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  1. Within IPSC it's the only way we do it. ( In my case the Netherlands, but it's the same everywhere) The club that arranges the match 'supplies' the most volunteers for pasting and resetting. (these volunteers usually shoot the prematch) and the RO's / officials are arranged via their organisation (NROI) and they usually shoot the pre match as well. Very simple, and match fee is set at max of € 30,- I really don't see why this is so difficult to arrange for you guys in the US..... EDIT: I just realised that here in the Netherlands a club might only organi
  2. soo... I don't even live in the US, but I was watching the live feed on Facebook from Hunters HD Gold of the super squad during the 2020 Race Gun nationals. Mr. Sailer seems to have won it again.... was fun to see. But... no one's interested enough to talk about this on this forum? Or have I missed it?
  3. But that one seems to have a full length dust cover.... Is that allowed in USPSA? It's not in IPSC.... (but we're not talking IPSC of course...)
  4. Yes, you are right. I installed an extended hammer strut and extended firing pin for that reason. And yes 17# main spring is definitely more reliable than what I use.
  5. My ammo makes 130 PF and I use 9 pound springs, 14 pound main spring and a 'normal' round radius on the firing stop plate.
  6. Yesterday I picked up my Trojan. it is one with the big rollmark and horsey. It was supposed to become my backup gun to my Springer RO Elite for Classic Divison IPSC, but man.... This gun is really smooth! It has a great trigger job, and the bushing is still really tight. Even though it's an old lady, it is clear that it has not been shot a lot. Really happy with this one. I was able to join the IPSC training of the previous owner and his buddies yesterday. Shot 200 rounds through it with my Dawson mags and it did not have one single hickup...
  7. Shooting it without looking at it at all would be horrible!... But Ben Stoeger has a few vids on youtube where he shoots a couple stages in training where he is given very little walk through time as an excercise. That might be interesting to watch.
  8. I don't live in the States so don't know the actual prices, but just checked MSRP for this Super GP100 and a S&W 929... The Ruger is $ 1549.- and the Smith is $ 1209.- I would only buy such an ugly gun if it was way cheaper than the S&W... (and even the S&W 929 is ugly, to be honest...) But then again, that's my useless non-important opinion. But it would be interesting to hear how it compares to the 929.
  9. sjeesh... 4 to 10 matches a month.... Here in the Netherlands we have 10 to 14 IPSC-matches a YEAR!.... jealous...... Then again.... if I would shoot 4 to 10 matches a month plus training, I would have to find a different job to pay for it....
  10. Very curious also, as I will be taking over a Trojan with the big rollmark. Would love to know what else is different......
  11. Yeah, unfortunately BoyGlock is absolutely right... Production optics really does interest me, but it's the dot that keeps me from trying. Crazy high prices for a quality red dot and the fact that you have to buy two to remain in the game... (I live in the Netherlands)
  12. I was thinking the same thing.... get a membership to the on-line Practical Shooting Training Group from Ben Stoeger. There probably isn't another source with so much information available. Get the Bronze membership for $ 25,- a month and you have access to all the training videos, plus you can ask questions. Get the Silver membership for $ 40,- a month and you also get to upload one training / match video per month which they will evaluate for you. www.practicalshootingtraininggroup.com I didn't get the membership yet, but that's cause I'm lazy.....
  13. I have a Springfield RO elite and like Open17 already said, it definitely likes Dawsons, so that's what I use. I now only have nose-dives on slidelock reloads and that's because adrenaline makes me try to push my thumb THROUGH the slide when I push the slide lock down....
  14. That is indeed a 100% score, helping set up, helping tear down and not DQ'ing! So, not really commenting on your videos, but I just wanted to let you know that Atlas Gunworks has a few videos on their youtube channel of top shooters letting us know what they would have told themselves as starting shooters. The great ones I heard were: - read some good books like the ones from Ben Stoeger. From dry fire training to match mentality. He covers it all. - Find a good training partner of about your level who has sort of the same goals so you can push each other.. Plus
  15. I bought a 627 for IPSC Revolver. Everyone else in the Netherlands runs a 929 and I wish I did as well. It is extremely difficult to get short colt brass in the Netherlands so I had to trim down a bunch of .38 special cases. Not a nightmare, but still had to do the work. (and if you can't borrow / don't have a case trimmer... you're gonna have to buy that as well. ) - the 929 has a titanium cylinder and therefore a lighter trigger pull is achievable. ( my revolver was tuned by the same smith as almost all the other 929's in Holland. Mine has a heavier trigger pull in compariso
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