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  1. I have had my STI DVC for just over 1 month. Let me tell ya this is the smoothest shooting gun I have ever owned. I had to change the front fiber optic to green as it came in red. I shoot 200 gr bullets and I am extremely happy with it. It shoots bullseyes at 15-25 yrs. It's very accurate as my CZ Shadow. So far I've shot two USPSA matches and I'm very happy with it
  2. I have on order the New 2018 STI DVC Limited in 40 cal. It's gonna be a step up from my Para P16 40 cal. I seriously contemplated the Edge with Extreme shooters grip, but this time I'm going for the gold and chose not to customize it myself this time. I wanted a factory gun and I found a smoking deal just over what it would cost me for an Edge and custom grip. Hopefully it's all I ever wanted for that winning combination. It's will be the most expensive handgun I own....lol.
  3. pc13

    P16-40 for Limited

    12 lb recoil spring with 4.2 titegroup and 180 fmj. nice gun for limited, but just bought an STI and still waiting. Wanted something newer and with the island barrel for better sight tracker...
  4. Does anyone own or have shot the STI DVC Limited in 40 cal? I've ordered one for USPSA limited division and it seems to be taking a while for STI to manufacture. How does it shoot and does anyone have loads for 40 cal. Powder, bullets ect. thanks..
  5. Ya still looking for Cz in 40 wonder why they are not being shipped?
  6. I’ve been checking everywhere for a CZ Tactical Sport orange in 40 cal. I’m on several waiting lists already and local dealer can’t find one either. Does anyone know where or when I can purchase one. If u have a dealer that has one please let me know, tanks everyone in advance
  7. Does anyone know where u can buy a CZ Tactical Sport Orange in 40 cal for USPSA. Most places are showing out of stock.
  8. pc13

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    thanks for the pic above. I filed and filed the disconnector exactly where u show and still could not get the trigger to release after the slide was put back on. Yes the safety was in the off position. I reinstalled the factory hammer and disconnector with the hammer spring, trigger spring and sear spring from Cajun Gun Works and everything seems to work great. Still waiting on the extended firing pin as they sent me the SP01 firing pin. I have not shot it yet, but the feel and function of the DA and SA is great. The only difference I can tell with only changing the springs and using the stock hammer and disconnector is that the safety will not go ON if there is a live round in the chamber and the hammer is all the way down. So for us Production shooters the gun will operate just like Factory. The safety works with the hammer all the way back or in SA mode like a 1911. I think this is a good feature for Production as the gun is exactly the same at the CZ Factory intended except for lighter springs that I have installed. The Cajun Gun Works Competition kit allows for the safety to be ON with the hammer all the way down on a live chamber for use in DA. SA of course you can put the safety on as well. It's different and might be safer for home defense. I think I prefer my set up with the safety off in DA mode for competition just like a Beretta.
  9. pc13

    My Shadow 2 modifications

    Can anyone show pics of how to adjust the Disconnector and what is the difference between the T1 or T3 ? I'm having a problem with my hammer not releasing with the Cajun Gun Works kit installed with competition hammer.
  10. pc13

    CZ shadow 2

    I purchased a CZ Shadow 2 and the Cajun Gun Works Competition trigger kit. I followed the directions carefully and when I put the slide on the hammer with not fall with the safety off. I called Cajun and spoke with David and he said it was the disconnector and it has to be filed down ever so slightly. I have not received an email from him with pics on exactly where and how to do this. Has anyone had this problem. PS if I take off the slide the hammer goes down with the safety off. As soon as I put the slide back on the hammer will not go down with safety off. I have adjusted the safety 2/56 screw and the safety works fine. Is it a disconnector problem or something else. It's 4th of July week and I'm not sure if Cajun Gun works is closed or not. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  11. pc13

    Shadow 2 Legal Date

    I emailed CZ and got the following response from Matt Hopkins at CZ-USA on May 1st 2017. Thanks for the inquiry about the Shadow 2 being legal for use in Production Division in USPSA. We have not met the 2,000 piece quantity available to the general public in the USA. We expect to reach the quantity within 30 days. Once approved we will post on all our social media that the gun is approved. This I think the best we can do is be patient.
  12. Yup totally agree. I think you guys are right. Only a few of us in commie CA can get out of state guns because of roster. Thanks for your guys help. Guess I'll keep the CZ Shadow 2 on order.
  13. I shoot a Para Pro Custom 40 cal. It shoots great. I have 4 MBX mags and they work great. It's a little hard to find mags for the Pro Custom model. If you got the standard non Pro Custom then you can use regular mags. Travis Tomasie was the Para Pro shooter. Now Remington owns rights to Para and Remington is coming out with new models. You can look up Travis Tomasie on Facebook for new models. Bottom line for less than 1k yes the Para is a great shooter. I did install an Infinity Trigger which works great for smaller hands.
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