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  1. My ruger had far more ejection issues with factory ammo vs minor PF reloads. Seemed like the lower bolt speed helped the extractor hold the case in place. Mine required both extractor and ejector tweeking to run 100%. It was perfect for about 2k then started giving issues.
  2. I have shot mine in alot of matches and i just dont get what these "disadvantages" to this platform are? Sure its a steak and baked potato over weight but thats not really an issue due to the balance point. The only real problem is the mag release and i think you could easily make M before it would affect your classifier.
  3. No one ever had that attitude with me. Most where very curious about it from the "it would be perfect for my wife, daughter , girlfriend, kid, new shooter ect" the idea of a sub 500 dollar gun that runs and shoots well is very appealing to alot of shooters. Maybe not for themselves but for a number of different reasons.
  4. Personally i would rather shoot a ruger than any 500 dollar AR. The rugers are accurate , simply and for the most part pretty reliable. Yes mine was around 7.5 pounds but the weight is quite a bit further back than most ARs so it balanced well. The biggest issue was the wrist angle meant you had to draw backwards underhand vs having the stock at cheek height and the reloads are a tick slower because you have to slip the button on the way back to the mag. Out of the box they shoot flater and softer than any cheap AR, and it actually took a bit of work to get my splits back to where they where with the ruger when i moved to an AR platform.
  5. Personally I don't think the Holosun has better glass or is clearer, its just shaded so it appears that way. My biggest issue with the C-more is the adjustment screws are pretty coarse making a 50 or 100yd zero a pain in the ass. The battery life also sucks compared to the newer optics. That makes the Holosun a better all around choice while a C-more is fine for USPSA or Steel Challenge. Be very wary of a 185.00 C-more, there are lots of fakes on Amazon and Ebay. I think Homie has a C-more for sale. The reason I recommended a simple 6oz buffer and JP 308 rifle spring is allows you to spend money in other places and build you buffer system later. If you wanna do it all at once get the Blitz 5007 buffer, 2.7oz buffer weight and the JP308 rifle length spring.
  6. C-more- yes, great pistol/uspsa match optic. If your planning on shooting beyond 50 yards there are better and cheaper options. The foam handguard works with the ULW barrel system from taccom not the tension barrel. If you really like that style setup I would just get the whole taccom upper and keep your other bolt for a spare. If you decide to build an upper with a standard barrel ( shooters inovation is my suggestion) then the taccom carbon handguard is a great option. Finally if your gonna shoot factory ammo your giving up one of the biggest tuning aids for your pcc. Nothing against the taccom system but with factory ammo I would spend my money other places and just get a standard 9mm buffer and a sprinco or JP spring. Short stroke it with a cheap plastic spacer( not quarters) and shoot it until you start reloading.
  7. If that barrel.shot like that for them with a variety of loads and could do no better than 4" for you I would stop thinking bullet voodoo and look at your optic. If it only shot with some special pet handload of there's then maybe a picky barrel but with that many factory loads shooting well its got to be in your setup.
  8. Well its stainless and I usually break stainless barrels In the same way with 1 shot and clean x 3, 3 shots and clean x 3, and 5 shots and clean. Most say its useless , but its just how I have always done rifles. Pretty sure its either baffle strike in the comps or something with the chamber to have those MBX barrels shooting that bad.
  9. One of the guys I shoot with has a ULW (taccom)barrel that's literally throwing rocks bad with 115 and 124-5 grain bullets. Switch over to 147s and it will put then all into 2" at 50 yards. For him its a compramise he was willing to make so he kept the barrel. If the accuracy is not there with one load you might try other bullet weight before sending it back.
  10. Factory glock mags with an extension of your choice is still the best bet. I prefer MBX ones but the taylors and others seem to work just fine providing its a glock donor mag. I tried the 21 rd magpuls and there now regulated to loading practice as the feed lips are worn out. But yeah economics says we are to small of a market. I personally can't wait to go to better steel mags anyway. Hopefully QC10 or NFA will make lowers for Sig or 2011 mags.
  11. Mine was shooting around 3" at 50 yards with unsorted brass and 125 jhp loads. That's with a 6moa dot so I am sure with scope it would be around 2".
  12. Call Tim and set it up the way he had it. Those bolts work pretty well the way that Taccom builds em. He can sell you the correct parts.
  13. I don't think I would be hitting things with a hammer just yet. Locktite lets loose about the same temp so red or blue or green does not really matter. Get a screwdriver that fits tight in those slots and heat the screws with a soldering iron or a mini torch. You can try and pull it off In one piece but I doubt your strap wrench would do it without breaking.
  14. As mitch said, 2oz spacer, 16oz bolt, 6 oz buffer.
  15. Made mine, maybe they are going to have this as a production item now.
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