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  1. late reply. After shooting supple big matches eventually got round to checking what's going on with my ammo. Turns out the OAL varies significantly. Using Dillon bullet seater die. Interesting design but allows for quite a bit of play on the seater stem. Ordered Hornady match bullet seater. let's see how that works. Thanks for all the help
  2. my feeling is the reset on my eclipse is shorter than the 24c. Swapped out my 24c on two guns for eclipse.
  3. Thanks for all the advise. Chrono is LabRadar and good. Will check the OAL and powder charges this weekend
  4. got some crazy extreme spreads recently. Need advise on how to resolve. Loading with new starline brass, JHP bullets, VV320, all the same primers, on Dillon 1050. Usually extreme spread is as a result of mixed head stamp brass. As previously mentioned loading in brand new starline brass. Was loading on a 650 with no problems getting ES under 20fps on 9mm PCC loads. My current ES is over 80fps on a 900fts loads. Can it be my press ? The powder die and hopper are exactly the same as was used on my 650. Must be honest and haven't checked loads from one round to another. Any advise ?
  5. Had a standard JP comp, swapped to a custom Briley comp, then back again to JP comp, then to MBX comp. Difference is really small but I believe the MBX comp is best. It’s only based on what I see in terms of dot movement and of course my grip style etc. Running 147gr plated and jacketed bullets
  6. I ran a JP for approximately 1 year. I had a spare AR9 built with mostly JP parts that I used to test different configurations. After shooting a SIG i ended up buying one which I've been running for approximately 8 months. I took out my JP and shot both guns back to back. My observations are follows: - dot bounce on both guns is about the same. On the JP I have the short stroke heavy buffer setup. Maybe the SIG is a little less but the difference is so small and I can't actualize much gain in a match (master class USPSA). I'm shooting the same splits on targets under 20yds - My JP is significantly heavier than my SIG (guessing around 1lb +) - the recoil is different between the guns. Although dot bounce is the same the felt or way the gun recoils is significantly different. SIG is definitely superior in my opinion - My JP runs no matter what. I hardly ever cleaned it, shot it for a couple of matches with a broken firing pin and didn't even know about it. Super reliable. My SIG has given me no problems but maintenance is definitely something one has to take care of. I ultrasonic clean every 1,000 rounds. You need to pay attention to the ammo you're loading The SIG in my opinion is like a top end open gun. You have to understand that and treat it as such. It requires attention. After having shot both guns extensively I now compete with the SIG. The lighter weight and different recoil is definitely more superior in my opinion. You can't go wrong with either gun. Good luck
  7. Safariland especially for the reload
  8. And twist anti clockwise with weak hand on guard, together with clockwise on the strong hand.
  9. So I’m looking to upgrade to some form of automation. Researched a bunch on ammobot and Mark 7. The Mark 7 looks great but it’s an overkill for what I need (probably around 30,000 rounds a year) so in essence I’ve decided on ammobot. Been waiting for a special or maybe even a 2nd handmachine and came across a Mk1 for sale. I’m a believer in buying once, cry once and need advise whether it’s worth grabbing the Mk1 or whether I should rather ante up for the latest version. There’s a $400 difference your advise .
  10. Safariland 774 imho is the way to go
  11. Was wondering how hard your grip is on a PCC ? Are you torquing the rifle I.e. driving strong hand into the body and counter twisting the hand gaurd with weak hand ? Have shot both a JP and Sig extensively but wondering if I’m gripping the rifle strong enough especially for splits on long shots
  12. Wondering if anyone has run any tests to see how best to transition from one target to another 150deg apart or more I.e. really long / wide track. Pistol wise it was better to pull the pistol into high ready then punch out again. For PCC wondering if it’s better to drop rifle barrel down (still shouldered) then raise again on new target or to swing across the complete length. Will test this weekend but interested to know if anyone has figured it out or has a fixed opinion
  13. Compare loading the gun at hip height versus loading with the gun mounted at shoulder height. I’ve found loading the gun at shoulder height is more consistent and slightly quicker for me. This is particularly when moving into position whilst loading
  14. Really great suggestions. Been reading with great interest. Thanks to all that contributed.
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