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  1. I appreciate that. I'll give it a shot.
  2. Powders: Autocomp AA7 HS-6 Primers: CCI SPP CCI SRP Federal SRP Bullets: PD 124gr JHP PD 124 gr FMJ PD 115 gr FMJ MG 124gr JHP
  3. Looking for anyone currently loading 9mm Major in their PT Honcho and what their current load is. I am going to begin loading for 9 major shortly and have a few good powders, primers and bullets and am looking for a solid, reliable starting point. Looking for ideas.
  4. Yeah, i have looked at a couple clear top, tackle box style containers from Plano that are small enough to fit into a bag, but big enough to carry some small necessities.
  5. Ive got a complete backup gun and the parts for both. Looking for the tool kit/container to carry the parts/kit in...
  6. Looking to build a 2011 parts bin/tool kit for matches and seeking opinions on the best kit for the job. Would like a segmented style flat tool kit so i can separate pins, screws, batteries, firing pins, springs, etc in a single container. Any ideas to fit the bill that works well for a small/standard range bag? Thanks.
  7. I received my second Honcho last week from a May 2020 order. Things were obviously slowed due to COVID and businesses, including manufacturers and finishers being shut down intermittently. I would anticipate 7-10 months as of now, with lead times improving as things begin to normalize. If you have questions, call them. They will give you a no BS answer as to current estimation of lead times.
  8. So, anyone else had issues installing the second spring on the Aftec extractor and actually getting it completely back into the extractor tunnel? Has some spotty extraction shooting 9 major and was advised to try both springs to resolve the issue, but have a hell of a time getting it into the slide with both springs installed. Thoughts?
  9. 17.1364 yards precisely.
  10. The Safariland 015 is VERY secure. If you are unsure if you trust it fully just yet, throw your unloaded pistol in it, lock the lock and run, jump, dive in the grass/dirt, spin, flip and see where, or even if there is a failure point.
  11. Given data from the 121 and 124gr chronod. Hoping chrono or conditions were bad....
  12. I assumed chrono HAD to be mistaken. 3 different 9 Major loads, Blackdot, Impact, and hand load from a reputable sponsored shooter all showed almost 1995 fps each round fired. Chrono was in direct sun light, which I believed may have skewed it. I just bought a new chrono and will check again this week. Not going to lie, I felt for a second like o was on borrowed time with a mortar in my hand.
  13. So I have shot about 500 rounds of the 9mm Major Blackdot Ammo, and had a chance to chrono some today from my Honcho in Open configuration. I am REALLY hoping the chrono (not mine) was just having a bad day and terribly wrong, but i was getting readings of 1995-2000 FPS for velocity at 10 feet. I am going to get out again in a couple days and check again with a brand new chrono, hopefully in ideal conditions, and try to get a more accurate reading. Had similar results with some of the 9mm Major loadings from Impact Ammo (121gr Major), right at 1990 FPS. There is no conceivable way it c
  14. The Agency AOS system is one of the absolute best and most secure and modular optic mounting cuts/platforms around right now. The only downside is the lead time.
  15. Pin/pry the guide rod slightly forward and punch the rest out.
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