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  1. The Arredondo powder bar should come to big to fit in the powder measure. Its designed to be hand fit by the end user. If your still spilling with the Arredondo bar you took off to much material and you will have to build it up with tape and try again. It prob took 20 minutes to get mine all together but it doesn't leak at all and throws 11gr right on the money with boring consistency.
  2. What Buffer and what tube are you using? I almost always find something else besides buffer combinations is causing ammo sensitivity . If its Properly setup it should run any bullet weight.
  3. Detonation is kinda like cold fusion. you hear a lot of authoritative comments until there actually required to reproduce the event under controlled conditions and then its all about how difficult it is. Honestly I have never heard 9mm mentioned in any detonation discussion anyway, its not a case with a lot of extra volume to begin with. Loading below 125pf is pretty counter productive anyway unless your trying to come up with steel challenge load. Biggest problem with fast powders and 9mm carbines is bullets getting stuck in the barrel.
  4. Have you called Shooting Innovations? There ramped barrels are some of the best in the business.
  5. Spend the money and build it right the first time. There not finicky if you use proven components. Qc10, Gibbs, FTM there are several lowers when paired with known barrels(shooting inovations) will provide a trouble free gun.
  6. Gibbs has everything a left handed shooter needs
  7. Many thousands of rounds through my 2 Hyperfire 24c triggers. Simple and reliable. Take that stupid shoe off though and just use the straight trigger.
  8. By contrast holding at the top perf gives hits from 7 -10-15 with a single hold with a 25yrd zero. Move out past 15 and it's all center eye box holds and A hits. Pcc hit factor should be somewhere between 6-9 for the average shooter so even a half second pause negates a double alpha. At that point you might as well just throw 2 Charlie's fast and move on. If you can get fast As on difficult head box targets it goes along way toward winning.
  9. So let's move past long range for a minute since that's obviously a different discussion . So here is a plot for a 15yrd zero. Assuming we are aiming for the 2" head box you would need multiple different holds inside 15 yards as no single aiming point keeps the standard 7- 10- 15 yard shots inside the head box. Move past 15 and it's the same out to 25. Multiple different holds to stay within 2" head box
  10. So again I am asking have you actually checked your zero at these ranges and what are you using as a bore height offset in your ballistics program? Your talking theory and I shoot both at 25 , 50 and 100 every time I check the zero because of what disciplines we use them for. As I said 3ft was an exaggeration but 20-24"high is not unusual with really short zeros. If you dont understand how much difference height over bore makes in the trajectory past your initial zero than I think that's our disconnect.
  11. I have a short section of rail attached to my wife's and my PCC because we use a flashlights and bippds so often. Makes a nifty index point. Grip and stance play as much of a part to.
  12. My wife shoots both USPSA and 3gun with her pcc. Like alot of people I started with the short 10-15 yard zeros but with the 2.75 to 3" height over bore you have to crank the dot down so far that its shooting 8" to a foot low at 50 - 100yrds. Considering this is a common engagement distance we changed her over to a 25yrd zero and I switched my pcc shortly after. Yes 3ft is an exaggeration but running our 3gun club i have seen many guns shoot so high at 100 yards the aiming at the bottom of plate rack. Everything we had learned was confirmed when we took maxs class. Sure you can zero at any dist
  13. Have you actually tried it or are you just quoting a balistic program?
  14. I think the point your missing is it's one adjustment and that's about 2.5" high from point blank out to about 15 yards after that it shoots to point of aim and has the natural expected hold over at 100yards. Short zeros require you to hold high up close(7 yards and closer) and the require you to hold low on already difficult 25yrd shots.25yrd is just easier.
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