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  1. I would suggest reading all of Steve Anderson books on live fire and dry fire training. I found them to be very helpful.
  2. I have found ,at least in my open gun, the MBX mags are more forgiving when doing a fast reload. The STI I have had a few jams if not lined up correctly. I know it has a lot to do with certain mag well also.
  3. I got the Limcat magwell installed on my Chaos and have not had a single mag jam, amazing. Had to use a dremel on magwell to get a fit but was easy to do. Big thanks to Crash Dodson.
  4. Thanks Balakay, I will do that
  5. Hi Crash Dodson Was going to order the Limcat magwell and wanted to make sure which one since thay have two. I'm assuming are talking about the heavy one 7.8 oz ( Brass Top ) Thanks
  6. CrashDodson, would appriciatate the pic's if it would not be too much trouble. I plan on doing the Limcat magwell, so that would be very helpfull.
  7. Thanks CrashDodson, I talked to Adam today and he said the Limcat did work good be did not fit just right. Atlas would have a new one out by end of year. Did you put one on a Chaos without any problems?
  8. Thinking about putting a Dawson Ice mag well on a Atlas Chaos, will it fit? I Know they fit STI's but not sure about PT EVO grips.
  9. Try Tevo Sports...... http://www.tevosports.com/
  10. I have used a soldering iron and placed it on the inside of gun frame on screw and with allen wrench put some pressure on it till it came loose when I used red loctite. Worked like charm for me.
  11. yes Flatland Shooter, I sent mine in and upgraded to the aluminum and I like it better. To me it's a brighter dot.
  12. just got an Atlas Chaos a few months ago and I have been amazed at the quality, and super nice folks. I own a STI dvc and a older Infinity all 38 super and for me there is no comparison, The Atlas Chaos ROCKS
  13. I bought a sig p320 x5 and did a Gray Gun trigger job , then I got a CZ spo1 and sent it to Matthew Mink for complete overhaul. Both guns are great, the CZ is amazing except for first shot which is double action. Really torn between the two, but lately have been going with the Sig. It just seems faster and just as accurate for steel challenge matches.
  14. I got my mount at http://www.tevosports.com/
  15. I did like the large window, was easy to pick up the dot. But I think the red color will be better for me
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