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  1. I have a really nice toolhead light. And after every powder drop of sport pistol i can see a super fine sparkle of dust come down. Used n320 for a bit and dust was gone. I keep a can of keyboard duster handy while loading for any spilt powder or messes and it works great on the dust every couple hundred rounds.
  2. Yeah in great shape too only 2 days after I contacted them. I came to find out that my typical mail guy was on vacation when the wrong delivery was made. Me and the mail guy have had a few conversations since then and he is also a big reloader to my surprise. So as long as he doesnt leave on vacation again i guess im good to go. I think I said already but Gallant uses a thick plastic bag inside a box inside a flat rate box with filament tape keeping everything contained.
  3. Gallant is sending a new case. Wow thats some serious damage^ Heres the whole s**t show. I made sure my wife would be home to help the mail lady unload the 65lb box. Wife sees the mail lady and says "wheres the heavy box"? Mail lady said she put it on her co workers truck to drop off later that day since she couldnt lift it. Nothing ever came. Wife sees that exact co worker the next day, again. "Wheres the heavy box"? Dude said he delivered it and my wife called him out since the exact time he scanned it for delivered she was in the garage loading up for camping. I went to PO and they gave me a full print out of google maps showing where it was scanned and delivered. Wrong house! The guy who recieved it on his porch come to find out was on vacation so it was probably stolen. Im just so happy Gallant Bullets is helping me I really didnt wanto switch. For packaging their 3,000rnd cases they use a thick plastic bag zip tied closed inside a heavy Gallant box inside the priority box.
  4. Update: Apparently FBook was the route. Little unsettled about the other failed attempts to contact but I literally got a reply in 5 seconds using fbook messenger. And its 10pm their time. Will be taken care of Monday. So freekin relieved.
  5. New to reloading. Ordered my 3rd case of bullets, and it never arrived. Waited 4 business days to see if it would cycle through and it never did. Went to PO to check things out and it was delivered to wrong house. Its been 2 weeks now and USPS admitted fault. But said priority is un insured. Figured I would let my supplier know at a minimum what happened so they could take any action desired. I emailed 7 days ago. Called 4 days ago. And texted (yes they have a text line) 3 days ago. Im looking for any info on what is considered typical. Do you make the claim yourself with support from the supplier or are you totally on your own? Im having a very hard time eating $200+ while being ignored. Thanks guys.
  6. Did you figure anything out? I have a 525 and after 10k rounds+ im seeing it too. Or at least i never noticed it before shooting 115 blazers. I wanted to chime in because i have the prp extreme trigger. Which includes the lighter striker spring and lighter striker rebound spring since day 1. It was built and shipped from prp. Plus the 16# recoil spring. I shoot 147s with winchester primers, i was never really concerned about it honestly but now that im reloading everything is worth a look. I have pics ill try to post to confirm if we are seeing the same thing.
  7. I love my prp extreme. I bought the gun from them and they built everything. The light trigger is great but its everything else before, after and during the break is what makes it different. I shot a drop in kit on my buddies xdm and its definately different.
  8. My gallant 147s rn are i believe .657 loaded to 1.120. Bullet depth .283. Only did testing so far as i have 3,000 more on the way. But seemed fine with 3.1 3.2 3.3 grains of sport pistol. I asked for a measurement of the flat nose but never got it so went ahead with the semi short oal for xdm 5.25
  9. I was in your position a week ago. Keep it simple. Went with gallant 135s and 147s over sport pistol and vvn320 as a backup if sport pistol did anything weird. Loaded up 3 charges for each bullet weight and chronod them. Picked the weight that felt best and picked charge weight that made 135pf. Have 3,000 gallant rn 147s being delivered monday. I did not want reloading to interfere with training.
  10. Im not someone who just wants to hose. Most of our heat is in high cap divisions. And its pretty hard to compare plans and learn from them when you have a totally different stage plan. I didnt wanto use my dillon money to buy a limited gun. Carry optics is the logical resting place for someone shooting 9mm in my position.
  11. I shoot fenix training ammo 147g reman. For practice and matches. I like it a lot I bought some freedom 147g reman to test before i heard the horror stories. Only shot 100 but was amazed at how soft it was. Small sample size but they all went bang no problem.
  12. Im one of the new co guys. Im new and shot production with a 9mm for about 6 matches and then just wanted to run. But shooting limited minor was not something i wanted to do. So threw a dot on my plastic gun. Done. CO is crazy popular here like chuck and mcfoto said too so plenty of heat to crush me. Cant wait for my first co match.
  13. I had the same issue, and im a fabricator, but it was my thumb. Got tired of bleeding so added a piece of athletic tape to the grip itself to get me through. Eventually the grip tape broke in and doesnt happen anymore. I use pro grip and after a dryfire session i use a product called "working hands". That stuff is pretty impressive.
  14. Weird. I have the square spring mags is this just on the dimpled spring mags?
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