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  1. I found out recently that the 125gr tumble out of my Canik pistol. Crimp is correct, PF right at 135. I think I'll stick to BBI.
  2. Based on how Variable Springs work, I would say they would be a terrible choice for a striker fire pistol, where the variable spring's weakest spring rate will be right when you want it to be strongest- when the slide is forward, to keep the barrel locked up. I can see how a variable would be a good choice for people like me that use a very low power recoil spring with major PF loads. Maybe they would slow the slide down a hair more before it gets all the way back, and extend the life of the pistol. But I'll wait till I break a frame to mess around with variable springs, because I really like how my pistol behaves now. I will say this though, generally gun builders and spring manufacturers' recommendations on springs seem to have way more to do with extending the life of the pistol and less to do with optimal performance. We're racing guns here, so the only real consideration from that perspective is how fast your sights return. For most shooters that would be a RS so low that the manufacturer would be pulling their hair out over your choice.
  3. Nope, I just spent some time looking it up this morning. I started the thread because others might have thought about it too, and because I was hoping to start with other people's real-world experience, especially since USPSA shooter sometimes have work-arounds etc loading for our special needs.
  4. I don't use reloading manuals, I've never owned one and I'm sure I never will. They are like physical encyclopedias in 2021. But, I do use Hogdon's website for load data to get started with a new rifle bullet weight or a new pistol caliber. The Hogdon website shows that my 4.3gr titegroup under a 180gr will not be close to Major PF. So case volume clearly plays a big role here. Also, 4.3gr TG over a 230gr bullet should make PF easily, but not be ridiculously high.
  5. If I load for a 45 1911 with the same specs (bullet weight, 4.3 gr titegroup, same primer) as my .40 Limited load, can I expect a similar power factor? I know the speed of barrels can vary, but I'm not sure if other things are at play here. Transferring my powder drop unchanged from the .40 reloading setup would be ideal.
  6. I'm glad to read all this. Last week I ordered a BUL classic stainless 45 1911 government from centerfire systems, for about $730. As far as I know, nothing else comes close with the features at that price point.
  7. I just received my holster body for a canik tp9sfx with an x300. The fit seems fine- I don't think you can make a pistol with a light that big still click into place around the trigger guard. All the edges were smoothed nicely. Seems tough. I think it will work just fine for me.
  8. I clean my glasses, sunglasses and lenses only with Zeiss wipes. Walmart has them. They are like the little single use hand wipes. No streaks.
  9. I just read through this whole thread, and it is disappointing. We shoot because its fun and we love the competition. But there is also a part of us that wants the things we pour our time and money into to have some significance. When our sport's pinnacle match has overflowing portopotties, afterthought awards ceremonies, and runs out of food, that is an embarrasment. The Nationals experience ought to justify and reflect all the hard work and dedication of the shooters in attendance. Visually, the stages ought to be obviously next-level, like the match videos I see from major IPSC matches. Basically, it should look and feel like a Big Deal.
  10. A cr123a battery is 17mm diameter. You can get 6" long, 11/16" [17.48mm] diameter brass rod on Amazon for $30. Someone could get 4 full battery size weights from that. Maybe there are 3V buttons batteries that could go on top so you could replace both batteries. Not something I care to pursue, but it would be interesting to try different weight combos.
  11. I'm not naive at all about this, I've been shooting USPSA since 2014 and I've seen a ton of changes. *Yes, by USPSA I mean the Pres and the people who are in real leadership. USPSA isn't a democracy and it doesn't sound like they have ever sought formal input on these changes. They are going to do what they are going to do. My attitude is, if they are headed somewhere particular, let's just get there NOW. Or from your perspective, "rip the bandaid off fast". *I've never heard the justificiation for the divisions as being different price tiers. *Arbitrary restrictions, like X.X oz, or X distance from your hip bone, etc, in my mind, are not a good ways to present a different shooting challenge for a particular division. Even you admit that there is a best option for mag placement on a belt, so there needed to be a really good reason to disallow the "best" option. I'm sure that originally had something to do with how people would carry on-duty or concealed, but we left that behind forever ago and there is no point in moaning about the good old days. *I never said USPSA needed rapid growth, but they do need a growth mindset, even if it is marginal growth. Every organization does. Just about the only new shooters I see at matches are coming from the tactical world, and a LOT of them show up with pistols with a light on them. *What is the real cost of these "must-haves"? Is it really that bad, and how does it compare to the money we put into ammo, match fees, etc? Since when does the typical USPSA shooter have a problem with buying gun stuff? A magnet, if you want one, is like $30. It doesn't cost anything to move things around on your belt to a spot that is most comfortable for you. A heavy gun like a CZ always had an advantage over polymer, and if people are going to be adding lights to their CZs, I'm guessing it will take things too far and they won't find an advantage with a timer. But now the cheap polymer pistols can be made to behave more like a more expensive metal frame pistol. I have a Canik and I bought a knockoff X300 for it for under $30. Did I resent making that purchase? No, it was fun. *"Production got to be just like Limited" is hyperbole, in my opinion. You could customize you pistol a bit more, but the shooting challenges remain as different as ever. *I agree about Single Stack. I like the idea of the equity of equipment. I think it would be so much fun to shoot one match a year where everyone shoots the same shared box-stock Glock. But, I wouldn't want every match to be like that, and the participation in Single Stack shows that equity-of-equipment thing is a low priority concept for most. As an aside, there seem to be a few camps in all this. 1)The people who are in USPSA to win it. They have sponsorships, youtube channels, and a lot of skin in the game. They were succeeding with the old rules, so they have no interest in change. They feel like they are the backbone of USPSA, they are very vocal and have a pulpit, but they are a tiny minority. They will roll with every rule change because they are competitors and no matter the rules, winning is the drive. 2) The long-time members who have seen the changes over time. Some will like the rule changes and some will hate them. As in all things, the upset people will be the most vocal. 3) Those who are new to the sport. They won't care at all, and they certainly won't resent buying a magnet, when everything else they have to buy for USPSA has no real-world utility either. If I'm right about the above, then maybe the leadership at USPSA is quite aware of who thinks what before they make a decision, but they have just placed those opinions on a scale.
