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  1. At 10 yards, that's really terrible. Something is wrong with the barrel, the gun, or your crimp? You should be shooting all rounds touching at 10 yards. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. I'd try a different bullet. Your TS should be very accurate, and at least more accurate than a glock. I'd also get a baseline from high quality factory ammo, to make sure something isnt off with your hand loads. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. I have a project pistol that I want to do dual duty production with 130PF loads and steel challenge 100PF loads. I have a 4.5 striker spring and 13lb recoil spring now. I'd like to go as low as possible with the recoil spring. I use 10lb recoil spring with Major PF in my CZ, so 13 seems really heavy for minor & sub minor. I just dont want to buy $7 springs that have no chance of working... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. I wonder when he advises to prep the trigger. I doubt he teaches people to do it at an early part of their draw. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. Have you ever seen a 9mm bullet with no lube grooves, that also has the shoulder? That's what I mean. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  6. I wonder how many of those DQ's were from someone using a scoop draw with a pistol in a race block style holster. To me, that seems like a recipe for a flying, probably-not-drop-safe gun. Especially on something like Can You Count, or stages with a similar start that would reward a rocket draw. My kydex holster gives me time to get over the back strap before it is completely free. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  7. It seems like the lube groove is why we can load so long, so if the accuracy is there I'd prefer a lube groove on all my 9mm bullets. I'm able to load way longer with the Brazos 125 gr line groove, like everyone else. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. The only relevant thing is, is it faster for you and are you perfectly in control with a good grip? I can't do it with perfect control and consistent grip with my production pistol, so I don't. In my mind, it's a far better option for pistols with magwells.
  9. This wasn't a flat footed draw to a target in front of my face, but you can see the draw, and holster placement. It's just easy, there is not much extra movement on my strong hand, from hands relaxed at sides to where my two hands meet in front of me. My hand moves from the relaxed spot and the pistol is picked up along the way. I don't react to the beep super fast, so getting an A hit at 10 yards was hard to do any faster for me than 1.1 secs. Now I think I can do it pretty reliably around .9. A younger quicker better looking guy could do it way faster than me. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. I started using a scoop draw about a year ago and I wish I had switched over sooner. I think it easily shaved .2 seconds off my draw. I also canted my pistol forward, and moved it further forward on my belt to optimize the draw. It does make a surrender draw a different animal though. I think the viability of a scoop draw depends on how well your gun fits you and or how much time you are willing to put into it. Me, I dont practice much, but my magwell is modified into a shelf that forces my hand into the exact same position every time, so I'm not concerned about getting a bad grip. This made the switch pretty painless. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  11. I ordered mine after business hours on the 13th and it looks like my package is going to arrive today, the 22nd. I'm cool with that. I ordered the 125gr .356 bullets. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  12. I loaded some 100gr berry's plated bullets over about 4.6 gr of CFE. They were ridiculously soft shooting in my SP01 clone with a 10lb recoil spring. It would have been better with the 8lb recoil spring I haven't used yet. My wife's gun is striker fired and I'm not sure it will lock up with a recoil spring that matches the load. So, I'll probably get 115 gr bullets for her and use the same powder drop as for my 125gr bullets. At least there will be some reduction for her. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. What is the turnaround you all have been experiencing with Brazos, from order placement to them actually shipping? I can wait for a good deal, I just want to know what to expect. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. So your are shooting for SAR-USA, as in a sponsorship? Are you a USPSA shooter in the states, or IPSC elsewhere? Just curious. Just do a ton of polishing like you would on a glock, but with special attention to where the trigger bar and chassis touch, then keep those contact points oiled. Your guide rod that was too short may still work- lay it in the slide and put the pistol together upside down. I need to do that with the jager guide rod if I tighten the capturing screw all the way down. Instead, I have the screw backed out about 1/8" so that it stays in place for assembly. