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  1. Powder in the case is less than half.measuring on the beam scale of the powder drop is within +-.01 taking 10% off of 3.6 should be loading 3.2 I'll start here hopefully get rounds to run then crono
  2. Thanks for replying! I'm not worried about crono right now I just want ammo to run good! I'll try to get better picture tomorrow! Its not just one kind of brass either. I have to load that short for my stock 3 to pass the plunk test.
  3. Beam scale could my oal have any thing to do with this?
  4. Oal is 1.091 Blowing primers means I pull the trigger the projectile goes out the barrel the slide comes back the case goes flying and the primer stays on top of the next bullet coming in and hanged up the slide from going into battery
  5. Using Winchester small pistol As far as my rcbs hand primer let's me Using a Lee load master for powder and bullet seat and crimp Once fired brass picked up at my range from Buddy's who bought factory ammo. Not swaging
  6. Hey guys I'm loading 147 blue bullet with 3.6 grains of CFE pistol I'm blowing some primers is this too hot? What grain do y'all recommend for CFE pistol? Thanks Jake
  7. Thanks y'all found she likes to be wet!
  8. Am I doing it right I tore down my stock 3 coated stuff with whit lithium grease and use Mobil 1 when I'm shooting when it feels dry! Did I do good or am I using the wrong stuff ?
  9. JakeG

    Stock 3

    Spot on brother! Thanks so much! The only problem I had was putting the sear back together that spring is a sucker!!
  10. I wasn't good when I started but I could shoot a pepper plate at 15 yards! I just went to one after hours and hours of YouTube learned a lot and still hooked!
  11. Heck yeah if you can make it and afford it! Shoot the bigger matches! Have fun and learn!!
  12. Down load 10 round mags are Hardee and u would have to have a Barney mag
  13. Wow I just got my stock 3 polished and put a hammer,trigger,firing pin springs and holy difference! Its like it is a whole different gun! Yeah the shadow 2 I was looking at had a better trigger but for $30 in parts and some time I believe I've got the better trigger for the difference in the price!
  14. What I have found is 9mm and 45 have bushing barrels might pull the trigger on the 45
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