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  1. Thank you all for the responses
  2. Thanks for the reply. The only reason for not wanting a JP upper is I was wanting just a cheaper 9mm upper to play with. since I have the JP BCG that will still work in other uppers...is that correct? thanks again
  3. I have a JP GMR15 lower and short stroke BCG. Will any 9mm upper work this? I searched and couldn’t find the answer. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the reply’s. That sounds a lot better than I was anticipating. I’ve read all the rules but will probably go watch a match before I shoot one to make sure I don’t do something stupid.
  5. Yes cash is best but only good if local. I am thinking of selling something and like you said with cashiers checks etc.., it takes probably a week or Tito clear. I wonder if there are any guaranteed instantly verifiable funds like through post office or UPS or?
  6. We have the Colt competition 9mm and haven’t had any issues reloading.
  7. What is the method of payment to purchase or sale a firearm? I have read on here that PayPal may not be accepted. I also know that certified checks take several days to actually clear a bank account to be available funds...so what’s the best way to protect both parties?
  8. If you do shoot coated bullets...I shoot round nose Acme bulletin over HP38 and have the gmr with the black barrel, what is the best way to clean the comp build up. I have a lot of inventory and may change when these run out but kinda stuck with these until the.
  9. I just recently got the Golf Prizm which is a Purpleish tiny. They seem to work well for me seeing the .front sight. There not real real dark , kinda medium tint.
  10. Do you only wear these glasses right before you shoot or can you leave them on? I was wondering if the different prescriptions make it difficult to wear while at the range but not shooting?
  11. I agree with this being a little steep. Also if the angle bothers you now from pure appearance standpoint it always will. Looking at the pics from the other CZ’s it looks like there is plenty of room to get some one to flatten it out if you wanted.
  12. I guess they put them in the same que. I was told a couple weeks ago that they were back from coating.
  13. I am a lot more consistently accurate with the red dot and the PCC.
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