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  1. hand loads with Labradar. This is not only mine it's with buddies (2 other buddies - 6 guns between us) gun and his hand loads as well as factory ammo. SD is running low after the 1st round. Its not an ammo issue.
  2. On my Gen 1, Gen II and my shooting buds, Gen 2 and Gen "3" Sig MPX we always have a huge (80fps on 900fps avg) velocity variance on the 1st shot over the chrono. The next shots are always with acceptable variation (15fps to 20fps). I can understand a lower velocity from a cold barrel (often i've chrono'd after a practice session), but not to this extent. Any ideas what could be causing this ?
  3. no but it's a 10 factor spread
  4. Rigger would you mind posting some pics of your setup on the toolheads ? Would greatly appreciate so I could copy
  5. Thanks for all the replies. My issue lies in the extreme spread that I’m trying to manage for chrono. I’ve never struggled before and with new brass and jacketed bullets would usually get around 25 to 30fps spread on a minor load (147gr @ 900fps). Recently my extreme spread has risen to close to 70fps. Measured the charge weight on my FX scale (laboratory) and charge variance is really low. Only other conclusion is that the OAL is large. This also started when I started loading with an ammobot. Will dig deeper to try and understand. Have also taken all your advise
  6. any advise or tips on how to achieve a more consistent AOL ? I'm getting a variation of 1.129 to 1.135 when i load my 9mm ammo. Running a 1050 with Ammobot, Mr bullet feeder, Redding competition seating die. Could it be the bullet ? (147gr Extreme)
  7. thanks for all the info. Just checking i'm seeing the right "picture". Often on close targets (<15 yards) i'm seeing at least the 1st hole appear when i'm really focused on the A zone. I keep dropping shots on the really close targets before a wide transition or transition to steel. Missing that little bit of visual patience to see the dot "lift" or in this case was wondering if i should see the holes appear
  8. when do they publish the stage diagrams for nationals ?
  9. are you seeing holes appear as you are shooting at 15 yard targets ?
  10. what are you seeing on a 15 yard target ? do you see the bullets impacting and making holes in the target looking through the dot, or do you only see the dot ? Shot limited for 20 years and now transitioned to open. Trying to keep focus on the target but wondering if i'm seeing what i should
  11. 3.7gr VVN320 with a 147gr JHP. Runs super soft with no issues
  12. Lee single stage, to a Lee Pro 1000, to Dillon 650, to 2 x dillon 650's, add a 1050 and recently added ammobot automation. Problem is once you're at an automated press there's no going backwards
  13. Carry a Steyr c9-a1 and recently an Archon type B. Compete in PCC with Sig MPX, or STI edge
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