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  1. Thanks for the input. Making your own would be the best, but i dont know anyone who loads shotgun shells anymore. Its not economical anymore. Looks like i will find out how the Fiocchi dummies do.
  2. I recently got into 3 gun and picked up a stoeger m3k. With the lack of matches I figured it is a perfect time to practice quad loading, and picked up some dummy shells off Amazon. However the shells leave much to be desired in fit and finish as the brass on them is larger and poorly formed when compared to live round. This is causing hang ups, slowing progress. Rather then playing a guessing game and randomly ordering other practice shells, I figured someone might have a good suggestion. What shells do you use to practice?
  3. I don't currently have any good way of editing my videos where they actually really help improvement. I would like to find a way to overlay them like they do on "super grand champ" YouTube channel. I feel like that would really help, especially when you have time to run the stage multiple time and see where you can improve.
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