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  1. Thanks Dan 1911, I went on the Every gun part .com and they have a 97b slide and parts. I now need to know if this slide would work on the 97 bd receiver ? Thanks
  2. Hi Lee, Thanks will give them a call.
  3. Hi I would like to buy a new slide & bushing for my CZ 97 bd, to replace the slide which is cracked in the threaded bushing area. Thanks for any help.
  4. skyjumper


    Hey Muncie 21 Thanks again for the tip, Question the reset seems light compared to a glock is this the way it is suppose to be? Hope to get to the range Friday and try it out. Ron
  5. skyjumper


    I Guys, Thanks for your help, I went to youtube and watch CM TS Trigger Tuning I did what the guy did for adjusting the over travel screw that seems to be working. So when doing the pre - travel adjustment do I just pull the trigger back and push the trigger bar down and when I let go the trigger should click? I did this and it clicked but when I put the slide back on and racked the gun pulled the trigger the hammer fell let the trigger back out I was not getting the click? Ron
  6. skyjumper


    Hi, guys Mr. Brewer, what would happen I would load up with ten rounds shoot maybe 6rds. & when I pulled the trigger for rd.7 the hammer would not fall. I would keep pressure on the trigger and the hammer would not fall, eject the round fire the rest if any reload the eject and it fired. The other thing that was happening was I would pull the trigger the hammer would not fall I would release the trigger reapply pressure and the hammer might fall or it might not fall ? Thanks Ron
  7. skyjumper


    Hi Guys I went to the range yesterday to shoot my TSO which I got this summer it is used and I also got shoulder surgery so 4 months later I get to see how this gun shoots with my reloads. I would load 5 mags loaded them with 5 or 10 rounds to see if it made any difference sometimes it would shoot all 5 or 10 round or it would shoot 4 or 7 then when I pulled the trigger and it would not fire and a few times it fired after holding it for a few seconds. As this happened more I would eject the round that would not fire and keep shooting unless the mag was empty. This would also happen with factory loads. Why is this happening any ideas? (I did send it in for repair and was told it worked fine?) Thanks
  8. What do you guys think of the Smith & Wesson 1911 9mm pro series for a single stack gun Thanks
  9. skyjumper

    Bad threads CZ 97

    Hi, I have CZ 97 and would like to know the thread size for the barrel bushing English or metric? I need to clean up the threads on the slide. Thanks Ron
  10. Hi, Guys I just came back from northern Wis. I took my tso with so my buddy could shoot it. I did what you guy's were saying I backed out the overtravel screw. My buddy put 60 rounds through it with on problem & I put 40 rounds through it shooting weak hand no problem. Thanks
  11. Hi, I just don't listen to his advice and the range is 10 minutes from my house. Ron
  12. Hi, The owner of the gun range thinks it is my reloads that are the problem and wants me to buy his factory ammo and has also said I should have bought a glock. I don't know what the problem is with the gun that is why I came to this forum for some tip. I can't shoot it right now because I had shoulder surgery to my strong arm right.
  13. Hi, What would happen is I would shoot a round the shell ejected & reload hammer is cocked and ready to fire squeeze the trigger and hammer would not fall even with pressure on trigger, release trigger squeeze again and it might fire. I might be able to shoot the next 5,10, rounds with no problem? So It has been in the repair shop and maybe 150 rounds through it since it has been back and I have not shot it wet. Before this gun was sent in I shot factory 115 gr. and my 124 gr. reloads and the gun malfunction for both bullet? Ron
  14. Hi, Guy's NoKimberDave, so when I clean this gun I need to watch it so oil does not run down on the trigger? I try not to touch those parts on the gun if I don't need to just because I don't understand ever thing about them.{ I didn't know the damage it could cause to your sear.} What I learned from you guy's today. I just try to learn to learn where the break point is for the gun. Hi Guy's I just picked up my tso that I had sent in for repair, the guy's at the range said they put a 150 rds of 115 gr. through it and it worked just fine & the guy's from cz said it was fine and no adjustments? I want to shoot it tomorrow using my 124gr. reloads. I had no problem putting 124 /115 gr. through my shadow 2 so I thought the tso would be the same? Ron
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