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  1. Any chance to look like the Road warrior I’ll take it
  2. Grams spring pressure is high. czc springs tend to be less and good to go right away
  3. For sure. The tactical world is all about dots on tricked out carry guns right now. your Definitely the reason participation is up. The 10 round limit I still like for production. If not just for the gamer aspect. Stage plans and reloads need to be on point. Not many people can mag change like a solid production shooter. There impressive
  4. Once carry optics stabilized I think it draw people into shooting open. It kinda seems like a logical step for those that want to shoot fast and use a dot
  5. Yes right ! that be nice. But sometimes I think that they do that stuff on purpose to prop up the aftermarket. Which isn’t a bad thing. The performance car world is notorious for that.
  6. Don’t hold your breath for a .40 !! The Word on the street.
  7. If it mimics the checkmate deal it’s not a bad price. but it’s gotta come with 1-170mm 2-141mm mags and a optics mount. factory warranty
  8. I’m running cci sp mag that are about 20 years old in my limited gun right now and all are good. 3 matches and a major. it’s amazing how resilient primers really are.
  9. Why do I feel like this is the DMX all over again. the world is making me a pessimist.
  10. Any of these guns out there yet ? besides JJ’s
  11. I just made the deadline. there work and slide v1 cuts are perfect. Oils to be happier. only mad that they won’t mill my tac sport slide the same way
  12. Amazing work. I like the middy length open gun look. it looks well balanced. seems like the trend is getting away from the long full length slide and comp. I love to see the cz gun people experiment and improve the equipment like the 2011 have been.
  13. PD is considered one of the best jacketed bullet makers out there. I hope you get it resolved. OAL might not be effected but an open shooter might take issue with a extra long bullet compressing the powder that much ore than he expects.
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