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  1. I just got my DAA mag gauge and saw this thread. So thought I'd share my experience. I have 4 Legion mags with the tti +5. You have to push so hard and it's still not perfect so I'd say all 4 of my mags fail. Or right on the edge of not wanting to risk it. As mentioned though it could be filed down with very minimal effort. With my mag gauge I ordered 3 of the henning +6 since I liked the squared front. And those fit the gauge with some tolerance. The Hennings are expensive and dont include a spring. But with the factory spring and fallower I was able to fit 23. With good spring tension on the last round.
  2. I just started using a legion as well about 6weeks ago. And already ate thru 2 vortex vipers. On my xdm the viper lasted 5,000+ and still working. Both mounted on Springer plates. Only difference is recoil spring weights. The xdm has a 16lb. And the legion a 12lb and it's a significant difference in effort to rack the slide. I feel very strongly recoil spring weight has a lot to do with it, which is why there is such a large variance in optic reliability. Even still, some are better than others and glass height is important. Which is why I'm looking into the V5.
  3. Does anyone have an update on the v5 reliability for slide mounting? Thanks. $600 dots still seem a bit crazy to me.
  4. Legion with NON LCI barrel. I use .356 147g Gallant flat point round nose. Sport pistol 3.15g makes 132PF at 1.125 Accuracy is good. Maybe 3in at 22yrds. After getting the legion I wanted a slightly lighter faster bullet and switched to 135g round nose loaded to 1.125. Accuracy is now terrible. Not only is it grouping down and right 6inches away (yes 6 inches) from my 147g group. The group itself is bad with multiple flyers. I'm so confused after trying 3 different charges, 130,134,137PF that I'm giving up and going back. The .356 measures slightly over .356 and I crimp to .3792 This is just my experience so thought I would share.
  5. Sorry if you said earlier but when did you order yours? I got the flat $129 competition kit about 1 month ago and it included 4 sear springs all of which appeared identical. I could email grayguns if I was overly concerned about it but it doesn't change anything for me. Also I still never got a reply to my last email 5 weeks ago. I'm really satisfied with the GG kit as is. I can split it much quicker than the factory legion and that's what I wanted. But the AC does looks like a nice part.
  6. The GG kit in the link he posted with the adjustable flat trigger is new. I ordered mine less than a month ago and that kit was not available. It also appears to have 2 new gold sear springs.
  7. Hoping this is useful info to anyone deciding what trigger to get. I said before I was getting my gray guns non hybrid straight trigger kit Friday and I did. I just fallowed a step by step on YouTube and it was pretty simple. The only hiccup was the guy in the video went to install his safety lifter spring.....and I couldn't find mine. Me remembering that during disassembly I took a pin out with spring tension and it caused a few curse words. I assumed the spring was launched somewhere between my couch and my hallway. After searching with a flashlight and a magnet I gave up and of course googled it. Oh, Legions don't have that spring, more happy curse words. Such a relief. Anyways, I love the trigger. I waited to post so I could try it in a real training atmosphere and it's great, definately satisfied my needs. Sure a little creep, pre travel, and a hard wall, but it honestly doesn't bother me, I don't want a DA/SA gun. The triggers surface and size feels much better than factory legion. The length of pull is decreased and after 400rnds feels fairly lighter in weight. During doubles I couldn't get lower then .20 splits with factory Legion. With the GG I'm back to an occasional .15 like my Xdm was. Thanks for helping me make the decision.
  8. I ordered the regular. Someone mentioned it's probably the best for competition. And I wanted the straight trigger. I feel like it will be a benefit once I get used to it. In the end if I want less overall travel I can then get a straight adjustable trigger from keres or ArmoryC. I love the look of that AC one.
  9. Just checked Keres website. Ships in 4-6 weeks? Really glad I went with the GG. It will be here Friday. I don't really need a super low pull weight and I don't own a gauge. But I just want a better feel, if its lighter that's a plus. I will post here after install. If I'm not impressed I'm going to lie to convince myself I don't need to wait to a month for the keres.
  10. Sounds like a good upgrade. I see 2 Kits available now. The $129 kit with flat or curved trigger, or a hybrid $149 kit curved trigger with built in over travel adjustment screw, which also includes a spring for a more "snappy" reset. I'm assuming the $149 is the one to go with now.
  11. Read all 5 pages, did I miss any statements regarding competition trigger weights and reliability? Or is it a non issue with sigs? Thanks
  12. I have a really nice toolhead light. And after every powder drop of sport pistol i can see a super fine sparkle of dust come down. Used n320 for a bit and dust was gone. I keep a can of keyboard duster handy while loading for any spilt powder or messes and it works great on the dust every couple hundred rounds.
  13. Yeah in great shape too only 2 days after I contacted them. I came to find out that my typical mail guy was on vacation when the wrong delivery was made. Me and the mail guy have had a few conversations since then and he is also a big reloader to my surprise. So as long as he doesnt leave on vacation again i guess im good to go. I think I said already but Gallant uses a thick plastic bag inside a box inside a flat rate box with filament tape keeping everything contained.
  14. Gallant is sending a new case. Wow thats some serious damage^ Heres the whole s**t show. I made sure my wife would be home to help the mail lady unload the 65lb box. Wife sees the mail lady and says "wheres the heavy box"? Mail lady said she put it on her co workers truck to drop off later that day since she couldnt lift it. Nothing ever came. Wife sees that exact co worker the next day, again. "Wheres the heavy box"? Dude said he delivered it and my wife called him out since the exact time he scanned it for delivered she was in the garage loading up for camping. I went to PO and they gave me a full print out of google maps showing where it was scanned and delivered. Wrong house! The guy who recieved it on his porch come to find out was on vacation so it was probably stolen. Im just so happy Gallant Bullets is helping me I really didnt wanto switch. For packaging their 3,000rnd cases they use a thick plastic bag zip tied closed inside a heavy Gallant box inside the priority box.
  15. Update: Apparently FBook was the route. Little unsettled about the other failed attempts to contact but I literally got a reply in 5 seconds using fbook messenger. And its 10pm their time. Will be taken care of Monday. So freekin relieved.
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