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  1. Yes sir. Think I'm gonna try those
  2. Nice looking bullets, but I'm talking GREEN!! Like super bright lime green.
  3. Thats Ts a very good point. I'm 6'2 and legs are long. I'm used to taking huge strides and covering ground quick. I see these guys running these stages and they are all like you say. Short and choppy. Ill have to work on some of that. Thx
  4. Lol. It actually showed up the morning of that match. I just wasn't gonna bust it out brand new for the match and fight it all day. I've dry fired it some now and shot another match. I'm starting to get used to the new gun position.
  5. I will also say that it was dumb to take the mismatched leftover stuff to the match. I had three mags that were already loaded with that stuff and I just thought "ah it will be ok. They need shot". Yeah as as soon as that stage was over I emptied them all and shoot all factory stuff the rest of the day.
  6. As I was weighing loads for my ladder tests I was having some crazy throws so I decided to just weigh and trickle every single one. Then after I settled on a charge I carefully visually inspected each powder drop before I seated a bullet and I also weighed about ever 10th one. I had 10-15 that literally had 1gr or less. It was pretty easy to see. What i I think happened is I also had some round in that mismatched lot that were from the loading session befor the problem. I'm guessing that the problem started during that session and I didn't know it therefore I had one of those REALLY light loads in that lot.
  7. So I officially got my first reshoot this weekend and it was on the classifier of all things!! Name of the stage was Six I believe. Pretty basic. Target on left two poppers in the middle target on the right. Start up range in surrender. I shot the right target first then the two poppers then the left. First shot on the left side was fine but the second shot made my heart stop! I was sure it was a squib. My first ever! And the RO was yelling for me to stop which I had deffinatly already done. But the odd thing was, I knew it wasn't a squib because I clearly could see two holes in the target!! Ended up it was just a VERY light load. The slide never even moved, but the round did exit the barrel and hit the target. I was using mostly factory ammo that match but I had a handful of reloads that were left over so I was using them up. I had also been having some problems with my powder measurer a while back but I though I had checked EVERY SINGLE ONE of those stupid rounds. Guess I missed one! So then came the question of a reshoot. Should I get one? If it had truly been a squib, then no. Tough luck. But it wasn't and the RO stopped me anyway. Conclusion was yes. That even though I finished all the targets the RO stopped me befor the "if finished" command. I could have decided to check my targets and make up any shots if he hadn't of stopped me. (Which I did have a Mike!!!!). We also decided that he 100% made the right call to stop me although I was already stopping anyway. So i took a minute to compose myself and reshot the 5 second stage! Cleaned up that silly Mike and shaved a full second off my time! Sometimes it works in your favor, but like I said, we all felt he did the right thing. Safety first! caleb.
  8. Match is in the books!! While you all where a big help, NOT ONE DRIP OF RAIN!!! It poured red all the way there. 2 miles out it stopped and never rained a drop the rest of the day!! Had a good match too. I even got my first ever reshoot
  9. So it's a nice steady rain right now and I'm on my way to a uspsa match!! Any tips for a first time rain shooter? i cleaned and oiled the glock nice and heavy this morning. Stopped by the range on my way and confirmed zero. I also had an anti fog cleaning wipe so I hit my red dot and my glasses before I left. Extra clothes and shoes imbrella waterproof jacket This is should be loads of fun!
  10. UGH! Trevor is KILLER!! Your gonna be sore!! But you will get better afterwards.
  11. Absolutely 100% with out a doubt yes
  12. So I know this is silly, but I'm really not diggin my lipstick red acme bullets. They shoot fine, I just don't like the color, and life is too short! I REALLY want some zombie green ones! I was gonna order some from lucky 13 but I see they have gone out of business. so the only other place I see that has them is eggleston bullets and they are a little high price wise. Does anyone know know if anybody else that does this color? I guess I'm just scared to buy from someone and then them go out of business shortly leaving me up in the air again. My other option is to go blue and be done with it. That's my next favorite color option and we all know where to find that color!! Thanks Picky Caleb.
  13. Welcome from you neighbor across the river in IL. Im actually thinking about shooting a uspsa match at the benchrest club up by you in a month or so. Glad to have you around. Got any chrono data on titegroup and 124 gr bullets?
  14. So this was by far the best stage of the day for me at an all steel match. I shot it pretty well for me but I know there are still plenty of holes that need work. I would love everyone's advice. Stage is called baseball (for obvious reasons) i started at the tombstone rack because it was broken and if not hit correctly you had to stop the run and reset. I already did that once and wasn't doing it again. One foot must always be on a base and the little bonus target way out yonder must be shot from home plate either at the beginning or the end. Luckily I got it at the beginning so I didn't have to go back to home. Biggest things i see are being up and ready to shoot when entering a position and slamming the mag change on the first step. I think I was too worried about getting a foot on the base when entering first base and it really slowed me down. What do you all think?
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