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  1. Probably a little early for them to make the decision but with the number of international shooters, I won't be surprised if they call it also.
  2. The last targets I bought for our club came from Target Barn last July. It's just who we have always dealt with. https://www.targetbarn.com/ap-1-cb-100-target-barn-cardboard-targets.php The cost of the targets isn't bad but it's the shipping that gets you. As earlier stated, be careful which connection option you use for the bottom of the target.
  3. I thought it ran smoothly. There were a couple of issues with awards at the Banquet but they fixed them. I like that the Banquet is on Friday night now. Makes travel so much better. Dates for next year will most likely will be May 21-22 but I don't know for sure. It's always the week before Memorial Day.
  4. Yes, you have to sign up on the NRA site to register. Register to register.
  5. For those interested, registration is now open for Bianchi Cup. NRA 2019 Bianchi Registration
  6. Has anyone seen or heard when they will begin registration?
  7. I've shot hundreds of those bullets from Bayou. They can be very accurate at 50 yards with 231. To the best of my recollection, I loaded 4.8 grs. of 231, but like Warren said, you will need to work it up in your gun. I'd start at 4.4 and work up. You only need 870 fps to make PF but that may not be the most accurate load. I wouldn't go any higher than 5.0. That's a pretty hot with 231.
  8. This is absolutely true. A guy that shot on my relay told me he had volunteered to work but was told he could "either shoot or work, not both".
  9. My reloading bench isn't cluttered. I just have a lot of my reloading stuff on display.
  10. I use a Dillon Universal decapping die on toolhead by itself. I have found that a chisel point on the pin works best. As far as drying after wet tumbling, I use a food dehydrator and they are usually good to go in a couple of hours. Is decapping, wet tumbling and drying worth it? It is time consuming but just like women and beer, to each his own. I'm happy with my process and the end result. What else matters?
  11. For anyone considering wet tumbling, Midsouth Shooters Supply has a great deal on the FART right now. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/00122909544/frankford-arsenal-platinum-series-rotary-tumbler-(stainless-steel-media-tumbler)
  12. Anyone heard an update on registration?
  13. This seems to be a good buy: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/814722/rcbs-rangemaster-750-electronic-powder-scale-750-grain-capacity-110-volt
  14. Out of stock at Midsouth. Found them here though: https://www.wholesalehunter.com/Product/Details/1015141?fs=1
  15. I used an Aimpoint for a long time, but last year switched to the Ultradot-6 with a single point mount Burris Xtreme Tactical Low mount. The mount fits the scope almost perfectly between the electronics and scope bell. As Jeremy said, the 2 patterned reticles are useless, but I like being able to change my dot size. The elevation turret is a handy option. Midway currently has the Ultradot-6 on clearance for $243 and the Burris mount can be found online for about $35. https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/316314/ultradot-ultradot-6-red-dot-sight-30mm-tube-1x-2-4-6-8-moa-dot-2-pattern-reticle-matte?cm_mmc=pf_ci_google-_-Optics+-+Red+Dot+%26+Holographic+Sights-_-Ultra+Dot-_-316314&gclid=COmaiLLF_9QCFdS3wAodx5AAwg Burris XTR Xtreme Tactical 30mm Low 1/4" Height Matte Black Single Ring 420161
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