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  1. I did find a way to feed mouth down, but I would have had to relocate the casefeeder stop because the transition from mouth up to mouth down would jam up if you just let it keep feeding until the whole tube was full. Might be other ways to flip the case, but they weren't evident. Feeding onto the rod but having the feeding device index out of the way to remove the case looked to be a challenge. Maybe if you removed the case from the rod before it was back fully up to the feed position? I think it's doable but is certainly a more complex system.
  2. Maybe not so much a super swage mod, but an easier way to feed it. I'd run with a spring element to flip the case from the case holder rod into a bucket for a while now. I would gather up a bunch of cases in my left hand, with the right orientation, and put them through the super swage. Not bad, but feeding was obviouly interrupted by grabbing, and an aligning, a bunch more cases. I had a thought that if I could present a single case in a way that I could easily pick it up and introduce it to the SS, that would be great. Even better if I could make som
  3. I think i was 5 or 6 from full closed
  4. I’ll keep it in mind, it does sound good. The cmore 2moa dot is pretty precise when it’s just turned down a touch. Would be nice with a etched reticle. I’m also thinking about a Holosun with the Acss reticle. I have on on my open shotgun and I’m fond of the chevron and large outer circle
  5. Isn’t the spitfire a 1x 3moa dot?
  6. It wasn’t bad because it’s the 12” and I waited till I found it on sale. I think I got it from browells on sale + coupon
  7. Picked up the f1 receivers about 3 years ago and have been gathering parts ever since. Ballistic Advantage 14.5" premium series barrel in 223 wylde SLR adj gas block JP Titanium 3 port comp (pinned and welded) JP low mass carrier with JP bolt F1 skeltonized AR15 receiver set BA 12" edge handguard odin zulu 2.0 stock std carbine spring and buffer hyperfire hipertouch competition trigger cmore 2moa red dot magpul k2 grip 5.5 lb sans optic We’ll see how I do in limited division as I normally shoot 1-4x in Tac Ops. My guess
  8. Have you tried coupled mags with the Lancer? I sometimes use coupled 20's from certain prone positions
  9. The Holosun came with a 1/3 cowitness mount, which is not ideal, but felt completely workable. I might look for an abs cowitness mount at some point.
  10. Not usually, but I have gotten smacked by my own hand shooting my beretta when choking up on it more than usual. I've never had an issue with the beretta. That said, I wondered the same thing, i.e., limp shouldering, because of how horrible my form looked overall on the video. First time I've videoed where it wasn't in the first person. I was just watching that beretta video with that Roberto guy on form, and made me think similar things. I think I've got some things to try out and I think I've got a solid answer that what I experienced was not rim lock, so I don't have to pay any
  11. Stock spring that comes with the match version. I'm not even sure I would say it's completely broken in yet. Tough to do with only 5 round mags. Those things are "fun blockers". this is the malfunction I caught on video. Around the 20sec mark. From your descriptions it doesn't sound like rim lock.
  12. Started some limited testing of my new MKA1919 mags from T&N, and 18 and a 10. Gun is a match version. Cycling dummies I would occasionally get what looked like a double feed. Decided that wasn't especially telling so I took it to the range, First run through both mags ran flawless. Big smile. 2nd run after a reload to the the 10 rounder, somewhere in the middle of the mag, jams up with what, at the time, looked like a double feed. Drop mag, clear, move on. Still big smile. 3rd run the 18 does similar, near the end of that mag, right before I reloaded. 10rdr ran f
  13. That's pretty nifty. I bet it's about a durable as a cmore when it comes to dumping the gun. Similarity large ring on top. What are you seeing for prices? I saw $150 with some quick googling... for $220 you could get a Holosun 503g with the acss circle dot reticle. I run one on my mka1919 and in limited use so far lim really happy. I'm not sure I wouldn't just spendthe extra $70 for an actual red dot.
  14. I picked up the Holosun 503g with the acss reticle, circle dot with bdc. Very happy with it so far in practice (maybe 60rds so far) of shot.
  15. This holosun looks pretty good, and its a better price than the normal holosun 503 circle-dot from most places. http://www.primaryarms.com/hs503g-acss/p/hs503g-acss/ Not sure about the chevron or the value of the BDC on a shotgun. Either way, I gotta get mags first. As soon as the steel mags come back in stock and T&N, I'm going to grab two 10's and an 18. I think you guys may have sold me on the circle dot. thanks
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