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  1. Yeah... it's not good. Very disappointing.... They could have at least showed different stages each day. it's no fun at all..... I just go to the youtube version and fast forward through it to see any 'interesting' shooters... but even then, there's not much to see and the audio sucks...
  2. I live in the Netherlands.... We have around 10 to 15 matches PER YEAR. Getting signed up for a match is a victory in itself as all matches are full within a minute.... I've been shooting matches since 2016..... and I try to sign up for EVERY match.... My total is 25 matches..... total.... I'm so jealous.....
  3. Hi guys, Please forgive me if this is already common knowledge... I really enjoyed being able to watch a live stream from Hunters HD Gold of the Super Squad during the 2020 Racegun Nationals. So with the upcoming Lo Cap nationals in mind, I sent Brian from Hunters HD Gold an email to see if they were planning to do something similar this time. He informed me that via USPSALive the Lo Cap nationals will be streamed live! I just thought that was great news, and wanted to share with you guys.... I live in the Netherlands and we've been in a Lock down since December last year, not being able to shoot... so anything USPSA / IPSC shooting related I can watch is very, very, very welcome.....
  4. Thanks for that, Sarge! I actually decided to also email C-more and got an answer back immediately. I just need to switch on the RTS2, keep it motionless for three minutes, it should then turn off. If I then pick it up, and it turns back on again, it's a V5.
  5. Now that this thread is 'up and running' again... I bought a used RTS2 from a fellow shooter. It was on his STI DVC Open which he bought in November 2019. As it was already on the gun, he has no idea what 'version' this is. (no box or papers available) Does anybody know how you can tell what version an RTS2 is?
  6. And Christian decided to shoot it in Limited and, of course, won it.... ( with Coley, Browning and Tomassie and Ibanez in the top five) Watched his video of the match on YouTube... I believe that on some stages he forgot he was shooting irons... If this guy keeps this up... it's becoming Grauffel-esque... meaning, any gun he picks up, he's going to win major matches with it, if not World shoots... Really really curious to see what's gonna happen at the next World Shoot and how he's gonna square up against Ballesteros and Grauffel. But man, it's a joy watching that kid shoot... wow!
  7. I think a lot of it comes down to ignorance as well, when talking about properly functioning 1911's. If you are not fully aware of what it takes to make a 1911 run properly, you probably shouldn't go for a 1911 as a competition pistol. I have seen quite a few examples of guys running whatever brand of 1911 and complaining about reliability and when you then ask them if they actually checked the standard things to get a 1911 running, they have no clue...... (being: quality magazines, extractor tension, tuning of the ejector, cartridge overall length, spring weights ) Heck, I definitely used to be one of those guys, until I decided to 'educate' myself via this forum, and by asking guys who actually know what they're talking about... Plus, check the Atlas videos and look up the contributions from Cha-Lee and you're set. Last year I bought a Trojan from a guy who had it as a backup.... Wouldn't run reliably and he could only load 9 rounds instead of 10. Okay... showed up at his range to pick up the gun and join in on a training.... Tossed his crap magazines aside and used my Dawsons... the gun ran flawless.
  8. Mine has exactly the same 'gap'... It seems to be the way it is, unless you're willing to alter 'things' to close that gap. I don't have the skills or tools to do that....
  9. Yeah, sports-tape really is the easiest, cheapest and prettiest solution. (cause if you put a thumbshield on a 1911, you make it so unattractive, you might as well go shoot a CZ... ) P.S. I also have thumbshields on my 2011 Open gun...
  10. There's actually a Ruger Koenig for sale here! ( I live in the Netherlands and a German importer has one) The price... is € 2.950,- that's US$ 3,525.- Hahahahaha! Isn't it great, living in Europe... I have never seen a PM9 for sale here, but I would grab it immediately. ( it will probably cost around US $ 3,000.- as well) A buddy of mine has the Bul Trophy Saw and it's very well made, and costs € 2.400,- which is US$ 2,870.- but I like the more classic look of the PM9.
  11. Okay, probably not a lot of guys with a Nemesis / Arthemis going to the World shoot, but still..... I'm sure a few of the Atlas team will be going, right? Why the hell... would you make technical rule changes in a World Shoot year???? Nice little present for the guys, having to have their main and backup gun modified. I'm no gunsmith, but I'm guessing it's going to result in a new barrel - sightblock combo... Why not wait untill after the World Shoot with something like this? It's not like there's any advantage.... The gun still needs to fit the box, so one guy will have a 5,4 inch gun with rifling till the end (in other words, a Bul Radical 5.4) and the other guy will have a 5,4 inch gun without rifling in the sight block ( the Atlas Nemesis) and his is illegal and he has to spend thousands to modify his main and back up gun. Nice going, IPSC.....
  12. Well, If I was an owner of a DVC Open, I would bring it to the most respectable gunsmith I could find (with thorough 1911 / 2011 knowledge) and have him check if the fitting of all components is correct. Maybe simple problems that could result in cracking slides / comps can be mitigated by him. It would definitely make me feel 'better'. ( unless you possess that knowledge yourself, ofcourse) I see a new one here for sale (in the netherlands) for US$ 5,675.- If you're gonna spend that... having to pay a gunsmith to look it over shouldn't be a problem. And, I would be very vigilant about condition of my springs, (definitely test them with spring tester) and be 100% sure that I use a reloading recipe that would be least 'harsh' on the gun. (as far as that's possible with major loads....) Also the combination of your Firing Pin Stop plate and Main Spring can have a major impact on velocity of your slide, but that should be covered by the first point (the knowledgeable guy who's going to check the fitting etc. of your gun. )
  13. If you use an Uplula magloader you can use it to push down on the second bullet in the mag and then the top one drops out. Very easy, and once you get the hang of it, also fast.
  14. There is a new IPSC forum created just recently, but unfortunately not a lot is happening there, yet....... it's www.ipsctalk.com
  15. I actually ordered Wolf springs because Adam from Atlas says they're the most consistent and often don't need to be cut to prevent coil bind. The 9 lbs springs I ordered were both 8 lbs on the spring tester, by the way...
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