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  1. No. As I just posted in another thread - I know a lot of ancient dinosaurs that are GMs!
  2. Ill be the guy that is less...stressful(?) I guess is the word. Just go, have fun, dont expect to get 1st place in your very first match. Watch and learn and be helpful. Youll really enjoy it.
  3. Welcome. Which classes/divisions?
  4. You can get to what ever level you want if you put in the effort. Most of the GM's I know are slow, fat old men shooting Open...
  5. I use a Dillon 550 for 9mm and Im at about $0.12/rd right now. With the price of factory ammo falling it is becoming less and less beneficial to roll your own there.
  6. Agreed. I would assume 2Gun is just normal rifle/pistol and it will be in a standard competition format. Think of it more like football versus a marathon run. You have short spurts of activity multiple times instead of a consistent pace (with an added potty break or shooting portion).
  7. Whatever works best for you! I used a Magpul fixed stock when I briefly shot 3Gun and it worked fine. Zero adjustment but always in the same place when the gun went up.
  8. I meant to start doing this. Sold some kit and got my "slightly bigger carry" gear squared away...then my local club shut down. It would be great practice. I run a lot of drills at home with my CCW gear just to train but a match would help more than some canned drills.
  9. This is my take as well. My mind can be an enemy. If I know a certain move will save time but I could forget it under duress Im more likely to avoid it. This is also why Im not a GM!
  10. Never have other than a few quick dry fires at the table. It was pretty obvious when I would show up "late" and not even get that in. I usually bomb the first stage then do progressively better. Ive seen some guys run a few laps before matches too. A good thing to start doing!
  11. Short answer: yes. Long answer: it kind of depends. When I shoot with a bunch of Open or Limited guys their speed and course planning affect how I plan to shoot a stage. But that being said their reload points (if any) are much different than mine in Production. If Im with a couple GM Production shooters I really see the benefit.
  12. These days? Much less. When I was shooting more often it was likely 75-80 percent.
  13. I used the stock front for half a decade and it never bothered me.
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