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  1. @jfa25 welcome sir! what part of socal? If you want to go shoot, let me know we can go together and squad in.
  2. @anbrumm - I used to live in Collinsville, IL.
  3. Welcome to the forum sir! Where in MO are based out of?
  4. Welcome to the forum!!! I am assuming from SoCal?
  5. Welcome to the forum, fellow Californistan!!!
  6. http://www.explorercases.net/?product=explorer-cases-ultimate-3-gun-travel-solution-kit-black You can get the whole kit or just the bag then use a slightly less expensive gun case like Plano or spend a little bit on Pelican case.
  7. Welcome mates...I'm seeing an influx of CA peeps that's good time to represent!
  8. Welcome sir! There are several places to go for fun competition up in the high desert. Check Lucerne Valley and Apple Valley gun clud. I believe there is one in Adelanto as well
  9. mksm2016


    Welcome aboard fellow Glock shooter!
  10. Welcome aboard sir! Just checking, you don't make those airsoft magazine o-rings by any chance do you? Your screen name matches the mfr. of the said o-ring.
  11. Welcome to the forum sir! Where from CA are you from? Hope to see you out there.
  12. If you want to sell stuff, yeah better get that 50th done son lol
  13. Hi Terry, I couldn't remember who posted a youtube review but check it out. They might be related with Iron City Rifle Works. The design is very similar to Benelli M2. I think those holes comes with a cover that you can take off if you want to mount an optic.
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