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  1. I'm using 244 in some 45 loads I just worked up and I really liked them. I'm kinda thinking I might start off with this since I can get it right now, and it wasn't very smokey in the 5gr range.
  2. Thanks, I've been wondering about sport pistol. I have a little bit I can try with before I buy big jugs of it. Ultimately, the goal is to narrow down my selection and buy big bulk.
  3. Squirrel45, I'm using w244 in my new 45 loads and it seems to do pretty well. Kinda thinking about going with that just for quantity sake. All I'm doing is loading range training ammo. Doesn't need to run crazy speeds, just enough to reliably cycle the slide on a G48mos, G43x (with a dot) and a S&W 380ez. My purpose for looking at several different powders is for availability sake when it's time to resupply.
  4. Some other powders I've been looking at at W244, W572 and Shooter's World Auto. Any thoughts on these powders?
  5. I'm very curious about sport pistol. Heard good things about it. Also have heard that e3 is a smooth and clean burning powder for 40 and 9. Would it work alright in 380? And how low would I need to go to safely shoot it in 380?
  6. I tried titegroup and it was dirtier and hotter than I prefer. Right now I've got several different 1# jugs that I was going to experiment with for 40maj in USPSA. N320, cfe pistol, W244, sport pistol, and silhouette is my current powder for 9 minor. Are 380 and 9mm close enough that you can pretty much interchange powders in them?
  7. About to start reloading 380 for my mom so she can do some shooting, since it's even more expensive and harder to find than 9mm. I'm looking for experience with a good powder for both 380 and 9mm. Also looking for something relatively clean. Recommendations are appreciated! I'm also looking for 380 dies. If you have some you'd part with please pm me.
  8. That's a beautiful gun there, Outerlimits. Maybe one day I'll build a 6" gun to play with.
  9. Konkapot and Aircooled, and here I was thinking "it's only 1 inch, it can't be THAT bad." Heck, I was shooting a G34 which is almost 6" anyways. I'll have to check out Benny's work. I love a beautiful slide milling. I think I'm gonna stick with a 5" gun. When I originally priced it out from Brazos, the shortblock was $1450. Since they came out with the Open shortblock, it seems to have lowere the Limited shortblock price down to $850. A lot more attainable now!
  10. It's interesting how 1 inch can make that much of a difference. (I guess that could be said for many things in life.) Maybe one day I could get my hands on both and see if there really is a noticeable difference. Although, it'd probably be negligable for me since I'm just a C class shooter.
  11. Glad to hear of the quality! I can't wait to get the rest of my build. The only reason I was considering the 6" was because it was cheaper than what the 5" shortblock was. However, when I rechecked it, they dropped the price for the 5" kit heavily so I decided to stick with that.
  12. So the other day I was browsing facebook and saw Brazos had a 6" 2011 shortblock for sale. For a hot second, I had considered buying it instead of the 5" I originally wanted. My question is are 6" limited guns not popular for a reason? I feel like 9.5 times out of 10, a limited 2011 is going to be a 5" gun. It seems pretty rare to me that 6" guns are used. Is it personal preference? Standardization? Inconvenience? Insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Fenix Ammunition also makes "2011 length" 40cal. Worth a look if you're purchasing. Also claims to be USPSA certified match ammo for Major PF. https://fenixammo.com/collections/competition-ammo/products/40-s-w-180gr-fmj-1-180-oal -Muddawg
  14. What a beautiful gun!! Maybe one day I can talk my wife into one of those.
  15. How many rounds per hr are you getting done with the smaller DC motor version?
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