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  1. Fenix Ammunition also makes "2011 length" 40cal. Worth a look if you're purchasing. Also claims to be USPSA certified match ammo for Major PF. https://fenixammo.com/collections/competition-ammo/products/40-s-w-180gr-fmj-1-180-oal -Muddawg
  2. What a beautiful gun!! Maybe one day I can talk my wife into one of those.
  3. How many rounds per hr are you getting done with the smaller DC motor version?
  4. Jack, I agree with you on this. I'm a mid C class shooter and usually like to squad with better shooters. One guy I really enjoyed squadding with is a Master (possibly a GM by now?) Production shooter. Even though I shoot Limited, he was still always very helpful with showing me angles I didn't see and talking with me through the stage. One of my favorite guys to shoot with!
  5. Thank you very much Jim! I load on a 650 for 9mm primarily. Been having issues with a few rounds not going all the way into battery and locking up my guns, so I'm looking for a new equipment recipe to alleviate this issue when I get home from deployment. I'll be looking into loading 40 as well coming up, so I'll probably be giving this die recipe a shot.
  6. I've always heard it being preached like crazy. I just kinda never knew where to start. I also have been shooting matches for just shy of 2yrs before taking a year hiatus (read deployment ). Now that I have this, I've got a great structured starting point to knock the rust off and get back on the horse.
  7. Jim, Would you mind sharing what dies and press you're using? Thanks. -Muddawg
  8. This is definitely an older thread. But for someone who had no real dry fire regimen, and now on a 1yr deployment this is exactly what I've been looking for as a "square 1" upon my return. I'll be very rusty as I haven't really shot much and scratching my head wondering where in the world to start when I get back. Thank you guys so much for creating and making this available!!! And thank you to the gentleman who compiled it into a word doc. -Muddawg
  9. Yondering, Thanks for the clarification. I certainly appreciate you explaining things out as it definitely helped me understand better what I was trying to ask. It makes more sense in that it's not a verb but rather a spec being checked. I'll even go so far as to say that I'm overthinking this in terms of pistols. I understand it's more important for rifles as they aren't quite as tolerant to a wider range of dimensions unlike pistols.
  10. We've all heard how important it is to make sure your rifle (or M2HB for you military folk) is headspaced. Usually after some sort of major barrel or receiver work is done. Everyone raves over it, and for good reason due to a safety concern. Over the course of the day I flipped through 40+ pages of threads in the General Gunsmithing section, looking for information and doing research on building my first 2011 limited gun, and other general 2011 gunsmithing knowledge. Of the 6-8 or so threads (and lots of youtube videos) I read specifically on building a gun from the ground up, no one mentioned headspace gauging their pistols. Is headspacing a pistol not as prevalent as it is for rifles? Is it still a concern, but heavily overlooked? Or is it just not a thing at all? Insight and knowledge is greatly appreciated! Thanks for stopping in.
  11. Reviving this post a little bit, as I'm doing research for my first build as well. Ltdmstr, Could you explain how you're measuring lockup height? MrPostman, feel free to chime in as well. Much appreciated. Thanks. -Muddawg
  12. For what it's worth in regards to training both eyes open, I used to close my left eye. One day I decided to train my right eye to be more dominant that my left (ambidextrous eyes according to eye dr). To do this I took a pair of clear safety glasses and put a small piece of opaque tape (scotch tape) over my left eye direct vision. This allowed for all of my peripheral to stay available, but blocked my direct vision so my right eye could take over. 20 minutes of dry fire and my right eye has learned to pick up my front sight and maintain that sight picture. That being said, I'm no professional, just a shooter with a deep passion for guns and an addiction to the sport (currently a mid C class in Ltd). I also have 20/20 vision according to the dr as of 2 yrs ago. This is just a method that worked for me quickly and easily. As for the dryfire routine, well that needs a LOT of work
  13. I've heard the same. I'll have to save up later for one. Until then I'll settle for the plastic grip.
  14. For what it's worth, any time I fill a hopper from nearly or completely empty, I always cycle the hopper/charge bar on my dillons 5 or 6 times (charge a case and dump it back in the hopper) before I even consider weighing charges when I'm making adjustments or doing load development.
  15. I've been looking at getting a metal grip like the Cheely e2 double undercut aggressive grip. But boy they are pricey, 550-650$ for grip, beaver tail and magwell, depending if it's stainless or aluminum. That and the slide are the two parts that are really hanging me up on this project. I feel confident enough to hand fit everything though. Still haven't decided if I'm going to finish it or leave it in the white. I've even gotten to the point of considering a plastic grip just to help speed this along. Regardless I'm looking at no less than 10mo before I have a chance to build it due to deployment.
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