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  1. For what it's worth, any time I fill a hopper from nearly or completely empty, I always cycle the hopper/charge bar on my dillons 5 or 6 times (charge a case and dump it back in the hopper) before I even consider weighing charges when I'm making adjustments or doing load development.
  2. I've been looking at getting a metal grip like the Cheely e2 double undercut aggressive grip. But boy they are pricey, 550-650$ for grip, beaver tail and magwell, depending if it's stainless or aluminum. That and the slide are the two parts that are really hanging me up on this project. I feel confident enough to hand fit everything though. Still haven't decided if I'm going to finish it or leave it in the white. I've even gotten to the point of considering a plastic grip just to help speed this along. Regardless I'm looking at no less than 10mo before I have a chance to build it due to deployment.
  3. I do indeed have calipers, a couple pair actually. I've watched many youtube videos to see what all is involved. My favorite was MosinVirus's series that he made. He used an 80% frame, but I think I'm going to get a serialized frame instead. I've been researching the hell out of specs and the processes and the smithing involved. Hoping I can make a tight and accurate gun. If you were going to do it again knowing what you know now, would you change anything different? Thanks, Muddawg
  4. Adam500, This is an excellent build!!! Thanks for sharing. I too am planning to build my own 2011 and just purchased my first few (albeit mostly small and inexpensive) parts to break the ice. Unfortunately my build is going to take some time, but I'm extremely excited for what's to come. Any advice you would mind sharing?? -Muddawg
  5. I've been reading my fool head off on this forum trying to learn as much as I can before I take this dive. I'll definitely be experimenting with small lots of different weight bullets, powders and maybe primers. From my reading so far, it seems that 124s run a smidge less snappy but still provide enough gas for the comp. Seems to be the majority ruling. Definitely have a ton of experimenting to do to find a solid load.
  6. Sarge: I definitely have been watching the classifieds on here, practiscore and gun broker. I'll definitely be looking for some load data and starting low to work my way up. Definitely understand that it's a super hot charge for a 9mm, so I'll certainly ladder load my way up. I'll definitely play around with primers and loads. Lots of testing to come! Hi-Power Jack: Chrono will be soon for sure, and I'll see about getting some sample packs of different weight and profile bullets. Seems like most run 115s or 124s? I'd assume 147s move too slow for a comped gun?
  7. Unfortunately I can't build a gun at this time, so I'm looking for used guns. I do reload, so I'm reasonably familiar with how bad it can go quickly. As with all things, ladder testing will be first. Do you run small magnum pistol primers? Or is a small pistol primer enough? Thank you for your load data, I'll certainly be experimenting with a couple powders.
  8. Thank you all for your input on this thread. I think I've decided to pull the trigger and go to an open 9major gun. Now to go hunting.... Looking forward to a new style. Limited isn't totally out of my picture yet, as I have some extra plans for that down the road. On that note, any advice on Open 2011's and loading 9major is greatly appreciated and welcomed!
  9. This guy was shooting a CZ shadow 2 that's probably been worked over. He's already sponsored and just graduated highschool, so he's got the time in for sure. I've lackadaisically trained because I was still trying to get a feel for the sport, but now it's time to up my game and train to become more proficient. Hopefully some classes in the future too.
  10. I've been shooting local matches for about a year and a half now. Competition shooting has ALWAYS been a dream of mine. I know for a fact I'll continue this as long as there's a match wherever I move to (active duty). I've even taken the RO course too. I also got into reloading to support the hobby. So I'm definitely in the sport. Once I come home from deployment, I'm intending to really put more time in and build myself in the game.
  11. Thanks Sarge! That comforts me a little. I watched a video of a production shooter I know and his stages and movements were VERY technical and deliberate and most open shooters seem very fast and not quite as technical. Granted, that may just be a difference between the two divisions due to ammo capacities.
  12. I thought about it, but I feel like open would be more fun. The other thing I thought about is: how much does open take away from building and utilizing actual shooting discipline? Like Ltd, I feel like you have to work and try a little harder than open. Maybe it's because of all the old guys that have been shooting longer than I've been alive make it look easy?
  13. Thank you guys for your replies! The G34 is my "starter" gun if you will. I'm 100% looking at moving into a 2011. Just not yet sure if that's gonna be an open or ltd gun. My wife will likely take over the 34. My goal is to move into something that will give me the most room for growth, so major PF will definitely be happening. I haven't actually shot a match in Open yet. A fellow shooter was kind enough to let me put a couple mags through his 9major open gun after a match. Definitely wasn't ready for what was coming! As for loading, if DO go Open, I'll probably stick to 9mm as that makes things easier since I'm already loaded out with more brass than I have 40. And my wife will continue to shoot 9 minor (she doesn't like the 40 snap). Stepped brass (Maxxtech in particular comes to mind) doesn't work for me anyways. I toss that stuff to a recycle bin since they can't be resized.
  14. Hello Folks, To start, I do reload and have for a couple years so I'm not a total newb, but not an expert by any means. This is a bit of a mixed discussion through a couple different questions. First: Trying to decide between staying in Limited and upgrading my gun or moving to Open. Currently shoot Limited with a Glock 34 Gen 3 but looking for a 2011 as an upgrade. I recently shot myself in the foot (not literally) and was able to shoot an Open gun in 9 major. Boy oh boy that was a mistake!! I had far too much fun doing so, but don't have the slightest clue on open guns in the way of reloading. My dilemma is whether or not to stick with Limited or jump to Open and expand my horizons. Reasons on why or why not to switch? Second: If I jump to Open, I've seen that coated bullets aren't super great because the comp vaporizes the coating and builds up in the ports. A friend recommended Montana Gold bullets specifically. I'm only familiar with the name, as it is renowned in the sport, but I don't have much knowledge on them. What makes them so great over any other brand? Please feel free to school me, as I'm always looking for more information on loading and gun knowledge! Thank you for your input and time! -Muddawg
  15. Howdy PlayFront, I don't think I'll be moving to production, but I am planning to buy a new gun in 40 to make major. Unfortunately I have to take some time off due to work, but sometimes you gotta work hard to play hard with expensive toys! I actually got to try out an open gun in 9 major at the last match at the end of the day, through the generosity of a squad mate. Boy oh boy that was a mistake!!! An open gun may or may not be in my future too
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