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  1. agree 100%. I mean look at JJ for nationals this year. Incredible. I mean being that focused for all 3 divisions. Pretty awesome stuff.
  2. I was pretty terrible. The one piece of advice I have is to start now regardless of your skill level. I wish I had started a long time ago. Everyone I've met at matches are extremely helpful and gave me advice. Everyone I've met wants to help promote the sport and introduce new shooters. I even bought a second rig so that I could loan it out to new shooters to introduce them to the sport. I do have to say I have seen a lot of new shooters shoot one or two matches and then never come back. And I think it has to do with ego. Ego is not your amigo. A lot of guys I think get embarrassed about their performance and then never come back. And so you have 1 of 2 options...commit to getting better and ignore being slightly embarrassed (keep in mind everyone had to start somewhere). Or option 2, let the embarrassment get to you and never come back. Also keep in mind everyone will make mistakes. And its ok. Even the all-time greats still make mistakes.
  3. you could shoot both. Many people shoot multiple divisions for steel challenge. See which one you like most and then go from there. But my mentality is, youre committed to the range for the day by attending the match. May as well double down on trigger time.
  4. thanks for the info. I had been lookin at takin it, or at a minimum buyin her book.
  5. I go straight to the website for that. And then you can run an HDMI cable to your tv and just extend your desktop...its rad. The best way ive seen to dry practice movers.
  6. next time get one of the 3 dollar ghost rear plates with a hole in it. Its made exactly for this reason.
  7. yes they charge per gun. So double the money for entry fee, buying another gun, buying double the ammo or loading twice the ammo. It gets expensive but I think its worth it. see my other comment above.
  8. Good point. I see that frequently. I shoot 2 divisions frequently. Usually PCC and something else. Limited or open. I always work my ass off resetting and pasting. And frequently find myself with a timer or tablet. Often up until I have to shoot. I find that if I'm committed to the match for the day I may as well get twice the trigger time. I feel like it helps create what I call "match endurance." The ability to focus for 12 stages instead of just 6. When shooting PCC I try to shoot a different stage plan and take longer shots as well. It helps me learn a lot about stage planning. And helps me get some carbine work in which is important to me because of my occupation. I figure why not? Helps the range out with more money. And the sport is here to have fun, and to promote shooting. So the more the better IMO. I have not seen the ability to shoot 2 divisions at major matches. So no given advantage available there which would be the only problem I could see.
  9. Surface temps, and ratios. Ive found a much better adherence to multiple coats when spraying with an 18:1 ratio. To ensure this is exact, I use a digital scale with the 3m PPS system. Works great. and instead of having to waste tons of acetone cleaning stuff and trying to measure it in a graduated cylinder (and having inaccuracies and waste due to transference)...I just measure it straight in the 3M pps inserts on the scale. So tare it. Ensure its shaken up. Pour your cerakote. And then pour in your hardner to 18:1. And spray it. I have found that some colors are a little more sensitive to masking and partial cures. But to ensure its at the correct temp you have to use an infrared thermometer. One thing is allow parts to cool before you spray additional passes. And peel any masking off, before fully curing.
  10. if no one has mentioned it watch Paul Kerr on Instagram. Has one of the fastest scoops I've seen.
  11. this is known as the growth mindset. Failure is not welcome but it is necessary for growth. The fixed mindset is when people fail, and are so demoralized they don't do anything risky again. Or they are so fearful of failure they don't try anything risky at all.
  12. Oh this is a good one. Dealing with poor match results: First off you need to have realistic expectation management. I try to shoot as many big matches as I can because the level of competition is tougher at majors. Locals not so much. I use placement as a data tool and that's it really. Especially with practiscore competitor you can really look at the data and see what you need to improve. Improvements: Naturally we do whats easy or fun. You need to practice the stuff that you had difficulty at. Or what carries the most weight at a match. To me this is transitions and shooting on the move. There are a lot of other things that contribute to a good match. But personally I think being as efficient as possible and shootin on the move and transitions is what helps. Bad days: Sometimes you can just tell youre off. Like your processing speed isn't there. Or your vision is off and you cant pick up your sights or dot as quickly as usual. You need to be honest with yourself and know how you shoot normally. With that being said you cant just buy your way to the top with more expensive equipment. A double stack 1911/2011 with a frame mounted dot is much more refined than a glock. And will only make a good shooter shoot slightly better. But I don't think itll make up for skill. Motivation: I think this one is really important. I think this has to do with ego. Ego is not your amigo. You have to be dedicated to improvement. If you get crushed at a match you have 1 of 2 options. 1) let your ego get the best of you, and quit. Or 2) Use it as a teaching lesson and keep practicing and doing dry fires, and working on whatever is necessary to improve. Everyone has to start somewhere. Where you are at now is not necessarily where you'll end up, shooting-wise. Just remember that. Pick peoples brains. Ask questions. Ask more experienced shooters why they did this or that. And try to shoot with more experienced people than yourself or your usual group of dudes. You'll have to step outside your comfort zone on this one. But you'll be pleasantly surprised. Everyone I speak with and pimp for extra knowledge are always more than helpful. Its weird. We are all competing with eachother but no one withholds information or advice.
