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  1. Is anyone using a Bull Pup shotgun in competition?
  2. I have been ccw mine in the rotation.
  3. I have a Leupold Mk4 2.5-8X scope would this be okay to use in a 2 or 3 gun match.Possibly switching to 2.5Power close and 7 or8 for a long shot.
  4. Love my 45 Shield,it also is my Summer carry piece.
  5. 180 yards with a Kimber 1911 using 230 gr hardball.
  6. Every Wednesday live fire handgun,rifle sporadic dry firing
  7. Ive shot several BUG matches and two IDPA matches.One with the Cz and another with a 1911 45ACP.Im basically an experien
  8. Thanks guys.So I need a few more 17 round mags at least ,mag pouches etc.
  9. Can you tell me the difference between USPSA & IDPA eqpt,etc.I shoot a CZ 75B sao
  10. In IDPA is there an advantage to fire extra rounds into targets on a stage.
  11. Just wondering,I go to Gym 3-4 times a week.Do Push Pull days or entire body.Cardio but I dont rest between sets etc.Wanting to know if someone can suggest specific training for the rigors of 2-Gun matches.
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