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  1. Yup finally took the panel off and there is no screw hole for the mag well!! I am going to go ahead and get a magwell that is available and make it work!! Thanks for the input y’all
  2. Hey y’all I’m looking for a magwell for the match any one have advice on where to get one? Thanks in advance!! and I know it will be a weld on that’s not a problem.
  3. good info even though it is old this b class shooter will work these drills
  4. Light hammer and firing pin spring it shot 9/10 I guess I didn’t check the primer seat
  5. Hello all normally I load with Winchester primers and when the plague hit I got some cci’s I know the are a little harder! I changed the hammer spring when I tuned my tanfo if I put the factory hammer spring in would that help not to get light strikes! It’s just on my practice ammo! All my match ammo have Winchester’s in them but not a match in sight!! thanks for any input!
  6. Ok guys I changed powder and bought rolled sized cases and don’t have the problem anymore
  7. Not a shadow barrel but tanfo I had to load the blue 147 round nose at 1.085 to feed reliable because that profile is really fat at the point vs regular plated bullets I now use 147 flat nose and the load longer
  8. Both are fantastic!! for me I choose the stock 3 I don’t like chrome on the stock 2! So between the stock 3 and the shadow 2 the tail is the same as the internal parts I’ve had both of them apart! Tanfo is a little more simplified as the parts and retaining of some pins! So then it comes to the grip and texture of the controls the grip angle is the same for both stock 3 out of the box the grip panels have some meat to them which I like vs the flat panels on the shadow! I don’t like the tri top slide for me it was hard to grab a hold of for unloaded starts! The fiber front on the shadow ye
  9. I use the full length crimp die by Lee and it does a great job
  10. JakeG


    New practiscore lessons on the uspsa website under nroi tab
  11. Powder in the case is less than half.measuring on the beam scale of the powder drop is within +-.01 taking 10% off of 3.6 should be loading 3.2 I'll start here hopefully get rounds to run then crono
  12. Thanks for replying! I'm not worried about crono right now I just want ammo to run good! I'll try to get better picture tomorrow! Its not just one kind of brass either. I have to load that short for my stock 3 to pass the plunk test.
  13. Beam scale could my oal have any thing to do with this?
  14. Oal is 1.091 Blowing primers means I pull the trigger the projectile goes out the barrel the slide comes back the case goes flying and the primer stays on top of the next bullet coming in and hanged up the slide from going into battery
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