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Found 12 results

  1. Good day, everyone! I'm looking for an instructional video on detailed disassembly for CZ Shadow 2. I've searched Youtube already, and kept finding one for CZ 75 SP01 Shadow. Are the steps on disassembly really similar for these two? If not, I would really appreciate if anyone can send me a link for one. It doesn't have to be a video as long as the instructions are clear and detailed. I just preferred video since i'm more of a visual person. I appreciate any help and thank you in advance!
  2. Any wheelgunners out there know Mark with Pinnacle? I have been trying to reach him and cannot get him on the phone or get a return call from him. Any information would be appreciated.
  3. So to start things off please remember I am in California so I can NOT just go out and buy a STI open gun. So I recently came across an old Para P14 and want to make it into an open class gun and I understand that it will need some gunsmithing done. I want to make it an open gun shooting major. My first question is should I make it a 9 major or just make it shoot .40? Second I know I will have to cut the frame to allow for a ramped barrel I am assuming I need to cut it to a Para/Clark specifications and not Wilson/Nowlin. Will this cause any feeding issues with using factory Para P16/P18 magazines (depending on what caliber I go)? Any help will help especially from people that have experienced building one first hand. Thanks!
  4. HELP! I am shopping for an open gun for next season and I had my heart set on a 9mm Czechmate for a long time. I currently run a CZ Tactical Sport (that I've done a lot of work to) and I absolutely love it. Runs like a sewing machine, and every time I see people fussing with their 2011's I think "You know what will fix that? A CZ." I've heard good things about Tanfoglio's and asked for some prices on their open guns from my local shop. I have a lot of base knowledge about the CZ 75 platform, and understand the Tanfoglio's are kind of an "upper class" CZ... but I had no idea that Tanfoglio had a base open gun with 3 mags and a big stick that you can find for about $1600-$2000. The Witness Gold Custom. I do a ton of research on things, and everything I've read on here seems to point to it being great... in 38 super. I'd like to go 9mm. However, most of the posts here that talk about the gun needing work in 9mm is very old, like 5+ years. Has ANYONE out there bought a Witness Gold Custom in 9mm in the last year or two, and does it run?! I don't need the arguments of why 38 super is better, I get it. I just need someone with direct experience with this gun in 9mm to share their personal experience. Thanks in advance for the help!! -Scott
  5. So I couldn't find ANY info on the internet on this topic, so I'm beginning a new thread. I own a CZ 75 Tactical Sport and do all my own gunsmithing. I've done a lot of work to my gun, all of it myself. I'll attach a list at the bottom of this page. As many of you probably know, through CZ USA and CZ Custom (http://czcustom.com/CZ75SAOTrigger.aspx), you can buy a flat-blade trigger for the Tactical Sport. Pretty cool, right? Well, for dudes like me with monster hands (and/or long fingers) that trigger sits so far back in the trigger guard that my trigger finger looks like a pirate hook to get the pad of my finger tip on the trigger for the perfect "press". It had a great feel, but I can't manipulate the trigger fast enough with my finger shaped like a booger-hook, so I went searching elsewhere for custom triggers for the TS, and the ONLY place to get them (someone correct me if I'm wrong but I scoured the interwebs looking) is on the CZ UB website. For those that don't know, the CZ corporation can be broken down into three divisions that sell stuff (in regards to competition pistols): CZ UB - (Uhersky Brod) - The CZ mothership in the Czech Republic, where all the cool but hard-to-find stuff comes from. (Like the Tactical Sport Orange) CZ USA - (Kansas, USA) - The CZ distributor for the US. They import from the CZ mothership, and sell much of what CZ UB sells, but not ALL of it (or it's hard to get). CZ Custom - (Arizona, USA) - The "Custom Shop" for CZ. They do business as "Ghost Products". This shop is run by Angus Hobdell, a Grand Master and team CZ shooter and know-it-all (in a very good way). They sell much of what CZ USA/UB sells, plus many products in-house that you can ONLY get there. I've navigated this maze for many months now as I built up my Tactical Sport. So with this topic of "what comes from where" covered, the rest of this will make more sense. CZ UB's online shop sells some really cool stuff, that is ONLY available through their online shop. This includes the custom triggers I'm going to discuss. So they make several different trigger "shoes" (just the trigger itself, that doesn't affect pull weight, etc.) that are apparently designed for different hand sizes and purposes. This is RAD. STI/SVI 2011's are about the only other pistols I know of that you can find triggers designed for different ergonomics. The problem is, you have to order them through the international CZ UB site, and shipping is expensive, and more importantly (for me) was how long it would take to get to me, would the trigger get through customs, etc. Well, I jumped through the hoops and bought one, and holy crap is it worth it. So with that said, here is a link to the shop where these can be found: