to a custom can be the next step. I did limited for about a year and decided to go back to SS. I know I could sell either of my limited guns for about what I paid.
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