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  1. I would have recommended the SiCo Omega but I just got mine stuck on 2 of my rifles for the last damn time. The Omega might be my favorite can ever if the ASR wasn't so damn finnicky about either getting stuck or shooting off. It's the best tone and least recoil in any suppressor I've shot. Phenomenal design minus the damn ASR. Unfortunate to spend the time and money required for a suppressor then have this issue. All I can offer to the OP is that my experience for the last 5 years with my Omega has been everything I had hoped for and NO issues. When I chose the Omega I was looking for b
  2. Started with a Nova, now run a SN. Most desirable difference for me was the ability to adjust cant and drop of the stock. Other than that both received: mag cutoff removal, front stock cut/modified for easier loading and to eliminate possible binding, removed textured lines from bolt release lever and rounded the ends, action arms and bolt surfaces smoothed and diamond honed, forcing cone lengthened, added mercury reducer, loading port mods, stippled stocks, limbsaver recoil pad and added flip up sights for slugs. I've seen some have the action arms shortened for faster cycling but I
  3. Informative thread, thanks! I'm just looking for an open 9mm for 3gun so power factor isn't really a consideration vs USPSA. I already shoot a 2011 so hoping to use same mags + a couple 170's. Not trying to hijack the thread but will I need the same/similar build specs?
  4. Given the great difficulty in finding another comp, would it be an option to simply run a mod vs lm choke and still take advantage of the recoil reduction the RIA comp provides?
  5. I just picked one up today, will try it out tomorrow. Mine didn't have the barrel nut either. Is it much of a process to get one from the manufacturer?
  6. Haven't researched suppressor manufacturers that do warranty usage on 7.5's, my SICO is 10.5 and longer only also. I run a linear comp by Kaw Valley Precision and one of their AGB's. on my 7.5 with very reliable results.
  7. Still looking, multiple offers for 10 round 9mm's when post specifies 10 round .45 mags for heavy metal in 3gun.

    Let me know

    Thanks in advance


  8. Very interested, but to be clear I am looking for the .45 cal mag vs 9mm. for Heavy Metal division in 3Gun.

  9. I'll take the medium belt system. Please send payment info, I'll be paying with USPS money order

    thanks in advance


  10. Does anyone know of a process that one can have the SN relocated back to the trigger guard legally like the new ones to allow for equal receiver mods? Thanks in advance
  11. I like them a lot now, not so much in the past. In fact you could say I almost had a "take my toys and go home attitude" about them. Just couldn't get the hang of them until I started paying closer attention to how they are set up, the angle I shot them from, distance, etc. Now it's just about simple physics and timing...
  12. ^^^ This, I bought one of these for some of the new guys to try at our local matches, kinda try before you buy. I cut approx.5/16 off the mag tube and the Nova nut fit perfect. Up to that point it was a no-go. They look like they will be very similar to the M1 when opening up the loading port but the trigger guard assembly looks like it will need some attention unlike the M1. The lifter looks like the "old" M1 lifters so welding it up won't be quite the priority for these. For a small buy-in, this gun looks like it will be good for the new/occasional shooter, especially after the test drives
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