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  1. Athleticism is often overlooked. Can't win if you can't move. This was specifically asking about splits as it was mentioned by many local competitors.
  2. It is. It's also the first half of a true statement.
  3. I don't see how all of this drummed up from Rob saying that aiming doesn't matter if you flinch.
  4. What good is aiming if you can't prevent the gun from moving while pulling the trigger?
  5. Rob is just stating that aiming is useless if you can't pull the trigger without moving the gun.
  6. Paste an NRA B8 over an IPSC. If you're shooting inside of the 9 ring, you are more than fine shooting the A zone at 25 yards. If you deviate left and right of the A zone, you are moving the gun. Up and down is fine in relation to the A zone. [/img]
  7. That's something we learned and were able to see for ourselves in a recent class. Being tense is much slower. Relaxing your upper body allowed for demonstrably faster draw times. I was previously in the 1.4-1.5s camp, but after solid instruction, I was able to "let go" and make two .84 runs at 7 yards in the A zone. They weren't perfect, but I made A's. Now, after lots of practice, I can make first round hit in the A around .95 consistently. Integrating that into drawing with movement is a whole different story.
  8. Thanks for the tips, guys! Those are some things I have never thought of before.
  9. I can see the sights well enough to make multiple shots in the black on a B8 with .20-21 splits, but trying to push myself to shoot faster, such as a bill drill in under 2 seconds is proving to be tough.
  10. I'm currently having issues breaking 0.20-21 split times. Holding the gun out, good grip, close target, pulling the trigger as fast as I can ( I think ), I can't get faster than 0.20 splits. I can tell in the video that I have a habit of pinning the trigger through the recoil cycle, but would like some tips and advice on what I can do to speed it up.
  11. Dry fire multiple times a week. Make it to the range 3-4 times a month (wish time allowed for more) Take at least one class every quarter (if possible) Frank Proctor will be in the area again soon, so I will try to go there.
  12. I've been lumped into the Timmy category by default. I am a long time gun enthusiast that has taken the last half decade more serious since I began carrying concealed. Took close to 100 hours of training last year and shot right at 10,000 rounds with practice included. I don't mind eating the humble pie. I got my ass burned by a "gamer" in one of the more advanced tactical classes I took. I'm not Mil or LE, I carry a gun for my personal protection and I want to be the best I can with a pistol, so I'm taking that plunge and going to shoot my carry gun in my first match. I'm looking forward to it. I don't expect to win and I don't care much about competing at this point, but if the people who know better than me are saying I should shoot competitions... I'm going to do it. What are some tips for the new guy so I don't get DQ'd on my first day at school?
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