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  1. Damn... I'm liking the looks of those. and of course the Karl Nill grips make everything look better.
  2. I always clean my gun after every training. But I only shoot once a week and the rest is dry fire. I just like clean guns and actually kinda like the process of cleaning. The only thing I'm a bit bothered with is that I have dots on my Shadows, and I really don't want to 'break' the loctite to take off the dots so I can clean the extractor.... So it's compressed air, solvents and lubes until it fails.
  3. See if you can find an STI Edge. Awesome pistols.... and should be around USD 1.500,- I believe. Great guns from a time STI still had quality products (in my humble opinion) I absolutely love mine. Bought it six months ago and it runs flawlessly.
  4. yeah, I forgot to mention, I shoot IPSC in the Netherlands (Europe) Shooters don't paste or RO at our matches. But we see the same thing... persons being out of breath after shooting a long course which took them 24 seconds and included one semi-sprint.... and on top of that, being tired from just standing around for a few hours... Physical condition is definitely an issue but even more so in the US, from what I can tell from match footage on youtube...
  5. Yeah, I think the standing around for four hours is the tiring bit.... Not the half-assed running most of us do for approximately 30 seconds...
  6. Very recognizable, man... I had a similar experience. I'm in the situation that when the kids and wife are not in the living room, I use that for dry fire. (about three times a week for about 15 to 20 minutes... wish it was daily, but I'm too lazy for that....) I use IPSC mini and micro targets (IPSC rifle targets) and I have a black paster in the middle of every a-zone. I create 'stages' and do different drills with my dot occluded. So not just targets on a wall in front of me, but targets throughout the living room where I actually have to move to see them. (enabling me to also incorporate drills with extensive movements) Been doing that for approximately 1.5 months and it "seems" to be getting better... when I live fire, I do not occlude the dot, and I feel more comfortable with it. Accuracy is okay, at least not worse, and I 'believe' I am actually looking at the center of the A zone, although it remains challenging. I believe just "sticking with it" will eventually make it better and ingrain it as your (and my) "default setting". I think I will incorporate the occlusion during live fire every now and then as well... because things are different when an explosion goes off in front of your face...
  7. It's because "we" have interesting stages in IPSC and not those "USPSA Hose fests" where you need a gun with a lot of boolits. Hahahaha! No, sorry, just kidding guys. I actually don't know why production remains so popular in IPSC..... Here in the Netherlands, we can just as easily buy a Standard (limited) gun or Open gun, or PO gun....... I honestly couldn't tell you why Production is still going strong.... I posted the registration for another match earlier, showing quite a few production shooters, and here is another registration that just opened a couple days ago, where Production Division is even larger than at the other match.
  8. Here in the Netherlands we see that production optics and PCC (registered as 'Modified') is definitely growing in numbers, but production remains just as popular. (below the summary for an upcoming match overhere) I don't think IPSC production will suffer very much.... It is still very popular in the rest of the world, I believe.
  9. I run the stock thick buffer in my S2 as well and have an SRO direct milled on the slide, but I shoot reloads just above minor power factor. The buffer has no damage after approx 10.000 rounds. I keep the buffer in so I hopefully never wreck the SRO as it is the same price as the Shadow 2 here in the Netherlands... hahahaha!! Never had a single malfunction with this pistol, by the way.
  10. I just bought a like-new STI Edge and a Holosun 507Comp and paid my favorite gunsmith to cut the slide to fit the Holosun..... just to find out that IPSC has NO INTENTIONS to also implement a provisional "Standard Optics" division... ( additional info: I'm from the Netherlands) I was convinced that even after the rejected first proposal from region 'Brazil' for a provisional "Standard Optics" division, it was just going to be a matter of time before another proposal would come and would be voted in.... With the immense popularity of the 2011 platform with a slide-mounted dot in the US, the Limited Optics division is a logical evolution. Unfortunately, we don't see that same popularity in Europe (I would not know about the rest of the world) So... now I'll just have to play with it in Open...
  11. WFargo

    Romeo 3XL

    Yeah, me too. I just bought a 507 Comp from Holosun directly for € 469,- which is way better than the € 1.000,- I paid for a Trijicon SRO! The SRO has been great on my Shadow 2, but man.... that's serious money. I really hope the 507 Comp lives up to it's reputation albeit a short one.... cause it's half the price of the SRO... My God.....
  12. I wish I could own a pistol done by Jeremy Reid. His attention to detail is incredible.
  13. Welcome, fellow shooter! Just curious, what are gun laws like in Australia at the moment? Are all IPSC divisions available to you? Or more precise... no problem to own pistols / revolvers / semi auto rifles & shotguns for sport shooters?
  14. If I were you, I would stay away from the platform, then. Unless you have the opportunity to thoroughly test fire a gun with YOUR ammo to ensure it is 100% reliable with all magazines provided. Successful 1911 / 2011 shooting requires exactly what you state you don't have / desire. (in my very humble opinion. )
  15. Yeah, I saw it! I can imagine the frustration if you don't really understand the rules... But come on... EUROPEAN championships.... yeah, you sorta gotta be from Europe, right....
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