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  1. The website didn't have a lead time. I'm guessing 6 months. If i get it sooner, great!
  2. Just placed an order for Honcho #2. You will really love it once you get your hands on it. Understand things are running a bit behind due to coronavirus, and unforseen issues, but I have no doubt they are getting them back and finished as fast as they can given the circumstances. Be patient and you will be rewarded.
  3. Sounds like it's likely a common issue and angling the holster getting used to a new draw may be the answer.
  4. Installed a Alex thumb rest on my Honcho, and had to push the holster body an hanger further away due to interference when holstering. The Alex thumb rest was getting caught up on the DAA hanger. Any remedies to this aside from dremeling material off the hanger body, or keeping the pistol further from my body? Thanks.
  5. Shot you an email regarding the Honcho you still had on order. If you're still considering selling it, let me know. Thanks.
  6. There is a tool to secure it correctly in the channel. It needs to be tapped in securely, and they are brittle.
  7. Not what you're asking about, but PM me about the Honcho you have on order. I may take it as I was planning to order one anyway.
  8. If there is anyone who's feelings are hurt who would prefer not to keep their Honcho, or continue their wait, I will gladly buy out your balance and take it off your hands. You'll save me the wait for another build and you can start over fresh with a "more accommodating" company....
  9. Awesome setup! That's what I plan on doing as well. The PT Optic mount for the Max/XL has been out of stock for some time, but im hoping to pick one up soon. What thumb stop is that?
  10. Anyone running the Max or XL on a Honcho? What mount have you found to work best for this optic?
  11. If you're ever near El Paso, you're welcome to shoot my P-DUO and see how you feel about it.
  12. A private company offering a sale or offer at their discretion does not "devalue" your order, nor does it entitle you to anything else. They can, and will, offer sales as they see fit. I plan on ordering another Honcho in the near future, and am waiting for another sale myself, but I am not expecting anything, nor should you. Was it frustrating that I ordered during the Veterans Day sale and then missed out on a better one? Sure. But, entitlement mentality isn't going to help. They aren't under any obligation to release their sales schedules, or their offers. They also don't have to offer anything, but they do. Find another custom pistol manufacturer that is ding anything remotely like this.... The product speaks for itself, and while the wait may be frustrating, understand they are producing everything in house, and the coating company they are using has had some issues that affected QC. I'm certain Tiffany will respond shortly, but since it bears on the conversation at hand, I received my Honcho about 3 weeks ago, after an extended wait due to coating issues. There was a miscommunication with the order and the frame was not initially tapped for a mount. I was able to ship it back and it was tapped and sent back to me in less than 48 hours. There is not another company around that will jump through hoops for after purchase satisfaction like PT right now. Be patient, ask questions, be understanding and polite, and you will be very pleased. Or....feel free to call them and cancel your order, and I'll pay the deposit and balance and take it off your hands for you. I am not employed by, nor represent PT. I am just a regular guy that waited his turn, just like you, and can say, without a doubt, that you will be pleased when it arrives. Be patient, and don't let this "quarantine" eat you up.
  13. Registered and waiting to for approval to squad. Looking forward to it.
  14. What is the weight of the PT EVO magwell? I have both the EVO and the Akai, and like them both, but I think there is a difference in weight even in aluminum models
  15. Do you have any photos of the grips you mention?
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