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  1. I bought a 627 for IPSC Revolver. Everyone else in the Netherlands runs a 929 and I wish I did as well. It is extremely difficult to get short colt brass in the Netherlands so I had to trim down a bunch of .38 special cases. Not a nightmare, but still had to do the work. (and if you can't borrow / don't have a case trimmer... you're gonna have to buy that as well. ) - the 929 has a titanium cylinder and therefore a lighter trigger pull is achievable. ( my revolver was tuned by the same smith as almost all the other 929's in Holland. Mine has a heavier trigger pull in comparison to the 929's...) - the clips for the 929 / 9mm are thicker and therefore give a more 'sturdy' package which aids in faster reloads. - you get a longer sight radius with the 929. - the rim on each .38 special brand is different, which is annoying because you definitely have to stick with one brand. 9mm rims are a bit more uniform, if I'm not mistaken? Could be wrong here. If I could do it again, I would have definitely bought the 929.
  2. Thank God we just got the news today that 'indoor sports' will be allowed again from 1st of July. (Netherlands) and this includes shooting sports, which is almost exclusively indoors in the Netherlands. And without restrictions when actually on the range! So back to business, which means two times per week live-fire (normally static drills on one day, and the other day, playing around building stages and having fun) and normally I was doing dry-fire two to three times a week, but during this COVID-nightmare, I haven't been able to find the motivation, unfortunately.....
  3. for sure! But I would like to stick with iron sights for as long as my eyes can manage.
  4. I'm struggling with this a bit as well.... I've been a bullseye shooter since I was sixteen years old. I'm 42 now. (and now shoot IPSC only). So on top of the fact that I was used to all black sights, we have the addition that here in the Netherlands we almost exclusively shoot indoors.... Still almost all practical shooters use black rear and fiber front.... But indoors... you run from one position where you have no overhead light to another position with a light directly above, to another position with another lights source at a different angle... So ... your sight picture changes all the time... from a bright fiber to a completely dull fiber...... to something in between.... I can't help but think this is not beneficial..... I have shot limited with all black sights and to be honest... that worked fine for me... But due to 'peer pressure' I am now also using a red fiber front sight..... been using it for about a year and I don't feel it's helping me.... What do you guys think? We are used to well-lit targets indoors. So all-black sights give a very crisp sight picture on a well-lit target / plate / popper. The fiber does little to nothing indoors, in my opinion....
  5. Thanks, as everyone shooting revolver seriously in IPSC and USPSA does the same, I'm sure I will be fine. Good luck with indexing the cylinder after every reload. I'm sure your times will be good.
  6. No, that is not correct. Sorry. You should not close the cylinder and index it till it clicks. No serious revolver shooter does this. It is unnecessary.
  7. Well... those would mostly be Alpha's on a Classic target so I'm saying good shooting! (we'll just say you were doing a doubles drill)
  8. This rusty old .40 blaster was already upgraded with new parts, slide cuts and IonBond coating, but this week a Cheely E2 Aggressive grip was added as well. It's really a beautiful piece of steel... and together with a stainless magwell gives a lot more weight to this gun. But man.... it's aggessive alright..... I can't believe there's even a more aggressive version, isn't there? But it's doable and purchase on this gun is now unbelievable. If you take into consideration that you get a stainless magwell, main spring housing, beavertail and magazine catch with the grip... then the price doesn't hurt as much... Mine fits well in my STI inserts from DAA without any noticeable wobble, so I guess I'm lucky.... With regards to fitting the grip... my hammer strut contacted the beavertail and therefore the hammer wouldn't cock or fall without some resistance. the fit to the SVI frame was easy to do... a tiny bit of filing the grip on the inside on the contact points was sufficient. First a pick of the old lady when I got her, complete with rusty slide. The other ones are the end result.
  9. I use a DAA belt plus the Racer SS pouches bullets-out (they're friggin awesome) I have a magnet on the first pouch and the Barney mag is on a magnetic bullets-out DAA pouch in the back at six o' clock. And I use a DAA Race Master holster... it works perfect for me. If you use the muzzle support then you eliminate all the play as well (which you most likely will have with a Race Master in combination with a 1911 rounded trigger guard)
  10. Yeah, I like everything else about my Springer RO Elite but that tight chamber is just silly.... why, why why, oh why did they think this was a good idea at Springfield.....
  11. quote: "There is something to it when the users manual says "use factory ammo." We have to do our best and turn out quality reloads with this gun." That is very true, Jeff! I also use a Lee / EGW undersize die. Some brands still wouldn't fit even after reaming the chamber.
  12. I have a Springfield Range Officer Elite Target in 9mm and use Dawson 10 round magazines with the black aluminum basepads. Dawson magwell with gap. ( I use it in IPSC Classic Division) My reloads have COL: 29,5mm ( 0.1161 inch) I use 145 grain coated round nose bullets. It runs flawless (with the occasional nose-dive on a slide-lock reload which can be cured by a little slap on the back of the slide.) I did have to have the chamber reamed to get my reloads to fit. (Springfield chambers are TIGHT) EDIT: My reloads have a power factor of 130 with the factory 9 pound recoil spring. Only other internals I have changed out are the Firing pin stop plate, main spring (light competition spring) and Geppert X-line trigger. The stock main spring was very heavy, but didn't hinder function of the gun... it was just a pain during empty starts, having to quickly rack the slide. The Range Officer Elite target does not have front slide serrations and front strap checkering, but grip tape fixes that.
  13. Just as a side note on missing a mobile bullet catch: Our indoor ranges here in the Netherlands almost all have the same rule for IPSC matches: missing a mobile bullet catch will result in a disqualification. We do this for Level I and Level II matches, but Level III and higher it is no longer allowed to have this rule in place. It was put in place here to 'protect' the ranges from excessive damage.
  14. Beautiful pistol, man! Great job and great history behind it. Now take off that horrible rubber thing and put on some Magnas so you can show it off at the next BBQ!
  15. Well, then it should be fine, right? Man... would really like to see how that one turns out!
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