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  1. I see plenty of physical matches in this area. I think if youre not coming off a stage short of breath you probably werent sprinting fast enough. And to me practical is definitely subjective but also how you apply what youve learned. There is a lot of stuff that goes into shooting. And you learn much of that getting reps in. And so shooting is shooting. How you apply it in a a tactical or self defense scenario is up to you. I think mastering the basics and the tasks associated with shooting allows you to use your brain to figure out the tactical problem. Or self defense problem. i wont get too far into the weeds but blue ridge 3gun is one of the most physically demanding matches there is. From what i hear. Ive never shot it. Also check out the tactical games. And check out Drop Zone Gunner (set up and ran by jeremy griffin). i think these would be right up your alley dude! Good luck!
  2. So i think the general consensus is management is key. Most the ideas here are nothing i havent heard before. I think mostly the issue is time. I have no issue helping. However i dont have time. Active duty still, and running a business. What our MD is doing (mentioned above) is charging 25 dollars a shooter. And taking the 5 from that and paying the people that set up. Additionally comping their match fee as well. All the matches ive been to in this area everyone helps break down their stage and any additional stages that are left up. I think with the time thing, people wouldnt mind paying extra to supplement the range and anyone else helping to set up. i think that additionally with more attractive set ups might do it. I know riverbend has 8 stages every month and that thing sells out. Sometimes almost 200 shooters a match. So I think having 30-40$ match fees arent outrageous. It would help the ranges out and help pay for people to set up. What do you guys think? Whats your average match fee in your area?
  3. auburn! Sweet. That's not too far from me. I'm out near fort benning. There are a lot of awesome matches in the area. Strong point (they canceled the rest for the year) EAGC, once monthly. Dothan Gun Club (twice monthly) CMP Talledega (great facility, great match) once monthly Atlanta South River Gun Club (once monthly), they also have an all steel match and 2/3 gun and Central Alabama which is real close to you. Theyt just upgraded all their walls and props which is awesome! Some of their stuff was looking pretty tired. DQ's happen. Its part of the game. This is a game speed. And if youre pushing the limits, mistakes will happen. The most important thing is to be as safe as possible. And learn from it. And don't allow it to effect you too much. Just use it as a learning experience. What happened if you don't mind my asking? Feel free to hit me up if you want to see what matches are coming up in the area.
  4. So financially you may save money on the ammo. But overall time and cost of the press probably not. It would take you an immense amount of cranking a handle to make up for it. But if youre loading 38 super comp or 9 major...then ya. Itd probably be economically the choice. You could work up a cost analysis on excel and see how long it would take. But with all that being said, i like having choices. When you buy factory you get what you get. And you cant customize and tune ammo to the gun, or vice versa. I like havin the ability to tweak ammo how i see fit. And thats really what it gives you.
  5. So one of the local ranges we have on the monthly match rotation canceled its matches for the rest of the year. Its unfortunate since they just had Georgia State there. I contacted them to pitch them some ideas to keep it going. Looks like they didnt want to use up bays otherwise members could use, and were having difficulty getting people to set up. One thing another local range was doing to help drive set-up was charging an additional 5$ dollars over the regular match fee (so now 25$). Taking that 5 bucks off the top and paying those that helped set up with additional match fee. Has anyone else seen anything else that might be beneficial in helping a range keep a match? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  6. So i just shot the Carolina Classic and was talking to some jersey'd up shooters who didnt even know phoenix trinity makes a full gun. So i just wanted to throw it out there that PT not only makes a full open gun but their website has the race shop which allows you an a la carte type menu option where you can go full bore (pun intended) and buy the open configuration with both 9 and 38 sc barrel, or just the limited minor and major options. Basically whatever you want. Even includes finishing options. If youre looking to get into an awesome 2011 platform at a killer price its an option to consider! https://ptrinity.com/product/honcho-race-shop/
  7. Popple holes rob the compensator of gas. Which is totally true in my experience. Some guys scrape the power factor floor with ammo when their guns would perform much better and shoot much tamer with more gas to the compensator. Sounds counter-intuitive. But its definitely not.
  8. So hes right about active visualization. I walk a stage as many times as i can. Some people dont take full advantage. But i do. Because it helps burn everything into your head. And you never know. You may see something on your last walk through that you didnt before. Like an odd angle or something you can take advantage of. Then i mentally rehearse over and over until its committed to memory. Usually 2 shooters from my turn i stop pasting and i walk away. Rehearse my plan mentally as many times as i can. Then when i step up to the line i rehearse it once more at the make ready. Something i also do to help with just getting reps in like this is i have dry fire targets all over my living room. And i commit different sequences to memory and i dry practice shooting the targets in that sequence. On a stage it may not be advantageous to engage targets exactly left to right and right to left. Things like that. But it also helps you get the mental reps in of committing things like that to memory.
  9. I don’t really shoot limited much anymore. I’ll see if I can get some video of that set up. I’ll say that the open configuration is ridiculous. I can almost have just one sight picture. And as long as I have good trigger control rip 2 rounds off as fast as I can and I’ll have fiat size groups even at 20 yards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Follow me on Instagram. I have a pretty good video on IG tv about it. devilsdengunworks. but PT was in the aerospace industry manufacturing stuff for that for a long time. Got into the gun industry making parts which a lot of the boutique builders use. Atlas being one. But You name it. Most of them have PT parts or the main one you see on many guns is either the evo grip or the frame. Or both. The only exception I know of might be limcat. And definitely sv infinity. Sv makes everything in house. the gun rocks. I know a bunch of dudes in the Atlanta area (myself included) that will let your shoot one if you want. we will be shooting at south river gun club all day Sunday for Uspsa. if you’re free swing on through and we’ll let you throw a couple mags through it. if this is a gift for treat yo self I’d go with the pt. The fit is and it shoots even better. I used to have an atlas. Now I don’t and I have 2 honchos. If you want to know anything more specific please feel free to message me.
  11. angels envy is my go to usually. Pretty easy to get around here and only 40 bucks a bottle. And its delicious! I do like the usual for just regular drinking. Makers, blantons, bulleit 10 is pretty good, basil haydens (that one tastes almost a little too earthy for me)...
  12. i know a guy whos ran 50K through his with minimal issues. When they did the RandD on em they ran 100K through one gun in 9major without any problems. Obviously youve gotta do your preventative maintenance and replace springs at regular intervals and all that but...ya man.
  13. agree 100%. I mean look at JJ for nationals this year. Incredible. I mean being that focused for all 3 divisions. Pretty awesome stuff.
  14. I was pretty terrible. The one piece of advice I have is to start now regardless of your skill level. I wish I had started a long time ago. Everyone I've met at matches are extremely helpful and gave me advice. Everyone I've met wants to help promote the sport and introduce new shooters. I even bought a second rig so that I could loan it out to new shooters to introduce them to the sport. I do have to say I have seen a lot of new shooters shoot one or two matches and then never come back. And I think it has to do with ego. Ego is not your amigo. A lot of guys I think get embarrassed about their performance and then never come back. And so you have 1 of 2 options...commit to getting better and ignore being slightly embarrassed (keep in mind everyone had to start somewhere). Or option 2, let the embarrassment get to you and never come back. Also keep in mind everyone will make mistakes. And its ok. Even the all-time greats still make mistakes.
  15. you could shoot both. Many people shoot multiple divisions for steel challenge. See which one you like most and then go from there. But my mentality is, youre committed to the range for the day by attending the match. May as well double down on trigger time.
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