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  1. Yes a Glock will do the same thing for a fraction of the price, that’s a very blanket and obvious statement. This is a thread asking people’s opinions of them who actually own them, not who think a Glock will do the same thing..
  2. My issue is that it’s only 8 rounds. Otherwise I’d buy one.
  3. There was actually talk of this being a possibility for an Area 1 match, I think it would be pretty cool to try and could work.
  4. Definitely a perk for him.. too bad the colors they released to the US were so fugly..
  5. I just have the skylight on mine, my room has good light so the extra strip on the frame of the press isn’t really needed.
  6. Inlinefabrication and range panda’s 3d printing are my go to places for press upgrades. They have stuff for non Dillon presses also and prices are very reasonable. The locator pin tabs, powder thrower adjustment knobs, primer tube holders, plastic bin dams, and the light kits are amazing.
  7. My stock 2 and Limited Custom both eject brass forward regularly. My thought on it was if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Picking up brass may be a little more of a PITA but oh well if the gun runs.
  8. I’ll be doing some looking around, but that’s not horrible at all.
  9. Talk to Robert at Red Hill Tactical, he seems to have a ton of molds for different guns. If he has anything use code “Nevermiss” and save some money while you’re at it. They have done all of my holsters and I’ve been extremely happy with them.
  10. It’s too late for me, I bought a limited since I was tired of waiting, now it’s for sale and I’m heading back to the 2011 world for Limited shooting. I wish they had been available earlier.
  11. I had a few mags stick also, I simply squeezed them in a vise and it fixed the problem. I’ve been shooting my stock 2 for about 3 years or so. Pat Kelley did an out of the box to the match with a stock 2 and had similar issues. That’s actually where I got the idea from and ironically bought the gun from him that he did the video with. the new mags I ordered after I bought it had the issue so it went straight to the vise and never looked back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Well, is anyone else curious about how these are going to compete with the other micros? I didn’t see another thread in them so if this isn’t in the right spot let me know. I’m hoping the MSRP is less than the SIG P365XL, but we shall see. Has anyone had the opportunity to put hands on one yet?
  13. You’ll see differences in blending and overall quality of work that won’t necessarily make the gun run better but after you’ve seen one that has really been gone over with detail it’s hard to go back. Berger Precision is building mine this winter. If I wasn’t having him build one I’d hop on the Honcho train I think.
  14. Does everyone with 9mm mags run the rear spacers or do you take them out? I was talking with a guy saying he doesn’t.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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