http://www.shop-cz.com/sporting-parts-ipsc/c-1204/ Here's what they offer, all in a variety of colors: ^This is CZ UB's Straight Trigger. Slightly Different than the one CZ Custom sells. ^This is CZ UB's "Target" Trigger. Has slightly more curve than the factory Tactical Sport trigger. ^This is CZ UB's Aluminum Trigger that is identical in shape to the stock TS trigger, just aluminum rather than polymer. ^This is the "small hands" trigger. It moves the curve of the trigger very far back in the trigger guard, so it's easily reachable for small hands. ^This is the "large hands/long finger" trigger. It has a shape like the target trigger, but moved forward to INCREASE the reach to the trigger, so that the aformentioned "booger hook" isn't an issue, and someone with longer fingers can comfortably use the pad of the finger to manipulate the trigger... like you SHOULD be doing. At the current exchange rate, these come out to about $25! Totally a deal in my book, despite paying for added shipping costs. So I went through the purchase process to get the long finger trigger, and wanted to share my experience so if anyone else out there has considered the same thing but wasn't sure about it, they could at least use my experience to know if it's worth it. So here's what I did: I went to the site, and created an account (which you must do first). I then added the trigger to the cart, and began checking out like you would at any other online shop. I used Google to check what the total was going to come out to before I placed my order. I selected "Worldwide Express" shipping, that was about $50. Considering this is the ONLY place to get these, I was willing to pay this for the trigger. The checkout process asks for everything but payment info when you "confirm" your order. In total, it came in at about $80 shipped. I immediately got an email asking for payment info through a secure online payment site. I entered all the info and hit "confirm". Several hours later (I assumed when they opened up shop on the other side of the world) I got an email confirming everything, and offering a cheaper shipping option. I replied that I did want the express shipping (assuming it would still take weeks). I got a final confirmation email, including a DHL confirmation number. This was on Wednesday, October 7th. To my astonishment, the expensive shipping I paid for was VERY fast. The trigger was at my door on Monday, October 12th. It installed into the gun perfectly. Holy crap was it worth it. It acheived exactly what I was after. In my personal opinion, it was absolutely worth the $50 shipping cost on top of the relatively cheap $25 cost of the trigger. The ONLY thing I would have done different would be to throw a few more things in the shopping cart to get the most of my $50 shipping cost. There you have it. Whether you were aware of their custom triggers or not, or knew of them but weren't sure about ordering from an international online shop, it was painless and the result was great, especially if you consider biting the bullet for $50 shipping worth it to ensure your expensive pistol has the perfect trigger for you in it. Considering my CZ 75 Tactical Sport is worth well over $2,000 at this point, it did not seem too crazy to me to spend $80 on a trigger that "fits" me perfectly... especially since there is only one place to get it. I'll get some pics posted of the finished gun soon, but for now, here's a phone pic of the trigger after I got it out of the packaging.
  6. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to get feedback on a custom build order I am about to submit to JP Enterprises. I have weighed the cost vs. benefit of building my own rifle, and decided (for a number of reasons) that I want JP to build mine. Their designs, craftsmanship, etc all fall in line with exactly the rifle I am looking for, so I really won't need to change a thing when I finally get it. My Build: JP-15 Upper/Lower Platform, Matte Black Anodized in .223 Wylde -18" Supermatch, 1:8 twist, light contour, black Teflon finish -Standard JP TRE-2 Comp, blended, black -Handguard: JP MK III Signature Tube, 15.5" Extra Long -Low Profile JP Adjustable Gas, black -JP Thermal Dissipator, black -TI-7 Adjustable Stock -Low Mass JP Carrier, black -JP Silent Captured Spring, std. weight -Comp Trigger, JP 3-3.5 lb. -Magpul MIAD grip, black -US Flag Lasermark (yup, it's happening) -2 inch rail for front sight, 12:00 position I actually called JP with a rough idea of what I was trying to build, and they were super helpful in helping me put together a solid build. Unfortunately, their CMT hours are hard for me to reach during a normal workday, so I figured you all could help. I am debating the Mk 3 Rapid Config tube instead of the signature, but it is really hard to tell from the website photos how aggressive the knurling is? I know the Mk 2 and prior were smooth aluminum, but the new Rapids are definitely textured. Just wondering if anyone runs this tube and how rough it really is? The weight savings of 3 ounces is worth considering (and no backplates needed for rail attachments). Also, does anyone have an 18" light bbl JP with (relatively) similar arrangements? The JP rifle builder does not specify the total build weight, which seems strange, but I actually put together a spreadsheet and came up with about 7.8 lbs (Signature tube), or 7.6 lbs (Rapid tube). Anyways, I know that was probably a boring read, but I am super pumped about submitting this order and want it to be perfect! Regards, Al
