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  1. Sorry for going off topic... but I just watched a video of Hayes Custom where he compares an STI DVC with a RIA with his custom package. The lack of accuracy kind of shocked me, actually. Absolute s#!t groups at 15 yards! Wow! At 15 yards I would be pissed if my 2011 didn't shoot a 2 inch group all the time, off of my range bag. To be honest.... it should be able to do that at 25 yards.. Guys, am I living in a dreamworld or am I spoiled from target shooting with guns which can actually shoot groups?........
  2. Different division, but I had a Leupold Deltapoint on my .38 Super Open gun, slide-ride... So Major power factor. it has lasted for years and years and ten thousands of rounds. I only hear good things about the deltapoints actually. The rest is mostly crap... apparently.
  3. I fell during my last match, but it was at the point of planting my feet to shoot through a window. As soon as my shoe hit the concrete it slid away and I landed on my backside. This way it was easy to keep the gun in a safe direction, get back up and proceed with the stage. A guy after me in the same squad stood at that same window, took his shots and proceeded to step back with his left foot to start running back and to the left.... His left foot slid away as soon as it hit the concrete and he fell flat on his face, and his safety glasses cut through his brow and forehead. The point I'm trying to make is, you might get lucky and fall in a 'controlable' manner, but if you're unlucky you break your fall with your forehead on the concrete...with no way of controlling your firearm.... I think it's really difficult to somehow practice this, as it's gonna be so unexpected, sudden and different everytime it happens.... I live in the Netherlands so almost all our matches are indoor, mostly on concrete floors. The summertime is a nightmare as the ranges usually consist of thick concrete walls, ceilings and floors and cool inside. As soon as we put on the ventilation system, warm outside air comes in and you end up with condensate on the floors, making it an ice rink.....
  4. of course, Yigal.... cows, wooden shoes, wind mills.... no one does it better than us!.... But we have a few gunsmiths in the Netherlands that are really good. They are practical shooters themselves and can do anything you want to the highest standards. This pistol was done by Langezaal Custom Works. This man can do magic with steel. He's a Long-time IPSC shooter and one of his former jobs was at Spyker where they built the super cars and he made all the pretty metal parts! He is a (very good) IPSC revolver shooter now and he has tuned almost all the revos used in competition in the Netherlands as well (yes... hard to believe, but we have quite an active group of IPSC revo shooters in the Netherlands! ) including my S&W 627.. (look at the skeletonized hammer he did, below...) Double Alpha doesn't do any work on firearms, as far as I know.
  5. Hi guys, just wanted to share this with you. The old lady got the IonBond make-over. Slide and frame now have a 'stainless' look, including beavertail, hammer, slide stop, pins. The barrel is high polish 'burnt bronze' IonBond. The slide now has the classic 'stirrup cut'. Because of the short frame I thought that looked way better. And the slide is now opened up on top. Frame, beavertail and slide were not 'matching' at all... with raised edges and an ejector sticking out the back of the slide... This was 'smoothened out' and now it grips a little higher as well. Really happy with the result! Now this old lady can start her second youth... Last picture is with her baby brother (STI 9mm)
  6. Indeed, the Dawson Ice does not fit. I had to swap to the standard STI magwell as well. And baseplates are also an issue.....
  7. WFargo

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Man, second place at 12% ... so many rounds and only 23 C's. Wow.... congratulations! Great video, as usual!
  8. Cool! Thanks for that! I've immediately saved it to my drive. I find it valuable to read through this thread from time to time to 'remind' me and get my head on straight. It's nice to have this slimmed down version of it.
  9. I do it as well with pliers. Very fast once you get the hang of it. Jerry did it as well in one of the first episodes of Hot Shots during revolver nationals I believe. You see him sitting and reloading his clips with pliers.
  10. I did it as well to my bastard STI / SVI...
  11. WFargo

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Thanks, that sounds like a good plan!
  12. WFargo

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Yes, I've actually purchased a grip strength device, and I've tested my grip strong and weak hand as you instructed in your video. I've been lifting weights for the past 20 years, so strength-wise I'm where I need to be, I believe. But I find it very difficult to maintain that grip during a stage. It sort of 'wanders' out of my mind when adrenaline kicks in. I do realise that I need to put in a lot of practice to engrain this into my system. During dry firing I can manage it, but during live fire, I tend to lose it. Ah well..... practicing is part of the fun, so we'll get there eventually, I'm sure.
  13. WFargo

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    This week was the first time for me shooting major ( just got my SVI 2011 in .40 S&W. ) I was shooting minor (9mm ) before that. It just amazes me how you are able to not let the pistol recoil.... Man, I've got some practice ahead of me... Anyway, I really appreciate and enjoy your Insta videos. They are inspiring to me.
  14. Got home during my lunch break, saw the Redding GRx push-thru laying on my table already! So tried about a 100 cases... man... some really needed some major pushing to get through the die! But, after getting them through, they go through the Lyman 10mm sizing die without any issues and without leaving any marks! And they all chamber-check easily with room to spare! So, problem solved. I'm a happy camper!
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