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  1. Thanks you. I know all divisions grow,shrink,and grow. Limited is such a great division , I thought you would be the best to give an impromptu view of the future better then the guys making the guns that compete. thanks again.
  2. what do you think the percentage of the top builders guns are in .40 limited gun configuration ? just curious. 20-30% of there builds ?? everybody I know that’s getting a gun builtis a 9mm open gun.
  3. They let the future open to a .40 model but from the people I talked to there’s no plans as of now. I think they would have said if there in the works and they’ll be over in the US shortly. I hope I’m wrong. who knows maybe the top end model will be in .40 also. But if it’s 3000$ don’t bother.
  4. It may be the future of limited but a long distant future ! .40 will be a 38 super someday but it’s a long ways away. That only my opinion though.
  5. That’s the word. i think we’re the only market for a .40 limited gun. I could be wrong. the dwx I believe they have plans on a .40 model.
  6. For me round count has everything to do with a 200$ match price tag. although we’re spoiled over here in Eastern pa. A monthly match with 200 round count is common. For approaching 200$ match fee I want round count and a variety of stage designs. a 12 stage match should have everything in it. technical , long shots , hosser and movement. but again I guess we’re spoiled over here.
  7. What I notice is if my belt is loose it’s mostly the inner belt not pulled tight enough.
  8. I guess there still popular but damn am I over this mini toy gun fad.
  9. I guess it’s a p10 variant p10m
  10. Did the barrel have wear near the bushing ? maybe the combo of a tight bushing and a crack/defective pin relief could have lead to the barrel getting hot ,swelling slightly and pushing the bushing out. Idk
  11. Is one of these new releases a checkmate 2 ?
  12. No TS2 in 40 cal coming. And the TSO isn’t going anywhere for a long time.
  13. Blending is always required and I bet even on the DWX if it comes out.
  14. That kinda seems to be consensus. they use them becuse they have to and cross there fingers. mbx makes a tanfo mag I’m sure they’ll want to jump on the new TS2 mags to stay ahead of the game
  15. Now if we could just get MBX to make mags for the cz tactical sport/checkmates we be in business
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