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  1. WOW! only 20 posts in 12 years. I don't talk a lot but you got me beat. You are right this is a great forum. The info I get here is amazing. I try to contribute when I can.
  2. I see you have the 6" barrel, do you think it's better than the 4 1/2"? I have heard that some prefer the 4 1/2 for steel challenge because it was easier r to transition from target to target. Thanks for the pic, very nice.
  3. Thinking about purchasing A Volquartsen Black Mamba or a Scorpion . Any preferences as to which.. And what good brand of 22 cal. ammo for them. And 4/1/2" barrel or 6" for steel challenge matches.
  4. It came from Atlas Gunworks.
  5. I had this happen one morning when the stage was setup that we shot into east with bright sun. After about 10:30 the issue went away. I also turned down the setting as much as I could that seemed to help.
  6. I have most of these and I found for me 510 is the best for picking up the dot, but the SRO is right up there also. The Holosun really looks big compared to the other. Thanks for the pic.
  7. I have a p320 x5 will it have the right barrel ? Is that just the Legion that has the LCI
  8. Slide4949

    Thumb Rest

    When I first started shooting I took a course, Hand gun shooting 101, the grip was of major importance. The proper way was to extend the weak hand wrist and lock it over with thumbs pointing toward the target. This gave you a lot of control over recoil and muzzle flip. How can you achieve this using a thumb rest? Can a thumb rest provide this type of control?
  9. I use a Gem Pro 250 Precision digital scale. I used it so long the letters are wearing off of the controls. Came with a test weight and ever time I calibrate it's dead on.
  10. I started using a NcStar Shooters Range Bag, It's small so I just take to stages just what I need. Keep the big range bag in truck with all the extra stuff I thing I might need.
  11. where do you purchase the cyclone at?
  12. I lube my brass, will this work with lube still on brass?
  13. I'll be praying for you also.
  14. so the solar only works if your in auto mode?
  15. i replaced one of mine recently and had same experience. I had to take off base plate to get them out. But I did as stated above and it fixed my issue
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