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  1. Looking for some recommendations...just had Jeff Abernathy build me a pretty new 40 SS and I have piles of N320 laying around. Trying to decide on 180 grain or 200 grain, and get a couple of recipe options...thoughts?
  2. That's a good point, that may cause me to go a little more minimalist.
  3. Simple clean, looks good...would need to carry a second bag for mags ammo and gear...hmm.
  4. Which soft case for a 16" PCC AR-9? Looking for something minimalist to carry at matches. Cost not a concern. Wouldn't be averse to something that can be slung like a backpack... pics would be awesome if anyone has a favorite.
  5. Thanks that's good feedback. I intend to go with a JP complete upper and a AR Gold or Hyperfire trigger, with the JP piston buffer. Saves about $500 over the cost of a complete JP rifle.
  6. Anyone with QC10, Palmetto or similar Lower experience? Any advice? I'll be using glock mags, since I've got a pile of them in the garage already.
  7. You should definitely mount your Optic to an M&P shield compact.
  8. Are you using a safariland ELS rig, or just a standard belt? If you've got the full blown ELS system, the Safariland pouches definitely mount better and have a little more adjustability, but if you're just strapping them on a standard belt, not much of an upgrade really. If you want to shoot for an upgrade, DAA race masters are great.
  9. Built an M&P core pro with a Leupold DP Pro. If I had it to do over again I would have gone with the new Sig P320 X5 with a Romeo 1. As to your question about long slide guns when using an optic...the fundamentals of design don't change when you bolt on a dot. Longer barrels equal more accuracy, consistent groupings, and more total mass which assists recoil management. Look at the length of a quality open gun...
  10. Thanks for the link...I'll have to check the hole pattern, but it looks like should fit.
  11. Agreed it's a pain, Love the sight itself, when it works it works well...but I'm about 5 minutes from going back to a cmore.
  12. Has anyone seen a removable blast shield for the DP Pro? Having some issues with carbon messing with the motion sensor hole. I've temporarily solved it by putting a paster over the hole and turning my dot on and off manually each stage but need a permanent fix. Was wondering if there's something out there that could be slipped between the mount and the dot was t able to find anything though. Currently running the arrendondo mount, and have Atlas Gunworksnmakingnme an new one with a blast shield but that will be some weeks.
  13. cj36d

    P320 X5 Thread

    I've tried some Mili-Tec products in a few of my guns with very good results on break in. I use Lucas Oil or CLP day to day...but the militec seems to dramatically reduce breaking in time...fire a few rounds get the gun heated up and drown it in the stuff, then shoot a bunch of Bill drills, let it cool and repeat.
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