  13. Theres a lot to shooting. There are so many nuances you cant put more weight on one beneficial characteristic over the other. Motor skills, mental plasticity, or visual acuity, processing speed, whatever it may be. There is a ton to it. So with that being said, its a huge visual game. And to me its like working out. You cant tell a dude hes gonna get fast and strong and only work out a few times a month. So to me reps matter. You gotta get the reps in. There is no substitute. So if you can shoot two divisions at a local and can afford the ammo and double entry for match fees, do it. Youre already committed for time that day to the match. May as well get double the trigger time. I used to shoot a lot of limited and PCC. And now i shoot a lot of Open and PCC. Both combinations offered pretty interesting results. Obviously with open and pcc youre more target focused with a dot. But with irons and then flip flopping back and forth with a dot it was interesting to see how it compared stage to stage. Its also been an interesting game to see how my runs compare shooting major power factor compared to minor. I have to be a lot more deliberate shooting minor. But another thing as well is you can shoot stages differently. Instead of absolutely committing to a stage plan and going with it, you can choose to shoot it a different way with the other division in order to learn some things. Practiscore competitor has been pretty interesting in this aspect because i can go back and analyze this stuff.
  14. You could try keeping the handguard. Taking off the dissipator and getting one of the JP ultralight 9mm barrels...it light lighten it up enough where you got the gun in the sweet spot. I personally don’t like super super light rifles. They just bounce around too much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Ok. So, Ill tell ya that aint even that bad. I rarely make mistakes anymore thankfully. But i do. Mostly its just small stuff now Heres my past weekends experience. So last minute decided to drive to Florida for the sectional. Drive down Friday. Got in later than i wanted to. First stage weent ok. Had one mike. I was like well eff. Thats not a good way to start. But i shook it off. 3rd stage my bullet ricochets off a steel popper and hits a spray paint can and all hell breaks lose. Shooting the can like a rocket while simultaneously spraying white paint all over the place. I subsequently have a miss on the array just afterwards. This basically set the tone for the rest of the match. Had a few malfunctions with my open gun which Ive never had before. First one was a failure to feed. I finally just dropped the mag entirely jammed another mag in the gun and finished the stage. Retrieved mag. To find a 1.10” OAL round sitting on top so I thought that was the explanation for failure to feed. I usually load a lot longer than that for open. I even had a magazine drop out of my gun while shooting which has never happened either. Then the rain. Pouring. They Start bagging targets. I’m getting pissed because I think the RO’s are just calling s#!t without looking too close. Call a few mikes. Pasters are falling off targets. Wont even stick. Im just getting more and more fed up.I have a few Mikes. No shoots. s#!tty squad. One dude didn't paste or reset the entire time. I notice my mount and *thumb rest [generic]* was lose. Go to a safe table to tighten it back down. Break the bit off. Have to pull it with pliers. My comp is lose. No big deal cause it can't go anywhere with the dust cover. But still annoyingI mean just endless. Literally maybe shot 2 stages fairly clean. And the rest was s#!t. Haven't had a match that bad for years. Then I get a speeding ticket on the way back. The cop claimed my tint was illegal. Checked it with a meter and it was legal. Then proceeds to write me a written warning for my tint! haha! He writes me a ticket for 89 in a 70 as well. Then I tell the guy that rode with he has to pay me ASAP so I can pay for my ticket. We stop at the gas station. He pulls money out of the atm. Put the cash in my ridge wallet and it snaps the money clip off. So it turned out to be a pretty expensive weekend haha! Honestly it was such an epic fail this weekend i had to just laugh about it. I got all my bad karma out for the year it seems like!
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