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  1. 2c5s

    Bul Armory?

    And your name is?
  2. Will do, was just wondering if I was missing something. Thx
  3. Correct, SC website doesn't give a choice when ordering.
  4. on SC website to order. Are they rt. or lt. hand specific?
  5. Anyone know the weight of the third spring shipped with the GT Tanfos. In the package are a 11.83lb and a 13.55, unknown what's the gun....... THX
  6. I would go over the revolver with a fine tooth comb just to make sure it was built correctly. Just my .02
  7. Dropped off at Fedex yesterday. Now the wait begins......
  8. They clearly have zero QC. I'm willing to bet not one person bothers to look over these firearms before they ship. In addition to my missing detent, the charge holes are not chamfered either. I have yet to remove the side plate to see what may be lurking inside. Upon calling S&W, they are eager to email a shipping label to get the brand new gun back there that just left a month ago to fix it. What kind of business model is that??????
  9. Picked up my 929 from my FFL yesterday. All appears fine except there is no ball detent in the crane. Frame is cut, crane is cut, but no hardware. Bizarre..
  10. Anyone have contact info for Vic Pickett? Thx!
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