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  1. Hi, I’ll take. 

  2. Hi, 

    Willing to sell without the CK grips? If so, how much?


    Raffy D.

    1. tmz


      Sent you a PM

  3. After Mr Tripp did his magic on my trojan (first gen), It didn't matter which mags or mag catch I used Its been flawless (except the shooter )
  4. WOW exactly 11pm CST!!!! Printed and ready!!! fingers crossed!!
  5. Looks like Thu and fri shooters are done!!!! Wonder if we can start early tomorrow before the rain around 3pm?
  6. Great People! Great Match! Best of all CHEAP ENTRY FEE for 15 stages!!!! Nice meeting you ExtremeShot!!!
  7. When I first got my Trojan .40, I thought it was the worse decision I ever made But when Virgil Tripp use his magic touch (only paid $100) it's the best gun I ever owned I heard that if you buy from Dawson or Brazos and pay a "little" extra $$ for tuning, it will run!! Good luck
  8. Thanks guys, Trying to find "reasons" to get out of "B" without dry/live firing (Time and cost of reloading components these days are ridiculous :angry: )
  9. Curiosity sets in. Why not just move the gun over? Same question for Flyin40. BTW i'm righty but left eye dom. (searched for reasons shooter switch but no result) Thanks.
  10. Had the same problem with my open 9. changing the ejector to a "longer" one from Brazos cured the problem. Good luck
  11. Great match!!! Great people!!! and got lots of practice dissasembling/cleaning my mags Nice meeting you TRP-Pro. Raffy D.
  12. palcapt

    Colts Win!

    We played "not to lose" instead of "play to win". Hats off to the Colts! Can they repeat?
  13. tnek, watcha cooking for the game? got any "good" recipe for ribs? 6 more days!
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