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  1. Got them from Bob at 4WheelGuns.com They have a magnet in them and the speedloaders have a ferromagnetic screw in them that holds the loader in place in the holder. They're also handy for steel challenge shooting.
  2. One clip per compartment. The whole thing holds 25 moons.
  3. Mostly outlaw steel, but they do try to set up a couple SC stages.
  4. Orange Gun Club, Orange, TX this Sunday, 9am, August 18, same time
  5. Hmm.... 8 shot, open revolver, 38 super major. I like it!
  6. The Revolver equipment section Appendix H5 gives the minimum caliber of 38 with the minimum cartridge case length of 9x19. No problem here for Short Colt. The problem is in the ammunition Section 4.1 where it states the minimum cartridge for centerfire competitions is both 38 Special and 9x19. Just remove the 38 Special from Section 4.1 and it will be consistent with the equipment requirement in Appendix H5 (and all the other equipment Appendices too). Note that for PCC equipment Appendix H9, it lists accepted calibers. The list is actually cartridges, not calibers.
  7. There is no PF in SC. The concern is that the rules say a minimum cartridge of 38 special, not minimum caliber of 38. So, has anyone shot short colt in a sanctioned SC match?
  8. The rulebook says "Minimum cartridge for centerfire competitions (38 Special/9X19)." So, what about 38 Short Colt, is it legal?
  9. Interesting that the indent is on the bottom of the chamber, not the top like on a S&W
  10. With the 10-shot 617 in steel challenge, I empty the cylinder, fired and unfired, into a bag or container (we usually have a table next to the shooting box) and sort the whole mess out later. That way you can reload a full cylinder with your 10 shot speed loaders and not have to fumble with individual cartridges. Speeds things up. You do have 5 speed loaders on your North Mountain magnetic speed loader holder don't you?
  11. I've had bushing erosion too. It looked to me that the rounded front of the firing pin bushing was dishing the primer and affecting the seal of the primer in the cup, thus allowing the gas to blow by. Not sure when, but Smith changed the bushing design to this rounded front a few years ago. Anyway, I removed the bushing, ground the face flat, and reinstalled. The bushing is now flat and flush with the blast shield. Gas cutting stopped. The gun has since had around 50,000 rounds through it with no more bushing erosion. This is with 38 short colt, Fed 100, Zero 125 gr JHP, 5.4 gr 3N37 and primers seated .008" to .010" on a 650. Actually, I've done this to three 627's when each showed signs of bushing erosion and, in each case, the problem stopped. Your problem may be different, but this worked for me.
  12. I have the same gun with as many rounds through it. It started doing the same thing as yours. Check the cylinder end shake! 0.004" shim solved my problem.
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