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  1. Can a frame mounted *thumb rest [generic]* be used legally in IDPA?
  2. igolfat8

    Shadow 2 accuracy

    Better Trigger and barrel lock up would be my first two guesses.
  3. After loosening set screw, Tap it out with a brass or copper drift and hammer.
  4. I previously shot 34’s with skateboard tape and I find the Bogies give me better traction and don’t tear my hands up. I still use ProGrip when it’s humid and sweaty but I love the bogies. I also prefer the standard flat side slabs (+.064”) over the palm swells. Never used the Hennings so I can’t compare.
  5. I have an Infinity slide and it has a breach face insert. I’m not sure if that is unique to their slides or if this was done by someone else since I acquired this pistol used?
  6. When I loaded 380 my go to load was 3.8 grains of BE under a 95 bullet.
  7. A couple years ago, I actually read the manual for my Dillon press They suggested using 30 weight motor oil. When I asked them if I should use detergent or non-detergent oil, they said it didn’t matter. I had a quart of 30W non-detergent motor oil on the shelf so I used that on my press ram. Several weeks and thousands of rounds later, the oil film was still visible on the ram. I was quite amazed because I had been using a liquid spray oil up until that point and it disappeared after a few hours of use. I decided to used the same 30W ND oil on my pistols and low and behold, the same oil film remained after shooting several range sessions and matches. I’m still using it and see no reason to use that outrageously high priced “gun” oils any more.
  8. I used ProGold bicycle chain oil on my bicycles. It worked really well and quieted the chains down significantly ... BUT ... after a month setting in the garage my chains rusted horribly. BTW, my bikes were never ridden in the rain or wet weather conditions. Both chains were Completely covered with rust. I sure hope the weapon grade oil is a different formulation and has a better rust inhibitor package in it?
  9. I think I remember reading that someone said that the optimal weight of a 19/2011 slide is 10oz. Is that correct and is that with a full “stuffed”slide with barrel, spring, guide rod, bushing, extractor, etc... or is that a stripped slide?
  10. Well I do know that because I cast and powder coat my own . I have a boat load of .357’s sitting on the shelf and I actually prefer to shoot +.002” oversize and not .001” over as you’ve suggested.
  11. igolfat8

    Problems with Shadow 2

    Have you plunk tested your ammo?
  12. Great, thx for the info guys.
  13. That’s an interesting approach which makes raising it a lot easier and more accurate.
  14. But my 550 is used for oddball calibers; .380, .45 and .223 while my 650 is dedicated to 9mm.
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