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  1. I think i was 5 or 6 from full closed
  2. I’ll keep it in mind, it does sound good. The cmore 2moa dot is pretty precise when it’s just turned down a touch. Would be nice with a etched reticle. I’m also thinking about a Holosun with the Acss reticle. I have on on my open shotgun and I’m fond of the chevron and large outer circle
  3. Isn’t the spitfire a 1x 3moa dot?
  4. It wasn’t bad because it’s the 12” and I waited till I found it on sale. I think I got it from browells on sale + coupon
  5. Picked up the f1 receivers about 3 years ago and have been gathering parts ever since. Ballistic Advantage 14.5" premium series barrel in 223 wylde SLR adj gas block JP Titanium 3 port comp (pinned and welded) JP low mass carrier with JP bolt F1 skeltonized AR15 receiver set BA 12" edge handguard odin zulu 2.0 stock std carbine spring and buffer hyperfire hipertouch competition trigger cmore 2moa red dot magpul k2 grip 5.5 lb sans optic We’ll see how I do in limited division as I normally shoot 1-4x in Tac Ops. My guess is the rifle stage at the local match will be a challenge. 6” plates @200. Maybe I’ll just resign myself to the maximum fun on the bay stages.
  6. Show as 1299 when I just checked. Am I missing something? Hoping is was on sale for $800 and I still have a $200 coupon.
  7. Huh. Did not expect that. Certainly would make that plan a touch unworkable.
  8. The dimensional change to open it up enough to get the choke out is really small. I couldn't see an issue and if the brake is decent enough I will probably open it up myself or have someone I know open it up. Of course laziness may rear its head and I just leave the mod choke in place as it is. given the low carbon steel (from a weldability standpoint) construction you could probably merge the saiga style brake section to the Witt clamping section. I've also seen the grizzly gunworks shotgun clamp-on brakes online and they have some versions that appear more in line with the Russian style brakes, but they were far more expensive.
  9. Yeah I know a guy who can tig it for me. Just need a ti pin to go in the hole
  10. So I went to install a JP safety (which I have on every other rifle I have) with a Timney two stage trigger I had one off a prize table. Thought I would use it on a precision ar15 6.5 Grendel build. The trigger worked fine with a std safety (static checks; never fired). with the JP safety in the fire position, the hammer wouldn't release. I measured the notch on the selector barrel when in fire position and it was about .088" deep where the std one was about .112" or so. It looked like the travel of the two stage needs the space afforded by the deeper notch. wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, and if anyone thinks it's worth deepening the notch in the JP. I love how the set screw in the JP solidifies the feel of the trigger when it's on safe. Just not sure if it's worth it vs just getting another brand of ambi safety
  11. Currently thinking about a JP barrel or a ballistic advantage. I want the JP ultralight, but the BA is close and can be had for a deal, so it might be worth trying out. How does comp choice or the slight diff in length effect the accuracy? I'm looking for standard 3gun accuracy, mainly local matches out to 200-300 max. I have another longer barreled gun to use for longer distances.
  12. I don't have an answer to your question, however I did just get a Witt machine clamp on brake for my mka. Fits good though I need to open it up so I can remove the choke with it installed, something like .040-.050". I installed it in the meantime and I'm going to see how it works in reducing recoil and be sure it stays on before i put more work into it. I also need to check to be sure the clamping of the brake around the barrel will not hinder the removal of the choke. Even with all that, I'm sure I could live with just a mod choke if it the brake works well enough.
  13. Is a ti comp's life about the same as the barrel? Was considering a ti comp pinned and welded to a 14.5" barrel. Wondering, now, if that is maybe not such a hot idea. steel comp on 14.5" vs ti comp on 16"? On a pencil barrel.
  14. So I found out that Cmore gift cards are, in fact, not really gift cards in the traditional sense. They are more like discount code coupons and they cannot be combined with each other, nor can they be used with other codes/offers. Says it right on the back, which I only noticed after I was about to scratch off the code and call and order. I still called and verified, and no dice. So no Cmore 1-6 for me. I will probably pick up 2 slide rides and 2 bases. Purchased that way because I have 3 discount cards which have to be used on separate orders which does also mean I'll have to pay shipping 3 times. Kind of a bummer but I'll end up with 2 railways for $125 out of pocket, so it's still a good deal and I can make use of them. Just have to decide if its worth paying a little more for the Alum body ones and choose my dot sizes.
  15. according to the cmore website,(putting it in my cart and attempting to check out) it still appears to be good. I'll have to call them though because I have 3 gift cards and there isn't a way to input them all. So hopefully the don't suddenly recognize the website is in error or something like that. If it doesn't work, then I'll be getting something else from them that doesn't cost me anything. I don't have the money to pay retail on that scope, even at double discounted optics planet prices.
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