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  1. igolfat8

    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    I had a matched pair of Atlas Titans which were great pistols. I came to them after shooting Glocks for many years and just couldn’t adapt to the grip angle. Purchased a TSO and immediately was at one with it. The timer doesn’t lie and CZ dropped seconds off my Titan and a Glock times. My TSO’s stock triggers were 14 ounces and have worn in to 12 ounces which are perfectly useable for me. The Titan triggers were phenomenal but I don’t feel that I am giving up anything with m6 CZ triggers. I also have a newish CM and it’s trigger is 15 ounces and I am just breaking it in this year.
  2. A little OT but I recently purchased 3 Grauffel recoil springs for my CM and I am VERY disappointed in their quality control. I purchased an 8# and it measured almost 10#. The 9 measured 12# and the 10# measured 12#. I verified my scales by measuring several Wolfe and IMSI springs which were both spot on. I reached out to Shooters Connection, where I purchased the springs and they have yet to return my email.
  3. Sent you a message about the G34

  4. My competition pistols are: Shadow 2, IDPA CO TSO, Limited Czeckmate, open P-01 Omega, carry, Dawson sights, thorough polish.
  5. I got 7 years out of my first FFIII, using it an average of 6 hours per week.
  6. I have pushed 95 grain coated cast to a little over 1600 FPS with no issues. Of course YMMV.
  7. Are you sure? I thought they were stainless steel cases?
  8. Nickel plated brass cases are harder and the process makes the cases brittle. I get more case cracking on nickel than I do on brass. I used nickel exclusively one winter and I got an average of 6 reloads out of a case before it split and that was with minor loads. All my nickel cases are now reserved for matches where I have to leave my brass at other clubs.
  9. Primary did mine and I am thrilled with the quality of service, machine work, cerakoting and turnaround time.
  10. I got the SC slide racker and ran 150 rounds through my CM and it never loosened up. Thanks again for the tip.
  11. My 8# jug of MP has a lot code of 043019 514. The inside of the cases are so clean, it’s pretty amazing. It looks as though the brass has never been fired since it was cleaned. Are you seeing the same thing with your cases? If so, is it the same with the slower batches too?
  12. How does it compare to Titegroup in terms of cleanliness? Does it share similar load data?
  13. No to side track your question but what are those two Allen screws and bracket below the red dot? My P01 doesn’t have those?
  14. I am a right handed shooter and my slide racker handle is mounted on the left side but after 50-100 rounds the set screw loosens up. I drilled a small dimple on the top of the slide to allow the set screw more surface area to bite into but it still loosens. I don’t want to lock tite it because I remove the handle often when cleaning the slide. Would mounting the handle on the right side make any difference or any other suggestions, short of removing it entirely?
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