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  1. Awesome, thanks for all the advice guys!
  2. The gun was back at CMMG a few years ago. Is there any way to know which spring is in it? by weight or color code? I doubt it is a magazine issue. I use Glock mags.
  3. For me it was the fact that it was 1 moa and the clarity. I'm sure that wont be a factor for everyone as many people like a large moa. But on a rifle I prefer a small moa and a sharp dot.
  4. I really didn't like the primer system on the 650. The friend who had the 650 I used also had a 550. It is a far superior primer system imo. Why would you recommend a 650 over 750, besides a used machine being marginally cheaper than new?
  5. I started with a Cmore, but have switched to a holosun 510c as I prefer the clarity of the dot and protection of the lens. But by far the best redot I have used on a PCC was a Leupold LCO. If you can stomach the $600 price tag, that would be my recommendation.
  6. I'm dreaming of this nemesis. But Atlas cannot produce it right now. What do you have?
  7. Hey guys, I have been actively shoot enough to justify getting a reloader for years. I previously used a friend's dillon 650 and know enough about the process to know what I want. Recently (before covid times) I have not been able to put forth the time and have stopped loading. I don't expect to be able to make it a hobby again for a few years, which given the current situation is a good thing. But, even with the current situation, the presses have not really gone up in price, though they are only available for pre-order. My decision to buy I press now starts to tread into an economic decision. Unless there is reason to believe they will be cheaper in the future. I can see no reason to not purchase one, even if it remains in its packaging for a few years. My plan is to buy a Dillon 750, with shell collator, and Mr bullet. The whole setup will be about $1,500. Any reason to wait?
  8. I'll have to look into the 40 ejector spring. I don't think it's the extractor since it never fail to extract the case. Just seems like the ejector doesn't have the force to kick the case out. Maybe a little overkill is in order and they will both get replaced.
  9. Initially I was shooting reloads, though I was not making them extremely light. The first time I sent it back to CMMG they seemed to think that was the issue as they could not recreate a failure. They and told me they recommend Winchester white box. I gave that a try but intermittently still had issues and sent it back again. This time they replaced several springs and something else (it slips my mind at this moment as it was awhile ago). While I was waiting for it I purchased a JP and have been primarily shooting it, leaving the CMMG in the safe. However, now a friend wanted to shoot PCC, so I took it to the range to make sure it was sighted in and had an failure again (though it was only one time), but given the history, once was enough. I was using Syntech 130gr when I occurred this time.
  10. Hey guys, I have a delayed radial blowback CMMG which continually has an issue ejecting case. Apparently CMMG is incapable of fixing it as I have sent it in several times for this issue but it still occurs after they "repair" it. At this point I'm about to give up on it and swap out the barrel and bolt to a direct blowback. Have any of you had a similar issue? or have you swapped out a delayed radial system to direct? anything advice would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the input. Making your own would be the best, but i dont know anyone who loads shotgun shells anymore. Its not economical anymore. Looks like i will find out how the Fiocchi dummies do.
  12. I recently got into 3 gun and picked up a stoeger m3k. With the lack of matches I figured it is a perfect time to practice quad loading, and picked up some dummy shells off Amazon. However the shells leave much to be desired in fit and finish as the brass on them is larger and poorly formed when compared to live round. This is causing hang ups, slowing progress. Rather then playing a guessing game and randomly ordering other practice shells, I figured someone might have a good suggestion. What shells do you use to practice?
  13. I don't currently have any good way of editing my videos where they actually really help improvement. I would like to find a way to overlay them like they do on "super grand champ" YouTube channel. I feel like that would really help, especially when you have time to run the stage multiple time and see where you can improve.
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