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  1. I have an STI open gun and STI said they like Breakfree oil best. I also have a Atlas Chaos and they like Weapon Shield. Both work great.
  2. I read some where that you should not use coated bullets with a comp. ever.
  3. Did you go with the red dot or green on the Holosun.
  4. this may be wrong place to ask, but, Atlas recommends using silhouette powder for 38 super, I have been using 3n38 and really like it in my other open gun would there be a difference worth switching , will it work the comp better?
  5. Thanks MrPan, Did talked to Cat at Atlas gunworks, Adam was sick, she said get a few round through it and then clean and lube will smooth up
  6. I have tried several of the coated brands all worked ok but for some reason i got the best groups with Precision FP, 125gr. and 147gr. in my sig p320 x5.
  7. thks jcc7x7 I cleaned it up and re oiled it and it's a lot smoother now. Romans 8:31, I needed that, tks
  8. Just got my new Atlas Chaos 38 S and the slide is not very smooth. Is there a break in period or should it be real smooth out of the box?
  9. The rts2 and vortex razor do have the same mounting pattern. I have one of both and are interchangeable.
  10. You realize that the message you posted to Brian is on a public feed, right? You did not send him a private message.

  11. I’m asking you to reconsider the decision that took away my rights to the classified area.

    I did read the guide lines very carefully and it states “Anyone found to be post-count bumping (lots of posts that don't advance the discussion, such as, but not limited to, "+1" or "emoticon" only posts) or making an end run around the classifieds rules by posting something for sale somewhere else on the forum,

    I did not ever make a post that was not related to the subject or did not advance the discussion.

    I was debating on buying a new open gun and was undecided between two different models, so I started my on post “ Limcat Razorcat vs. Altas Chaos. I had a great response and made 17 post in one day talking with various forum members which were very helpful in making a decision.I already had close to 30 posts at that time. I decided on the Atlas Chaos but wanted some info on ammo type, powder, bullet weight, etc. , and some info on optics option for new gun so made some post in regards to that in other listing topics.

    At that point I had about 52 post and now needed to sale my old open gun I had, so being very excited, and having wife approval, I immediately listed my old gun for sale. Then it was taken down from classifieds because they said I ran post just so I could sale.

    I have been a member for approximately  3 years now and if I just wanted to sale something  I would have ran post up a long time ago.

    I very much appreciate the forum for finding answer to question I have since I just started shooting in USPSA matches, the members have been extremely helpful.

    So I ask again, please reconsider you decision and let me have access to the classifieds.

     I feel my only crime was getting too excited about getting a new open gun, and placed my add too soon to sale my old one, ( have you ever been there, getting excited about a new gun, then you must know how it feels)

    Thank you,

    Rynn Smith / slide4949


  12. Seems to me the main advantage to shooting a open gun is to shoot fatter so you shoot faster and just learn to control the snapping. I'm I thinking right?
  13. That must be it, help out on the snapper recoil
  14. bluedevil thanks for reply, I told Adam I had a weak wrist and was there any thing different we might do to compensate for that and he said just having 2 holes could help, but he could add the 3rd hole later if need be .I guess it was something to do with recoil ??? Do you have a thought on that
  15. Anyone who has recently got a Atlas Chaos 38 SC, did it have 2 holes or 3?
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