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  1. another for the Federal syntech.
  2. what was the subscription cost? I have heard of trident, but have yet to look into it.
  3. if they still have any dawson had some edges that were right at 2k might look into them. I don't have enough experiance with the other two, just shot each a couple of times from friends.
  4. i have only seen once locally that a master shooter took a miss on steel, because he figured that the speed he gained made it a wash, he showed me the math and his hit factor was pretty close to the same, but he said because of the no shoot behind it and where it was in the stage it was worth it. otherwise make the hits misses hurt bad.
  5. I would also add to all of the above to try to visualize it like the firearm is in front of you, see the sights even though they are not there, that way when they are you feel like you have already shot the stage. just keep practicing and you will get better at stage planning.
  6. Some of the ranges around here have made setup and take down a mandatory activity. setup in the morning before the match and if you leave before take down you get a warning then if it happens again asked not to come to the next, and on the 3rd time you are asked to stay away. some people didn't like it and only a few have not come back, but it has definitely helped those that organize the matches.
  7. That's strange, I just checked and it seemed to be working. but you could also email them info@3riversammo.com or call 541-291-9814. Don I am sure would be happy to help you out.
  8. All of the race holsters I have seen and tried are hand specific.
  9. Our local ammo company uses the CED for there competition ammo since USPSA mainly uses it. and so far it has been pretty close to the ones ran at our state match and sectional.
  10. I was going to try the TTI slim follower for my .40, but can't remember if it said on the page or I emailed about it and was told that the slim follower was only for 9mm, but the univeral would work in either.
  11. I would also think that they test fire with factory ammo, and that is what they use for the marketing of what the gun is capable of, and if someone reloading doesn't get the consistency or accuracy jp advertises then it must be the firearm companies fault.
  12. He puts out some interesting stuff, I am going to have to get one of these.
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