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  1. I agree with 3GN, I think it was a bullet in the barrel. I don't think an overloaded case would have done that much damage.
  2. Try Jeff Abernathy in Mt. Holly N.C. http://www.tommygunsusa.com/
  3. This the way we do it at our monthly matches.
  4. A couple of barrels will fix it, most of the time
  5. A couple of barrels stacked up can fix most of the problems
  6. Gun has been gone for a long time.
  7. You could physically see the erosion of my comp. I'm just putting it out for info.
  8. Guys, not sure if it's changed or not, but in years past AA#7 was terrible to erode barrels and comps
  9. Guys, not sure if it's changed or not, but in years past AA#7 was terrible to erode barrels and comps.
  10. Do you come to Spartanburg?

    1. 22 shooter

      22 shooter

      If not, where do I send the MO?

    2. mwx40x40


      Only once or twice,it conflicts with my local match. Anyway send MO to:

      Mark Sullivan 

      274 Bohler Drive

      Evans, Ga 30809

      sorry for late reply

    3. mwx40x40


      Can you PM me and let me know if you are sending Money Order?

  11. Videoes - Matt Burkett - Practical Shooting Vol. 6 - The AR-15 and Practical Shooting Vol. 8 - Shotgun Mastery. And of course, theres the pistol videos.
  12. I should have already visualized the stage multiple times. At make ready, I Draw the gun, see a good sight picture on a target, drop the hammer with a good trigger pull load chamber from my last magazine pouch, load full magazine from back pocket, reholster, assume the position and, mentaly remind myself to: Aim hard Grip the gun Have fun
  13. You can always shoot: Not For Competition (NFC), it's an optional division for local matches only.
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