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  1. Bentsight

    7.5" AR (5.56) & Muzzle Devices

    Haven't researched suppressor manufacturers that do warranty usage on 7.5's, my SICO is 10.5 and longer only also. I run a linear comp by Kaw Valley Precision and one of their AGB's. on my 7.5 with very reliable results.
  2. Bentsight

    Bifocals for 3 gunners

    I was looking at having a set of shooting glasses made for the same reasons as the OP. As an experiment, l located some of the "stick on" corrective lenses to move around on my Rudy's to find the best location before having a new set made. The stick-ones have worked out so well that I left them in place and passed on having new ones made.
  3. Still looking, multiple offers for 10 round 9mm's when post specifies 10 round .45 mags for heavy metal in 3gun.

    Let me know

    Thanks in advance


  4. Bentsight

    Updated AR-308 Options For 3-Gun

    To the OP, Sorry I don't know the exact weight of the barrel other than it is a much smaller diameter than their "heavy" barreled model. As far as zero shift, my longest string of fire has only been 20 rounds at a time and there was no noticeable shift in the POI. Also my intentions were to cut and thread down to 18" but the barrel shot so well that I decided not to chance compromising that so I only threaded the barrel at 20" and haven't looked back. No experience with mag problems you referred to but my mags are only I the 300-400 round range.
  5. Bentsight

    Updated AR-308 Options For 3-Gun

    Replaced my FAL with the GII lightweight Hunter model for HM. Upgrades: Threaded barrel for a brake, an adjustable gas block, added Nordic hand guard that was a direct replacement using factory barrel nut, dropped in an AR gold trigger and added an ACE stock with a grind to fit Limbsaver recoil pad to match my T/O division rifle configuration. Gun is very accurate, fun to shoot and it just flat runs!
  6. Very interested, but to be clear I am looking for the .45 cal mag vs 9mm. for Heavy Metal division in 3Gun.

  7. I'll take the medium belt system. Please send payment info, I'll be paying with USPS money order

    thanks in advance


  8. Bentsight

    Anyone have the Burris AR-1X

    Nope. You are correct, I am wrong. Mine says the same thing. Apologies. Thanks, but no apologies needed.
  9. Bentsight

    Anyone have the Burris AR-1X

    They might very well be made there now, but mine says right on it "Made In China"...
  10. Bentsight

    Anyone have the Burris AR-1X

    Went through all the promotions and delays in production/QC and bought a Gen 1 only to discover it didn't quite live up to the hype. Now we found out that the " new and improved " solutions can't be retrofit to the originals, guess I should have known better than to buy something made in china no matter who's brand name is on it...
  11. Bentsight

    Syrac gas leak

    Good luck with syrac customer service... I purchased a Gen I AGB from them after less than 500 rounds the adjustment mechanism locked up and they would not respond to multiple attempts (email and voicemail) to contact them for repair/replacement.
  12. Bentsight

    Benelli Nova pump upgrades

    Smooth & polish action arms, contact points on bolt, inside forearm, remove/defeat mag cut-off button, replace factory recoil pad, shorten forearm and bevel to allow reloads w/o hitting the back end of it, smooth/round serrations from bolt release. Practice, practice, practice.
  13. Bentsight

    Want a new Pump, have Supernova questions

    Also consider polishing the action arms and bearing surfaces on the bolt, removing the mag cut-off assembly, relieve/taper the insides of the forearm to clear the front of the receiver and buy a case of AA 980 fps loads and laugh at how incredibly smooth the gun functions and soft it shoots.