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  1. fitzdawg

    Lost decocker lever!

    Update: I contacted CZ through their warranty request portal last night, and I got a FedEx shipping confirmation on replacement parts this morning. No questions asked, just really great customer service.
  2. fitzdawg

    Lost decocker lever!

    That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Thank you very much for sharing that knowledge!
  3. fitzdawg

    Lost decocker lever!

    I guess I didn't look hard enough at CZC's website. Still, it's $7 cheaper getting it directly from CZUSA
  4. fitzdawg

    Lost decocker lever!

    I checked CZ's parts site, and I can get the lever there for $18. My guess is that since it's not really an upgrade-able part is why CGW and CZC don't carry it.
  5. All of them look great, but that black with the red slide is calling my name! As a Georgia Bulldog fan that's an ideal color combo!
  6. fitzdawg

    Lost decocker lever!

    At some point during a USPSA match today, I lost the right side decocker lever on my SP01. No idea how are when it happened, the RO just noticed it was missing when I was making ready on a stage. My immediate concern is whether the left side decocker lever is likely to "walk out" or not, and I also need to find a replacement. If anyone has experienced this, where did you get replacement parts? Cajun and CZ Custom don't seem to have a right side lever at all.
  7. I use 4.0gr of Titegroup at an OAL of 1.08 with 125gr RN Blue Bullets for my SP01. That may be a little hotter than what I have to have to make PF, but better safe than sorry.
  8. Recoil and hammer springs, trigger return spring, and possibly sights too.
  9. I traded into an older steel small framed Witness, and I was wondering if anyone has any insight into what CZ75 components may be compatible? I'm primarily concerned with whether the various springs are swappable with after-market CZ offerings. I looked up the serial number on EAA's website, and it says the sku number is 999111. It looks almost exactly like a CZ75 B, and doesn't have an accessory rail on the dust cover at all. I'm relatively familiar with CZs, but this is my first experience with a Tanfo. I tried searching for this info, but didn't come up with any info.
  10. I'm C class in production, D in limited, and haven't gotten a classification in carry optics yet. I really only shot limited because I had gotten a new gun and didn't have enough mags to shoot production at the time.
  11. I agree with everything everyone has said, but I'll add one other thing: Make sure to do your share of pasting targets and resetting stages. Once you're done shooting a stage go ahead and re-load your magazines, then grab some pasters and help out. Your squad will appreciate it, and it's probably good juju too.
  12. Hey everybody, I've been reading on here for a while and finally decided to sign up so I can contribute. I started shooting IDPA in early 2017 then switched over to USPSA after a few matches. I decided about a month ago that being C class was getting old, so I've actually been dry firing a few times a week. I also just started loading my own 9mm on a Lee hand press, which will be upgraded to a turret press in the next week.
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