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  1. WFargo

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Man, second place at 12% ... so many rounds and only 23 C's. Wow.... congratulations! Great video, as usual!
  2. Cool! Thanks for that! I've immediately saved it to my drive. I find it valuable to read through this thread from time to time to 'remind' me and get my head on straight. It's nice to have this slimmed down version of it.
  3. I do it as well with pliers. Very fast once you get the hang of it. Jerry did it as well in one of the first episodes of Hot Shots during revolver nationals I believe. You see him sitting and reloading his clips with pliers.
  4. I did it as well to my bastard STI / SVI...
  5. WFargo

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Thanks, that sounds like a good plan!
  6. WFargo

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Yes, I've actually purchased a grip strength device, and I've tested my grip strong and weak hand as you instructed in your video. I've been lifting weights for the past 20 years, so strength-wise I'm where I need to be, I believe. But I find it very difficult to maintain that grip during a stage. It sort of 'wanders' out of my mind when adrenaline kicks in. I do realise that I need to put in a lot of practice to engrain this into my system. During dry firing I can manage it, but during live fire, I tend to lose it. Ah well..... practicing is part of the fun, so we'll get there eventually, I'm sure.
  7. WFargo

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    This week was the first time for me shooting major ( just got my SVI 2011 in .40 S&W. ) I was shooting minor (9mm ) before that. It just amazes me how you are able to not let the pistol recoil.... Man, I've got some practice ahead of me... Anyway, I really appreciate and enjoy your Insta videos. They are inspiring to me.
  8. Got home during my lunch break, saw the Redding GRx push-thru laying on my table already! So tried about a 100 cases... man... some really needed some major pushing to get through the die! But, after getting them through, they go through the Lyman 10mm sizing die without any issues and without leaving any marks! And they all chamber-check easily with room to spare! So, problem solved. I'm a happy camper!
  9. I still had an old Lee size-die lying around which had a damaged carbide ring, but still good enough to test if this one also creates this strange 'step' in the cases. I 'selected' a few cases with the worst 'Glock-bellies' and the Lee size-die had no issues with them at all. There was no extra bulge, no 'ring', no 'step' in the cases after sizing. They even chamber-checked, but barely... A fellow shooter had a Redding GRX push-through die which he no longer uses as he shoots production now, and he was nice enough to sell it to me for next to nothing. So like you said, Furrly, the 10mm Lyman die-set, even though it looks quality, is simply not usable. Too bad. So hopefully, with a new sizing die from either Lee, RCBS or Dillon and the Redding GRX push-through die, I hope I'm good..... If not, then I will also have to get a Lee undersize die.....
  10. I was afraid it was going to be the Lyman die.... I use an RCBS Piggyback II progressive press (5-station) I should probably just by another die-set from Dillon..... But I'm wondering if buying a Redding GRX or Lee Bulge Buster might solve it as well... Because the picture above is the worst case scenario.... cases that haven't been shot out of a Glock do not have this 'step' as in the picture above, at all!
  11. Hi guys, I've just started with reloading .40 for my SVI 2011. I have an assortment of range brass and most of them have 'glock bulges'. I am reloading with a Lyman 10mm die-set and here comes the problem. The sizing die seems to be way too tight, pushing material down wards. Some cases are acceptable and will chamber check easily but most come out like below.... and then they hang up during chamber checking. Do I need to buy one of those Push Through dies to first get the cases back to 'normal' diameter before I size them with the Lyman die? Any other tips/ pointers? Thanks guys.
  12. hahahaha! @ Yigal, yes, that's true!!! It's actually a bit funny to see at the matches here.... We all wear Salomon speed cross shoes and we all have DAA gear... hahahaha! ( not éveryone, of course... but still...)
  13. Thanks guys, Unfortunately I live in the Netherlands..... only a handful of (sport)shooters here and therefore even less than a handful of companies that have the proper licensing to 'handle' firearms... (give them a new coating) Companies specialized in coatings simply aren't interested in getting the proper licenses because there is no money to be made and it's just a hastle.... I actually already have an appointment to get an IonBond coating on the frame and slide... but I have to wait till June, and here's the kicker.... it costs € 375,- That's US $ 425,- So now you probably understand why I wanna give beedblasting a go.
  14. Thanks Sarge! I haven't seen the die-set yet. It had just been offered to me, but as I just googled a Lyman die-set for 10mm I indeed see it is being sold as 10mm / .40S&W Regards, Jan
  15. Thanks Mach1soldier... it was kind of asking the obvious... as there is hardly any coating left on the slide as seen in the bottom picture next to the thumb rest... and yes.... it seems to be rusting in that spot...
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