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  1. Looks good.... I guess CZ isnt sold on the bull barrels. Not sure why everybody else is. But from what I’ve heard. You can get a AO1 40 limited upper from czc with a bull barrel to fit a tso frame with only slight frame work.
  2. This Might sound stupid but rack the slide like you hate the gun. No gentile motion , or don’t let your hand follow the slide back.
  3. Anybody try a 170mm mag body with an extension ? Maybe for an outlaw type match. Just curious if there’s any hacks out there to get this combo to work.
  4. I would also like to know more about your invention. Maybe a little discussion could spark interest from investors. American ingenuity should be encouraged and rewarded.
  5. Can somebody clear this up. If you get bumped to open at the single stack nationals. Is there an open division to win at the single stack nationals ?
  6. Hypothetically. if .40 is dead and buried and it’s not available anymore. And .45 is the new min for major would there be an advantage to shoot major or would minor be more practical ? Idk but I’m assuming .45 at 141 mag length might only get 17rounds in .... idk
  7. Wish they did make a.401 I’m not sure why they don’t , it seems as easy as just changing the sizing die. Unless they do a different process.
  8. Didn’t the flare in the magwell already rule it out ? Thought I heard that somewhere.
  9. Yea I did the same thing 13lbs right away. Now I’m at 17lbs and going to try heavier until if effects the slide durning recoil. The heavier hammer spring did improve the feel of the break a bit. Any noticeable muzzle flip as the slide sets the hammer back ?
  10. Glade you got it figured out. Cant really help. I find where the bullet hits the lands and back it off .005 or so. Never had to deal with that. Honestly I’m not sure that’s it but figure that out and see if returns.
  11. It’s almost like the mag isn't seated all the way. Maybe your bumping the mag release just enough so the mag backs out slightly. Is it your first mag of the stage ? or after a reload ?
  12. Life at after .40 idk what it will look like but power factor and major and minor scoring must remain. That’s my opinion.
  13. Are you sure the front sight pin was in the gun at the time it blew out ?
  14. Is there a power factor that the RM ammo has to be between. Or is it just above the minimum ? Can he show up with a .50 and defense loads ? Idk just asking.
  15. Man I wouldn’t want any part of 9 major if people started loading to 180+ to make power factor. Poppers are fine, just keep them calibrated.
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