  7. Picked up my STI Eagle 9mm customized by TMT Tactical in Morganton, NC. These guys do awesome work.
  8. I placed an order for a custom 2011 in early June of last year. I received it in early October before Fallen Brethren. When I got it I shot it in the white up until late January because I could not decide on a finish. I finally decided I would get the black Nitride finish done by H&M metal processing. Once I sent it back to my gunsmith for a few touch up before it was finished it was sent to H&M. When they got it they had it ready to be shipped back in about two weeks. I sent it in right before Shot Show. I was very impressed with the turn around time with the trade show. When I got it back in my hands I was very impressed. It is a very smooth finish. It really helps with cleaning it just comes off the gun. H&M did great work with it. Smooth turn around not much of a hassle. I only have one Con with it so far. It doesn't appear very strong. I have had the gun back for a little over a month and the finish is starting to wear off at the front from dry fire and live use. I don't think it should already be worn through at the front. Im curious to see how long it will last before more starts to come off. It was very surprised to see it when I was cleaning my gun the other day. It's not very noticeable but when you take a closer look it's very visible. I will post a picture of it when I get home today.
  9. Hi Everyone, This is my first post so I apologize if it is a little out of the norm or does not follow specific guidelines. I am somewhat new to USPSA shooting with a few competitions under my belt and I have decided this is the sport for me and I am ready to take this to the next level. I am in the designing and planning stages of building a limited gun from the ground up and need some help. I really don't know where to start. 5" or 6" gun? sight tracker barrel? Ignition parts? Narrow frame or wide frame? ramped or unramped? what sights? I would like to hear what has worked for everyone out there and what has failed. I came very close to purchasing an STI Apeiro but decided I could spend the same amount of money to have a fully customized gun built exactly how I want. I am definitly heading down the road of a 2011 frame with the island barrel, but to be honest that is about as far as I've made it. I look forward to everyones responses, after reading through this forum a bit, I'm sure I'll have some very opinionated replies. Thanks guys and gals!
  10. Hello everyone! I am the proud owner of a Tanfoglio Full size polymer 9mm. I have been trolling these forums for a few weeks now and love all the great information. This pistol is quickly becoming my new favorite hardware. I am going to try to attach a picture (although not a great one) of my gun with new rail/red dot, and bayonet (for giggles). My father also just bought the 9mm poly with the smaller frame and also loves it. Now my questions! ;-) (I will try to use proper terminology,please forgive me if I sound like an idiot!) Is EAA the only place to get more 17 rd magazines? Mostly all I have seen elsewhere seem to be 16 or less. I dont mind ordering directly from EAA, but the horror stories I have heard about their customer service and receiving the wrong parts after long shipping times makes me a bit leery. I drive a semi and only have one free afternoon a week to get out and shoot so long waits are not what im looking for. I am hoping to be able to find a 5" or 5.5" threaded barrel to accept a compensator. I have found a few sites that have the comps but none have barrels to go with. The few sites I have found with "comp kits" are for .45acp and 9x21. The guy ar savvysurvivor has what looks like what I want, but does not respond to email apparently. I would buy the 6" barrel and have it cut and threaded but have no local gunsmith to do the work. If anyone has any suggestions about sites where I may find a comp kit, or threaded barrel for my gun I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry so rambly, been driving too long and need to hit the bunk. Thanks in advance for any tips or advice! Nate Sanders
  11. Im at a crossroads. I have spent months researching the Tactical Sports, as my latest project for IPSC. Having always been a fan of CZ firearms, owning a Shadow in the past, I have always viewed them as quality under dogs. Being a 1911 guy, I have always found that the trigger is my most hated issue with most firearms. Ive since purged every glock I have ever owned, both my Jericho 941 and my Shadow (although, not the shadows fault, just not a DA kind of guy) in the search for the firearm to fit me perfectly. Convinced that the Tactical Sports was worth the money for what I was looking for, regarding the trigger, bomar style sight cut, appealing heft and beauty; I am now having second thoughts. That second thought being a CZ75B in .40. Before you jump to conclusions, you must realize that in bone stock form, Im sure we can all agree that the TS is leagues ahead with pure race predigree, but here is the rub. Properly done, I feel the 75B could be a very potent competition firearm with the right investments. However, not being a CZ afficiando, I am not up to speed with a few things about the CZ trigger system. Assuming I could spend what I paid for the pistol in parts, ie Single action conversion, competition hammer, properly suited spings, with some careful love applied to the sear and hammer engagements, is a 2 pound trigger a pipe dream? What I think I need is a list of pros and cons, if anyone would be so kind to enlighten me as to the benefits of both systems. Keeping in mind of course, that I have preconceived notions of firing pin blocks and decent triggers. Looking forward to hearing from some of the experts. Thank you in advance!
  12. Mike Cyrwus does it again! Here's a 9mm 2011 he built me for 3 Gun. I wanted the rail because I'm obviously ATAS. So far I've just shot around 300 rounds of Red River Ammo and it has ran great and is very accurate. I'll probably get Mike to do a stipple job eventually. 2 tuned mags and a custom Kytac holster completes the package.
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