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  1. If you do 500.00 shipped I buy.

  2. When are they available and how much?
  3. Tok, Thank you for your detailed explanation and for sharing the link to the animation. Both were very helpful. Unfortunately we don’t have any LGS that carry CZs or I would be checking them out in person.
  4. Will use for CCW and possibly rotating it occasionally into IDPA? Will be leaving it stock or spring swap at the most.
  5. Did CZ make any changes between the 2018 S2 model and the 2019 model?
  6. Looking for information between the triggers of these two models. The Omega trigger is supposed to use a different metal in the fire control group. The trigger also looks flatter on the Omega and more rounded on the standard model. Is there a difference in feel between the two triggers And why would one choose one over the other, having never seen or held either in person?
  7. I have two TSOs and. Czechmate which both share the same frame which is larger than the S2. Therefore, if the S2 is too girthy for you then you will certainly not get along well with a TSO / Czechmate. I agree with others that the S2 is a great gun. If you want a similar size grip as the S1 then may I suggest a Trojan or PM9 both SS pistols. I had a Trojan that was hands down the most accurate pistol I’ve ever owned. You also mentioned 2011s which are larger than the TSO / Czechmates so you will find those uncomfortably too large too, I’m afraid.
  8. Yes, I’m running cast lead / powder coated and Hi-Tek coated bullets. Same boolits I’ve shot well over 175,000 through other Glocks and CZs without any issues. I’ve never had any bore leading even in my open 34 and Czechmate. I just find it odd that the Gen 5 muzzle is accumulating carbon build up and so quickly.
  9. My Gen 5 barrels have a square shoulder, 90* recess just inside the muzzle, Unlike the common 11* chamfer or rounded inward crowns. My Gen 5 crowns are accumulating carbon and gunk QUICKLY. After only 100 rounds the crown is completely invisible. It takes scraping to remove the build up. Is anyone else having or noticing this issue?
  10. Respectfully, the information you are giving isn’t true. Use the Makarov die and it WILL break because it’s designed for STRAIGHT walled cases and Lee will NOT replace the Mak die when the carbide ring cracks using it on 9mm cases. Lee no longer recommends the Mak die to bulge bust 9mm cases, Care to ask how I know this is true? Been there, done that and I will not make the same mistake twice.
  11. Not sure what presses you guys are having issues with but I’ve reloaded thousands of these on a 550 and 650 with zero issues and without reaming or chamfering the pockets.
  12. Can a frame mounted *thumb rest [generic]* be used legally in IDPA?
  13. igolfat8

    Shadow 2 accuracy

    Better Trigger and barrel lock up would be my first two guesses.
  14. After loosening set screw, Tap it out with a brass or copper drift and hammer.
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