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  1. I put grams followers and springs in two of mine. Springer base pads too. Both will hold and reload with 23 easily. Other two mags are stock. Never any problems with them.
  2. The AXG would probably have a legion FCU also.
  3. In my area there are at least three Gun Shops that have them in stock for $349.99. The coating might make them hold up to more cycles? You can get a whole Legion for $900. Do all the FCU's in the non Legion guns have the Legion trigger bar?
  4. z40acp

    320 FCUs

    thanks. I'm trying to decide between a VTac or the special FCU.
  5. z40acp

    320 FCUs

    Nobody knows?
  6. z40acp

    320 FCUs

    I remember talk about the Legions having an upgraded trigger bar. If you get a new Legion and a new Vtac are the FCUs the same? Do all the FCUs have the legion parts? Thanks.
  7. CZ Custom answered my e-mail Saturday. All Bull variants are hand fit to tighter than factory tolerances. CZ 75 Bull Shadows all have short reach and reset triggers.
  8. I think the grip and trigger reach are slightly bigger on a Shadow 2 compared to a 75. A little different shape also.
  9. Thinking about a Bull Shadow with their RDS cut for Carry Optics. Are the slides and barrels hand fit? Have all Bull Shadows come with short reset and reach triggers? If not how can you tell from a picture? Hoping someone here will know. I did try to call CZ Custom but their phones are not working now. Thanks.
  10. Anyone seen where they state the trigger pull weight of this?
  11. This was happening to me also. I use Windows 10 with Opera browser. I tagged this thread and so far it's staying. One thing I did do differently was allow e-mails now.
  12. Are you talking about a long head biceps tear in the upper arm? Sometimes they do not repair it.
  13. Anyone receive their hybrid {curved a little} trigger? Grey Guns said most of their workers preferred the hybrid over their straight. Do you like it better? Do you think the new trigger has a shorter reach than the regular Grey Guns straight trigger? Could anyone measure it? Thanks.
  14. I would be interested to know which trigger has the smallest reach.
  15. You can get a 5 pack from Shooters Connection for $37.90.
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