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  1. 4.2 WSF at 1.060” TC boolit is my go to accuracy load. Power Pistol produces some very accurate loads but I don’t like it’s recoil impulse. WSF is very manageable and soft shooting. BTW, put a tablespoon of your TG powder into a Baggie with a coated bullet, seal the bag up then check the bullet’s paint coating a week later.
  2. Strike Hold is the best cleaner I’ve used to date. I’ve used nearly every gun oil on the market and I’ve not found any that surpasses cheap 30W non detergent motor oil. It stays where you put it and a quart costs $4 and will last 12 lifetimes.
  3. They have been testing Strike Hold and have had very positive feedback from combat use. I’ve been testing Strike Hold 1 and 2. Strike Hold 1 is an amazing cleaner. Strike Hold 2 is more environmentally friendly and it cleans OK but not nearly as a good as SH1 IMO. As far as it’s ability to lubricate, it’s been working fine in my weapons with similar results to Hornady One Shot. I just wish they would publish some ASTM standard test data like Shell four ball wear and weld test or Timken OK tests.
  4. I’ve got one of those safeties that I am not using. PM me if your interested?
  5. Sorry to hear about your problems. I have Bogies on my TSO and they fit perfectly! I think their website says to order Shadow 2 for the TS model, if I remember correctly?
  6. Shoot what comes on it first before spending more money. You may be surprised how well the stock ones work.
  7. igolfat8

    Red dot for TSO

    I have CZC frame mounts on my TSO. I prefer the dot not to reciprocate with the slide.
  8. Yes, until all the coils are collapsed.
  9. I posted a thread, a long while ago, in the Gun spring sub forum how to measure spring weights with an electronic scale. It may help you.
  10. I tried putting a tight fitting cardboard lid on top. It did not make much difference in quieting it down. I think most of the noise is coming from the large blue tub itself. I am going to look for some sound deadening foam and try that next.
  11. Some shooting disciplines and / or classes require slide to not lock open.
  12. Pin will not lock the slide open on last shot. Slide stop will.
  13. Yep, snooze, you lose Gun Broker has a few listed for sale now.
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