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  1. Glad you caught it! Ive never had one so far but I am overly anal when it comes to reloading.
  2. Swap one item at a time (can you do this?) and see if the issue disappears. I would expect it is related to the aftermarket trigger components.
  3. I went with a Brownells slide to get the lowest sitting RDS option. I do not own a MOS but have heard issues of users not using loctite on the plate screws and having those come loose beneath the RDS causing inaccuracy.
  4. All I shoot is hard cast lead in my G20. No issues.
  5. Stock for my Gen5 G19. I really like it how it is. For my Gen3 G17 I have an Overwatch Precision TAC in it now...its okay.
  6. I used a SS guide rod but left the spring weight alone and felt it made a noticeable difference. YMMV
  7. Good to go. Ive used this trigger for a good while and it really does make the gun much different!
  8. Soak it up. All the different games have their unique aspects. Welcome!
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