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  2. We’ve all shot 2 stages in 1 bay, and I think it sucks. No matter how it’s ran, it’s slow and annoying. Open Nats had 6 stages in 3 bays, one on each day. I’d rather they had a medium course in those bays, and just reduce the stage count.
  3. OPENB

    Romeo 1 Pro

    A heads up, Proven Arms is pre-ordering R1Pros for $285. Haven’t seen a better price. And they won’t charge your card until it ships. And they have 21rd. mags for $32 for 3 or more.
  4. Don’t sweat the mag well. It’s not legal in carry optics. And all grips, slides, and FCUs are interchangeable.
  5. Thank you! Just put a Freedomsmith Racer trigger in it this morning.
  6. Well you said you don’t want to, so what’s to discuss? Do what you want to, and be happy.
  7. I shot my SFX yesterday with. C-more STS, not a 2. Thought the lens a little small. I have a couple RTS2 on the bench, and wanted to try that. The plate fits, but the sight overhangs the plate and is recessed on the slide, so the RTS2 won’t fit on the gun. So, what sights will fit on this gun with the supplied plates? I know Vortex Viper & Venom fits, so I assume a Burris Fastfire will too.
  8. OPENB

    Scope help

    Sounds like you have an upright Serendipity. Cut the legs off & convert it to a Slide Ride, mount it to an aluminum single sided mount. Will be much more rigid than the plastic legs held by 3 screws on one side.
  9. I sent mine in yesterday. When I called, CS rep said they’re running about a week turnaround.
  10. I just swapped the firing pin spring with the 6.5# Glock spring & the safety plunger spring with a reduced power Glock spring, & my trigger pull is now at 2# 7oz. I have a Racer trigger ordered, and deciding what guide rod to go with to be able to reduce the recoil spring. I think I’m liking this gun better than my X5 and Legion.
  11. I would start at the common, easy fixes, then go from there. The obvious is dirty gun. Clean it, paying close attention to the chamber. Are you sure the 4 rounds that clicked were live rounds and not fired brass? The Canik is over sprung. If it doesn’t eject, fired brass might just re-chamber themselves. The slide doesn’t have to come back very far to recook the striker, and you’ll get a click, no bang. Could be bad or high primers, even though it’s factory ammo. Do a pencil test, but I doubt you’ll find a problem since it fired after you tap rack and banged. That’s all I can think of right now.
  12. This is enlightening. I guess I didn’t do so bad after all!
  13. OPENB

    X5 Legion CO Mags

    Same as above. 21rd. mag+Springer pad+Grams guts=23 reloadable. I’m using the Legion 17 mags for reloads on classifiers.
  14. I used mine for recent trip across the country for Nationals, flew Delta. Not a problem. Just use the meat between your ears and make sure there’s no prohibited items in it.
  15. I see my favorite in there, Elijah Craig Small Batch.
  16. I just got back from my first trip to the Open Nationals. I expected to see better shooters than I'm used to on a local level, cause it's the Nationals. I'm classed A, so I pulled up the Open A's on Practiscore. I was suprised to see of the 55 A open shooters, only the top 5 shot to A class percentage. 50 of did not. Is that normal? Is it due to the classifier HHF redo? I know I can't shoot to A percentage anymore. I find myself wondering when/if I need to request a drop back to B. Or do I keep plugging along in A with the other 95% of us that can't shoot to our class percentage anymore? Or is Christian Sailor just super human that makes the rest of us look that bad?
  17. I would love a Slide ride dot module with a green dot. I’ve got 90* mounts on my open guns.
  18. Sun coming up over the berms yesterday was brutal! The fine dust made a visible haze that the sun captured, making distant targets in the shade invisible. Buff targets, same colored berms, dust-haze, shooting with sun in eyes into the shade, you get the idea. No place I’d rather be!
  19. I don’t know for sure, but anything that slows slide velocity would seem to make sense to be easier on the optic.
  20. Is it worth staying for the awards/prize table? I have a 6:30AM flight home in Vegas the next morning, and have reserved a room on Fremont St. Tues. night to sight see, but if the prize table is worth it, I could stay.
  21. Anyone find the matchbook?
  22. $200 credit to use in the online Sig store for purchases made July 1 thru July 31.
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