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  1. Did you have to use a hammer or something, i tried to just push it by hand but too tight.
  2. I got my holster today and very impressed . The draw is sooooo smooth. This is going to be my favorite race holster and I think I have tried them all.
  3. any one moved everglade holster in, closer to body, are using the way it comes for open gun.
  4. thanks Hi-Power Jack and Sarge, I will try moving back to 10 to 12'
  5. I have a Caldwell and a new CED M2 chronography. I put one in front of the other to double check velocity and have a average of 38 FPS difference.I swapped location of units and get the same readings. I'm back 7-8' to fist unit and have light bars on both. Shooting inside. Shooting a 38 super open gun.That really makes a big difference on the power factor. Which one is correct and why the big difference?
  6. thanks for all the positive reply's. I ordered mine today. being able to use same holster for different gun is a huge plus.
  7. Has any one tried the Everglade Race Holster for a open gun?
  8. I added a few upgrades but found the spent primer chute the most beneficial.
  9. Holosun customer support is excellent. Have a 510c I could not get zeroed, sent it in and had a brand new in 10 days. Come to find out it was the way I had it mounted was the problem. Fixed my issue and works great now.
  10. I would suggest reading all of Steve Anderson books on live fire and dry fire training. I found them to be very helpful.
  11. I have found ,at least in my open gun, the MBX mags are more forgiving when doing a fast reload. The STI I have had a few jams if not lined up correctly. I know it has a lot to do with certain mag well also.
  12. I got the Limcat magwell installed on my Chaos and have not had a single mag jam, amazing. Had to use a dremel on magwell to get a fit but was easy to do. Big thanks to Crash Dodson.
  13. Thanks Balakay, I will do that
  14. Hi Crash Dodson Was going to order the Limcat magwell and wanted to make sure which one since thay have two. I'm assuming are talking about the heavy one 7.8 oz ( Brass Top ) Thanks
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