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  1. I run 2.6 grs of Titegroup with a 160 grn Bayou Bullet; shoots very accurately out of my 929.
  2. Thank you for your insight on the matter.
  3. Duly noted. I take it you run this sight? Any opinion on the white outline versus plain blade?
  4. Anybody try the Bowen Rough Country rear sight on the 929? If so what height do you need for the 929? Definitely going to try the Dawson front sight; one should be here this week. I ordered a 0.245”. What I’m shooting now is a little high with the rear sight bottomed out with a 0.230”.
  5. Both revolvers are in PA at Pinnacle now so I’m committed. So far our e-mail correspondence has been good and even got him on the phone on a first attempt. Mark led me to believe the turnaround on his work won’t be long. We’ll see what happens. Hell, nobody shoots Revolver! He can’t be that busy right??
  6. I have a 929 Mark customized; bought it from member; it is top shelf work. I want to do another 929, but I want do it with TK to do the action job. I want Mark to recrown my barrel and ball mill the underlug like he did on the 929 I’ve been using. TK isn’t set-up to do the barrel work. About a year ago I wanted Mark to do a duplicate 929 like the one I had, but I never could reach him so I just dropped the idea. Now I’m looking at going to IRC and I’d like to have a pair to go with me. I am optimistic my venture will work out.
  7. Well, that was the same experience I had as well. That said, I just got off the phone with Mark so he did return my call this time. He did indicate he had experienced a heart attack about a year ago and was indisposed for some time.
  8. Any wheelgunners out there know Mark with Pinnacle? I have been trying to reach him and cannot get him on the phone or get a return call from him. Any information would be appreciated.
  9. Glad somebody posted something on this product; I've been wanting to give one a try. I need another belt for my open gun set-up.
  10. I've used quiet a bit of Ramshot Silhouette to have a backup load in the event there was no N320. The "feel" of my major loads with Silhouette is on par with N320, but this powder doesn't seem to have a complete burn so you will see an accumulation of unburnt powder in your pistol after a couple hundred rounds.
  11. The match was excellent and very well run. The sponsors were great therefore the prize table was better than most any other USPSA match I've attended in the South. Looking forward to next year!
  12. Spread the word! This is too good of a match to not get a good crowd of wheel gunners.
  13. Thanks. Are you sure you are not a doctor??
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