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  1. 2scoops

    MPX Mag Pouches??

    Safariland 774 imho is the way to go
  2. 2scoops


    Was wondering how hard your grip is on a PCC ? Are you torquing the rifle I.e. driving strong hand into the body and counter twisting the hand gaurd with weak hand ? Have shot both a JP and Sig extensively but wondering if I’m gripping the rifle strong enough especially for splits on long shots
  3. 2scoops

    Wide tracks

    Wondering if anyone has run any tests to see how best to transition from one target to another 150deg apart or more I.e. really long / wide track. Pistol wise it was better to pull the pistol into high ready then punch out again. For PCC wondering if it’s better to drop rifle barrel down (still shouldered) then raise again on new target or to swing across the complete length. Will test this weekend but interested to know if anyone has figured it out or has a fixed opinion
  4. 2scoops

    PCC dryfire

    Compare loading the gun at hip height versus loading with the gun mounted at shoulder height. I’ve found loading the gun at shoulder height is more consistent and slightly quicker for me. This is particularly when moving into position whilst loading
  5. 2scoops

    PCC dryfire

    Really great suggestions. Been reading with great interest. Thanks to all that contributed.
  6. 2scoops

    PCC dryfire

    Apart from the usual mag change, first shot, getting into position is there any specialized dry fire you are doing for PCC ?
  7. 2scoops

    Less recoil on my PCC?

    i changed my comp on my JP to an MBX. Subtle difference but there is a difference
  8. 2scoops

    Reflex vs Tube style red dot

    I prefer tube over reflex. Our local matches have a tendency for hard leans on the weak side, or low narrow ports that necessitate having the dot over to the side. It is marginally easier to find the dot through a tube especially if you don’t setup properly. However this game is based on margins, very small ones. I shoot aimpoints and staring through the sight I don’t notice the periphery knobs and such. I shoot reflex through my open gun btw
  9. 2scoops

    PCC technique

    I'm on the same path as you. Been shooting PCC for about a year now after many years as a pistol shooter. Initially it didn't seem that there was much to it but have been experimenting more recently. As a M class shooter you'll quickly figure out how to hold the rifle when moving from position to position. The one technique that I've been working on more recently is to bring the PCC closer to the center of my chest. I've found it helps control the dot a lot more especially when moving and shooting. Try it out and see if it works for you
  10. 2scoops

    Sight in distance

    I sighted in at 200yds and thought I was good to go. Took the rifle out to 600yds and saw that i'm 1/4mil out at 600. Got me thinking about what distance should i sight in at. So what distance do you sight in at and why ?
  11. 2scoops

    Parallax setting

    Awesome ! Solid advise. Greatly appreciated
  12. 2scoops

    Parallax setting

    Silly question but what do you set your parallax at when engaging multiple targets at different ranges ? Infinity ?
  13. 2scoops

    Brass shearing off in chamber

    appreciate the information. Cost me 2 zero stages at local matches already