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  1. Update: Ended up getting the P Match Pro. Shot it for the first time the other day with Federal AE (1030 fps), Sellier Bellot (1165 fps), and Sig (1250 fps)ammo. Was sighted in from Factory; I didn't adjust anything. Replaced recoil spring with 20lb; worked with the above velocity differences. Grip is grippy ;) Even thou the gun is very light, the recoil was manageable. Overall, really happy with it. The double action trigger pull is very heavy and a little on the long side for me. Is there a way to lighten the double action trigger pull weight without changing the single action feel
  2. Is this the same as the x-five trigger? If so, would it qualify as stock when installed in a regular P320? https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p320-flat-trigger.html Do you think it would it lower pull weight like the Grey trigger?
  3. drewsifer and Endall, Thanks. Any luck finding holster for these?
  4. Cool. Thanks. Will check it out at lunch!
  5. Understood, not for competition use.... Camping hiking Was also looking at the Witness Elite Match, listed as 44oz. compared with the 30.4oz of the P Match.
  6. I'm considering a EAA Witness P Match 10mm. Any experience with one? I did a couple of quick searches, hope this is not a duplicate.
  7. In Sailing, there are a couple of rules that apply to this situation and the details are in the one-design class rules and their applicability... I'm proposing changes to my local "one-design" class rules because they are archaic. Basic Principles: SPORTSMANSHIP AND THE RULES Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce. A fundamental principle of sportsmanship is that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty, which may be to retire. Part 1 Fundamental Rules Rule 2 -
  8. Cool. Good to understand at this point as I begin this journey.
  9. My first match in IDPA is coming up in a few weeks so new to this, thanks for the help, so if I went flat trigger upgrade then I would be in ESP? Btw, Sig P320 full size 40s&w ...
  10. Can this drop in trigger be used in IDPA SSP?
  11. Thanks. must have been confusing the list idea with uspsa discussions...
  12. Is there an approved list of guns by IDPA division somewhere?
  13. so this past weekend i finaly got around to figuring out the COAL for the xtreme 200gr RNFP, started at 1.225, which would plunk or feed from mag. settled on target length of 1.220 1.205 which feed from mag. Will load up the first 50 at this length with some different powders chargers and test out...
  14. Is their an opening date for John Wick 2? Edit: Interweb says Feb 2017.
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