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  1. Shot this last weekend Limited B Class Shot it 5-6-1-2-4-3 56 Points 6.35 Seconds 8.8189 HF 75.3462% (A) I'll take it for now. I had a tiny hang up coming out of holster and trigger freeze on the first target engaged, otherwise, I'm confident I could have broken 5.5 - 5.8 seconds. First A Class classifier I've been able to shoot, with many just below, so I'm happy with it. Looking forward to some more of the 19 and upcoming 20 series classifiers.
  2. I suppose it really depends on the situation. If i have a brand new shooter, who is attending their first 2 matches or so, with no background in shooting sports, and at a local, Level 1 match, it's not going to hurt my feelings one bit if the RO chooses to give the shooter a helpful "hint" or two during the COF, or throughout the match. It's no different than telling a new shooter to "watch the 180" as they are moving or reloading in an effort to right them, and keep them engaged and learning, which at that level, i personally don't have an issue with. I get it. There is a rulebook, an
  3. Trijicon RMR/SRO is among the most reliable and hard use optics out there for slide ride capability.
  4. PT, if i understood correctly, will not finish and ship a pistol without coating. It can be a Silver PVD, but not left unfinished metal. I don't blame them from a builder standpoint.
  5. Oh man. I made another order in May. Looks like I may be waiting a long while for this next one if folks are waiting from January still. Damn corona. Awesome to see these things still getting cranked out and in the hands of more and more shooters.
  6. What magwell is this on the PT Grip? Looks like the Akai??
  7. The PT Grip should work well. It is what i used with my LSI grip and DAA Alpha X
  8. Lone Star Innovations grip is awesome as well.
  9. Will people that registered but were waitlisted also get a code for registration?
  10. The RDS exposes a lot of the minor flaws that iron sights do not. Spend a ton of time doing dry fire, and practicing the proper draw stroke and you'll be fine
  11. Hopefully this match will still be able to go off without issues. Thanks for keeping people up to date. Is there a contingency plan in the event of cancellation?
  12. Current "quoted" lead time is around 22 weeks now. Someone asked on a FB post regarding the Father's Day sale. Not unexpected given the backlog and Covid-19 craziness. Looking forward to my next one being built and delivered. The Honcho really is a great pistol.
  13. I got the Safarliand 015 holster on Wednesday and have been working with it during dry fire and yesterday at the range. I'm using it with my Honcho with PT grip, and the retention is superb. It is smooth enough either locked, or unlocked that the pistol is quickly released, and even unlocked, it is retained enough that movement is possible. I am still getting used to the lever lock during the draw, but I would say i am about 99% of the way to being able to release it every time without issue. With that said, after the Load and Make Ready command, I would not likely see the need in reengagi
  14. Gans, Freedom Gunworks, Lonestar, etc.
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