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  1. My new VR is doing the same. I’ve only ran 50 rounds of Suprema 1315fps. bird shot and 10 Remington Sluggers through it, but every round has been bolt action. I’ve got a couple 308 buffer springs coming, and will open up the gas ports with a #32 bit tomorrow. See if that helps.
  2. If you use the 21rd. mags with the factory basepads, be sure to check them in a mag gauge. All of mine were too long to gauge. They’ll fit with a little Dremel work.
  3. OPENB

    X5 Legion accuracy

    X5 FCU with Gray Guns trigger kit.
  4. Ghost pouches are ambidextrous.
  5. OPENB

    X5 Legion accuracy

    What base pad is that, and does that mag fit the gauge? Assuming you shoot carry optics.
  6. How many times have you torqued the screws? I read somewhere that the DPP screws will lose their thread strength with repeated torquings. Maybe try a new set, not very expensive.
  7. OPENB

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Yep, no different than switching to any other grip. My FrankenLegion is now my back up.
  8. They are straight up and down to save space to get more mags on the belt. Production shooters go thru a lot of mags. You can angle them as said, but economy of motion is your friend.
  9. OPENB

    P320 X5 Thread

    Do you use a snap cap when you dry fire?
  10. A heads up, I can only find the signup for the Section Championship by using the link on Facebook. If you use the search on PS, it doesn’t come up. Never seen this before.
  11. I’d check your chrono, cause 8.8 is way under what the rest of us need to make major with this powder. I’m using 10.5 under a 115 RMR, and 10.0 under a 124 bullet. KKM 5.5” bull barrel, Binary Engineering comp, no holes. 1.165”.
  12. Get the 40 barrel. 40 in a 10mm barrel will headspace off the extractor. If the rim slips off the extractor, the round will fall into the chamber, and will have to most likely be pushed out from the muzzle. Just not worth the hassle.
  13. Same weekend as Buckeye Blast. Maybe next year.
  14. My GG trigger was a massive upgrade over the Legion trigger. 4.5# down to sub 2#. The trigger bar geometry is just part of it, the sear springs, trigger bar spring, and pin make a system.
  15. Curfew in Kauai? That’s funny. Middle of summer, there’s no one out in Kapaa after 8. Couple of bars, that’s it. I wouldn’t mind being in Kauai for all of this. No shooting, might as well be in paradise.
  16. I went ahead and got the Sig P320 40 Red Box full size from CDNN. It came with 3 14rd. mags, and I bought 4 18rd. mags. I dropped the top end on my Legion bottom, and ran a couple mags of 200gr. round nose Berry’s Bullets reloads. No hiccups. Maybe I got lucky with a good one.
  17. I got one outdoor match in this season, and managed to throw up a M classifier. Guess that’ll have to tide me over for a while. Good time to load ammo, dry fire, and work on guns. I’m only retired 5 month, I ain’t going out this quickly.
  18. +1. The K9 is the giveaway.
  19. OPENB

    Gen 3 22 value ?

    The heavier recoiling 40 is the reason the 3 pin frame came to be, according to my Glock armorer course.
  20. Yes I did! Got a black MOE pistol. ATF just emailed me that my Form 1 is approved, so going to get it engraved and pick up a CTR stock. I got the ALG trigger from you, just haven’t put it in yet. I saw all the goodies are available now at PSA. Look great!
  21. Sig 320 40 from CDNN for $350. Keep the top end, sell the bottom. Legion grip for $299. 18 rd. mags are $35. Gray guns trigger for $129 if you want.
  22. OPENB

    P320 x5 legion 40 s&w?

    I got my 40 full size today from CDNN. Put the upper on my Legion lower and ran a mag. I like it. Any one make adjustable sights?
  23. Me too. Proven Arms?
  24. OPENB

    23+1 wont run

    I get 23 in mine with stock springs/followers and TTI bases. I load with a LULA, and don’t have any feeding or reloading problems. I use the 12# spring. 8 mags set up this way. I’ll count myself lucky I guess.
  25. OPENB

    Picked up a 320 XFive

    My answer to the OP was about the X5, which comes with 21rd. mags. I have no experience with lengthening the 17rd. mags, but I assume the TTI +5/Grams guts combo is the best way to get to 23.
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