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  1. Throw them in the tumbler with the brass.
  2. Get/buy another 627 cylinder and ream it for 9mm?
  3. If you use a chamber brush on the cylinder after you shoot, do they then drop in?
  4. Got them from Bob at 4WheelGuns.com They have a magnet in them and the speedloaders have a ferromagnetic screw in them that holds the loader in place in the holder. They're also handy for steel challenge shooting.
  5. One clip per compartment. The whole thing holds 25 moons.
  6. Mostly outlaw steel, but they do try to set up a couple SC stages.
  7. Orange Gun Club, Orange, TX this Sunday, 9am, August 18, same time
  8. Hmm.... 8 shot, open revolver, 38 super major. I like it!
  9. The Revolver equipment section Appendix H5 gives the minimum caliber of 38 with the minimum cartridge case length of 9x19. No problem here for Short Colt. The problem is in the ammunition Section 4.1 where it states the minimum cartridge for centerfire competitions is both 38 Special and 9x19. Just remove the 38 Special from Section 4.1 and it will be consistent with the equipment requirement in Appendix H5 (and all the other equipment Appendices too). Note that for PCC equipment Appendix H9, it lists accepted calibers. The list is actually cartridges, not calibers.
  10. There is no PF in SC. The concern is that the rules say a minimum cartridge of 38 special, not minimum caliber of 38. So, has anyone shot short colt in a sanctioned SC match?
  11. The rulebook says "Minimum cartridge for centerfire competitions (38 Special/9X19)." So, what about 38 Short Colt, is it legal?
  12. Interesting that the indent is on the bottom of the chamber, not the top like on a S&W
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