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  1. Thanks guys, really appreciate the info provided. Still have no idea what I'm going to buy, but it's good info nonetheless. I'm gonna shoot a match this weekend with my 10/22 and try to check out a few different options then.
  2. Thanks guys. I guess I should clarify, I will be buying a Ruger, Browning, or Victory and upgrading from there (or buying a factory race gun). I'm not ready to jump in to a pre built VQ or TacSol gun yet.
  3. What do you shoot and why? Seems the common three are all well liked, just wondering what might cause someone to pick one over the other.
  4. Not directly competition related but I figured this group would be the best to answer the question. I'm looking at a Beretta 1301. Choices are Tac with 18.5" barrel, or Comp with 21" barrel, both threaded for chokes. I'll use it hunting for deer and small game (turkey, squirrel, maybe grouse). I float hunt from a canoe and kayak where short and simple guns really shine. I'm wondering what difference in velocity and shot pattern I might see between the two barrels given appropriate choke choice. I'd like to keep it short for the boat but I don't want to give up more than I have to for effectiveness. The differences in the receiver and factory sighting systems don't really matter to me. Just a question on shot spread from short barrels. Anybody have input from shooting clays or poppers in competition with 18 and 21" guns? Thanks for your time.
  5. Thanks guys. It's clear that one gun for USPSA/IDPA is out of the question, and so is planning on shooting this pile of 9mm through a 929. I have a fair amount of 9mm reloading stuff still kicking around. Might be time to piece that all back together if I plan to be serious about this. Appreciate your guys' time.
  6. Long story short, I got paid for some work in the form of 12,000 rounds of 9mm ammo (S&B 115gr FMJ) and I'd like to get back into wheelgunning this year. I'm thinking about buying a 9mm revolver (929) but from a cursory search it seems they really only fit into USPSA and ICORE. I'm wondering if I'm better off to sell/trade some of this ammo for a 357/38 or 45ACP gun to allow me to shoot more matches. I have regular USPSA and IDPA matches near me, ICORE is a bit of a hike but I could probably make one or two this year. Looking for opinions on these questions: 1. Does the 929 like factory 115 FMJ ammo? I realize it's probably over power factor for what I need but it was basically free and it's on my shelf. I don't expect to be very competitive with a new gun, just trying to get out and shoot more. 2. Seems to be able to shoot IDPA I need a 6 round gun, but a non moon-clipped gun is going to be a disadvantage in USPSA. Does that only leave the 625 as a do-both gun? I know the 625 is out of flavor due to 8 round guns these days. I'm thinking about just buying the 929 optimized for what I'm most likely to shoot, and if I truly want to shoot IDPA my G17 is fine for that. Opinions? What am I missing?
  7. TFin04

    CZ Shadow 2

    Hoping the release of these will free up the used market on normal Shadows.
  8. TFin04

    Reloading the 320

    You mind sharing ideas for a production gun? The thing I like avout the 320 is that I can have one frame with a magwell and one without.
  9. TFin04

    Reloading the 320

    Anybody else have some difficulty with the factory 320 magwell and mags hanging up? The geometry of the well provides a lot of potential catch points. I notice it more in dry fire (I use snap caps), but have totally screwed more than my usual live fire reloads. Has anyone done anything other than just practice to improve this? So far this is the only complaint I have about the 320. Thanks.
  10. Anybody have high round count P09's?
  11. Thanks. How often are you replacing springs and slide stops?
  12. If this has been done elsewhere, apologies for repeating. I'm curious what kind of round count your CZ's have seen and what resulting parts breakages you have experienced. Most curious about the SP01 and P09 guns to see if the Omega system and the new polymer guns are more durable than the older steel frame designs. Thanks for your time.
  13. Hi guys, I poked through this thread but with so many pages it's hard to keep it clear. I'm looking for current production grips that are the same size/shape as the factory rubber grips with more aggressive texture. If they are slightly larger that is fine too. I tried the flat aluminum grips and I can't hold on to the gun. The factory grips feel great, but are slippery with sweat. Thanks for your help.
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