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  1. I bought the Lyman set a long time ago and it was one of my best purchases. Shooting 9mm you can put the two 2 grain weights on. You know for sure the scale cannot be off.
  2. I bought the green for my AR9. Only used it twice but so far I like it. You can see the green against the grass and it doesn't wash out in the sun.
  3. The Holosun 507 looks promising. RMR base and I think it goes to sleep like my Delta point.
  4. z40acp

    P320 X5

    That's okay. As long as you have an X5. It is one of the better plastic guns. I like that it points like my 2011.
  5. z40acp

    P320 X5

    This has to be the most flagrant act of running up post counts I have seen lately. No wonder you have 5000.
  6. Some of the 510s have Elite on the side. Is there a difference?
  7. I bought the Wilson 16" SS barrel Aircooled6racer talks about. I am using a Taccom bolt and his buffer system. His carbon fiber forearm is pretty light weight and cost friendly.
  8. The real draw back to building your own is the special tools and knowledge. You seem to have both. Building is the way to go especially if you enjoy doing that. Pick components carefully. See what everyone else has had trouble with.
  9. You can get the grip module on sale at Midway Usa for $79.99. It has the weight and the magwell on it.
  10. Dimple it or you will lock back on weak/ strong hand shots.
  11. Blue bullets = blue finger and thumb Acme with a 10% discount = no paint on finger or thumb
  12. Don't forget a little One Shot lube on the cases would help your arm also.
  13. Do the Infinity AET barrels use gain twist? Could that contribute to running slower.
  14. Get the 650. You will not regret it. Only con is cost of machine and conversions. Keep the 550 for doing the low production stuff. The only problem I had with mine to make it run well was deburring the primer disc. Get your stuff ready and in 4-5 minutes you have a 100 rounds without trying. Bullet feeder might shave time off of that. I used 450s and 550s previously and did not think there was much of a difference. Boy, was I wrong. The case feeder is a must have.
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