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. Update- I'm taking the dot off the p120. I shot it for the 1st time in a steel challenge match, just to get used to it. The Burris FF2 was horrible! On a bright sunny day, the dot is about as bright as a spot of red paint, no brighter than the white on the steel targets. I changed the battery halfway though with no improvement. Every freaking string I had 2 seconds of finding the dot. Also, on a narrow CZ slide, I rack the slide by grabbing the dot. The on/off switch is on the side, and pulling back the slide pulls the switch back into the OFF position EVERY TIME. I can't believe they promote this as a pistol dot. I can't believe they didn't recognize this during R&D. I'm realizing that to do Carry Optics right, you must get a very bright dot [leupold] and you need to have your slide milled for the dot. The all-steel CZC dovetail plate + the weight and height of the dot really changes the recoil impulse a ton. I loaded some 100 gr ammo at an ultra low PF to try at this match- this ammo made this pistol recoil like it used to before adding the dot. It feels crazy though with the regular minor PF ammo. So, I'd have to win the lottery before I'd drop $400 on a leupold dot and $200 slide milling, just so I could try a division. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  16. Thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely be picking up one of these triggers! I really think the factory trigger shoe itself contributes to the just-OKness of the trigger pull in factory form. And the spring for the factory trigger safety seems too strong. I am running a 4.5 lb striker spring and 13 recoil spring. If I remember right, the extra power trigger spring was too strong, and didnt allow the trigger to reset reliably. I haven't tried a glock striker yet- I'd need to borrow one to find out. It would be cool if a lightened / extended glock striker was possible. So far though, no light strikes with current setup and Winchester primers. I do want to see how low of a recoil spring I can run. I would prefer a 10lb. But that may be too light to function. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  17. Silver connector is the Zev model. Black one is Sarsilmaz. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  18. So I bought a Zev glock connector to smooth the trigger and tweak the pistol. The connector needed to be trimmed where it slides into block. It fit perfect, but the dimensions are a little different. The portion the trigger bar rides on is about 1/32" further up the connector on the Zev, causing the cruciform to ride higher on the striker. It never got low enough to release the striker. I bent the trigger bar to get it lower, but it wasnt reliably releasing the striker. Oh well. The zev glock connector is a no-go. Maybe a different brand connector would be better. So instead, I polished up everything better than I had before. My Dremel is a single speed model and the polishing wheel wasn't working very well because it would just fling Polishing Compound off the felt wheel instead of soaking it up so that it could polish. To fix that, I cut the cord and put an inline dimmer switch on it from my junk drawer of electrical stuff. Now I have a variable speed Dremel and it polishes really well. With the factory connector polished, along with the trigger bar and Chassis where they touch, trigger is much smoother now. I also hit the sides of the actual trigger with 400 Grit sandpaper because it seemed to rub on the frame a bit. It think it helped quite a bit. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  19. Geez Dom, no one is salty here. It's just something to shoot the s#!t about. I could care less about pcc or open beating limited. Sometimes outside-the-box ideas are fun to discuss; your mind may not be changed but you are forced to think critically about things. Or you could just dismiss everything with an ad hominem... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  20. A 22 would be fun, but she really wants to start from a holster and get comfortable shooting "real" guns. Besides, both my boys are sharing the buckmark at the steel challenge match- having 3 shooters use the same pistol in a match sounds like I'd be cleaning it every 3 stages or so... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  21. You do need to be careful to not get the brake cleaner on your grip tape, if you use it. It will break the adhesive bond. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  22. Sorry, an investment does not have to increase in monetary value. The gain from the purchase could be elsewhere, as in performance. Usage determines meaning, but the above is even found in online dictionary results. I invest in my performance by taking classes, practicing, and sometimes buying new gear. A machinist might invest in new tooling to expand his capabilities and profit, even though the tooling depreciates over time. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  23. While the one power factor idea has its merits as a starting point for a new sport, it doesn't make sense as a change for our existing sport. Too many people would lose a significant investment in their .40 limited & SS pistols, as the capacity increase would make 9mm necessary. This thread in a nutshell poses the question, do comps on major PF open pistols negate the intent behind the major PF scoring reward. I have no skin in the game, I just thought it was an interesting thing on which to hear the different viewpoints. And, for the few comments that actually address the question directly, there have been differing opinions. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  24. You took a load from a well known GM? Sounds like something that would happen on team glock. The kaboom part, I mean. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  25. I just placed an order for 4 bags of the 9mm from Brazos. I haven't heard of any real difference in accuracy between the coated bullet companies, it seems to be mainly about bullet profiles working with your gun. So, going with the least expensive hasn't hurt me yet. Brazos is the clear winner there, so I'll probably start using them for my limited .40 ammo too. Stoked! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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