  12. I dont think you would actually want 7.5 oz added up front unless you are doing a lot to balance it out.
  13. If everyone hates the constant change, then how about a "war to end all wars" type of huge sweeping change, to where things are settled and where USPSA really wants them to be in 10 years? I personally think they are heading in the right direction, allowing magazines and attachments that people outside USPSA are already using. We've been racing out our pistols in every single division for years, and we know that the recent changes won't do anything to the end results. They will, however, improve the shooting experience by giving shooters more [better] options on setting up their belt, and the lights will probably help level the performance gap between polymer and steel frame pistols. And, we are more likely to draw from the Timmies with WMLs already on their pistols than the recent first-time gun buyer, and despite how full your matches are, USPSA needs to have a growth mindset to survive. Those who have been in USPSA from the beginning might see the changes as an abomination, but these same changes would make perfect sense to a serious pistol enthusiast just coming into our sport. And if a magwell fits in the box on a production pistol, why would that be a problem? It would preclude the gargantuan magwells, and still give the shooter options for how to set up and balance his or her pistol. Bottom line: If we know it's all about skill, then let's apply that concept and get rid of as many restrictions as possible. Liberty!
  14. 3.77 oz, with regular batteries
  15. I think the best cheapest route would be a knockoff that takes the fat cr123a batteries, like the x300, and then doing something tricky with the batteries, like one real battery and the other being a lead or tungsten weight of the same shape. As long as it conducts electricity, the light should still work. I can't imagine Lok putting this into production for less than $200, especially if it lights up. They'd make more money creating a battery shaped weight. It could be put into production way faster.
  16. Hi, it was about 3.5 weeks. Typical of Aliexpress.
  17. My <$30 X300 from Aliexpress showed up yesterday. I haven't handled the real deal, but everything about this item looks top quality. And yes, it works, very well. I made the mistake of looking right at it and it temporarily blinded me. You could buy two of these to have one as a backup. I don't expect to have any issues with mine though, long term reviews of these knockoffs say that they continue to hold up.
  18. I shoot and I mountain bike and I will say, You could win USPSA nationals with a barely modified or unmodified Glock, but good luck winning a mtb race on a perfectly reliable old bike with no suspension.
  19. As a shooter with ADHD, I'd say it hurts more than helps. The need for high level stimulation is the whole draw for the sport for me. But hyper-focusing usually leads to not seeing the bigger picture of what you are trying to do in a stage to be competitive, slowing your progress. You need to be mindful of a dozen things simultaneously to put down a good stage plan, and hyper-focusing will inevitably leave many of those things out. Sometimes important things will be left out, like "Where is the 180?". I had to shoot USPSA for a long time before I started to get comfortable and familiar enough, to where I could be simultaneously mindful of enough things during a stage. I think a neurotypical person with the same athleticism and intelligence would have risen through the classification ranks much faster.
  20. I imagine some people at USPSA HQ suddently felt a 'disturbance in the force' when this thread was started
  21. If you want an X300 for the weight, get a knockoff for $35 from aliexpress.com
  22. I'd like to epoxy an LED light onto a brass magwell for my WML. Even if it didn't make a funnel, it will make the ideal grip more repeatable and puts weight in the ideal spot on a polymer pistol. Tell me why I can't.
  23. Limited 10 doesn't need to exist just in case of a ban. There is no Open 10 or PCC 10. Or CO 10. In states with bans, everything is 10 rounds. If we ended up with a National ban with no workarounds, everything would be 10 rounds nationally.
  24. Thanks! $10.83 with Amazon prime. I'm looking forward to trying it!
  25. Which grip sleeve is that? I like everything about my Canik except how poorly it fits my hand.
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