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  1. I would like your opinions on the hearing protection offered by Axil and ESPAmerica. I am looking for in the ear electronic protection that is waterproof so it can also be used hunting in inclement weather. I have no experience with either brand. The instructors at FrontSight Academy thought highly of the Axil brand and and a few folks wore them but had no experience with the ESP brand. I have talked to representatives of both brands but they were vague on side by side comparisons. For the money they charge I hope to get a little better direction from you folks that are actually using their p
  2. I have the opportunity to purchase a Sig P226 manufactured in 2007. The pistol was part of a shipment delivered to the Bismarck Police Dept and assigned to one of the detectives there. Sig looked up the serial number for me and said the pistol was manufactured in Germany with a stainless slide and frame and assembled in the US. Price of the pistol is $500. The pistol has some wear due to carry but the finish is at least 95%. This is the first used pistol I have bought but it seems to good an opportunity to turn down. I currently have a P220 so am familiar with the Sig product. For you folk fam
  3. I appreciated all the advice I received on my previous post and have a few more questions. What is a good manufacturer for after market pistol magazines? I will be needing additional magazines for my Beretta 92FS and Shadow 2. Has anyone tried the Blade-tech Classic holster with either the short or long off-set in competition? Thanks again for all the help.
  4. Thanks for the help Bill.
  5. Does anyone have any experience with the P226 Legion as far as reliability and suitability for Production Class? This is one of the pistols I am looking at as a primary or a backup for my Beretta 92FS. Thanks for your help.
  6. I am a new Production shooter, 4 matches total, and I need some help with the equipment. I am currently using a Beretta 92FS and a BladeTech OWB holster plus a couple of mismatched magazine pouches. I had the opportunity this month to attend Steve Anderson's weekend USPSA class. One of his comments to me was to gear up with a competition belt, holster and magazine pouches so I was practicing with the same equipment all the time. I tried to order this equipment through Safarieland and have been very dissatisfied with the results. Can you recommend a company that I can contact for the equipment
  7. Happy Easter all! I am new to USPSA, four matches so far, and have been told that there are several modifications that Wilson Combat can make to the Beretta 92FS that are legal for Production class USPSA. Can anyone confirm this or point me to a resource that defines the acceptable modifications legal for Production Class. The modifications in question are : Thinner grips Short reach trigger Trigger conversion unit Oversize magazine release Wilson rear sight Wilson mag guide Thank you for any help. I also plan to shoot IPSA and Steel with this pistol.
  8. I received two certificates to the Front Sight Academy from the USMC and was wondering if anyone on the forum has any experience training at this facility. Looking over their curriculum for first timers it looks like they have a 4-day pistol course and a 4-day rifle course that would be interesting but I would like to know what folks that have actually been there would recommend. thanks Mike
  9. Retired, previous mil, 67, NRA member, male and still married! Shot my first two USPSA matches (indoor -15F outside) here in ND in February. Came in second to last on the first, last place DQ'ed, and fourth from the bottom on the second match (woohoo!) I am currently shooting Production with the wife's Beretta 92FS. I shot IHMSA revolver and Production and NRA rifle silhouette for about 15yrs. Been reloading for handgun and rifle for 40yrs. Avid hunter in US and Canada. I got into this by going to about six USPSA and 3-Gun matches in Arizona and North Dakota. I liked the easy spor
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