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  1. I use WAC, but have tried AA7, HS6, 3N38. In my pistol, all but the WAC have a strange, figure 8 style dot movement. May try them some more, but for now WAC is a consistent 171-172 PF. Titegroup is WAY too fast for 9 Major
  2. I wonder how feasible using a ratchet type system is on this kind of belt... I would think it would stress the pins, and in turn the molded plastic the pin runs through if you were to tighten the ratchet system a bit too much. I'm interested to see how these fare throughout a season or two.
  3. Regardless of politics, the SPORT is for anyone who chooses to partake in it. With that said, wearing a shirt like that at a match seems like a rather uncouth and unintelligent thing to do, and if likely running their mouth along with it, seems like a way to end up being in the way of an accidental 180 violation. Unpopular opinion, but keep politics of any kind the hell out of sport. Ultimately if people had an issue with it, bring it to the MD attention and allow them to handle it. In my opinion, it should be handled, definitively, once and never need to again. All ignoring or allowing it will do is embolden others to do the same, and having confrontations of any kind where weapons are prevalent and employed is a recipe for disaster.
  4. It looks like an interesting concept, and I want to like the idea, but I'm still skeptical for now. 30 links, 29 pins, a buckle, silicone o-ring and 16 or so screws is a LOT of potential points of failure. Not to say those don't exist in current inner/outer belt combinations also, but it seems as though it's an exponential increase in potential failure points. I will say though, it does look nice, and the concept is one i think we will see more of. Modularity is nice, and the ability to make it compact for travel, coupled with the ability to change sizing by adding or removing links is forward thinking. I am interested to see how it holds up long term, and how this thought process may drive industry to think outside the box.
  5. Congrats on the Honcho. You're going to love it! For .40 you cannot go wrong with PD bullets loaded to 1.180".
  6. Estimate is roughly Aug of 2026. /s It's going to be "months" until dies are ready direct from Dillon, at least in 9mm.
  7. Anyone with a Honcho running it in Open configuration in 9 Major using a heavier recoil spring than the 6lb suggested?
  8. I placed an order with Dillon in April for an RL1100 without dies and was told it would ship in a few days. I got nothing after 2 weeks and called just to confirm everything was good. They said it would be at least 4 weeks at the time of my call. That same day I saw one pop up on BSPS with 9mm Dies in stock, so I called Dillon back, cancelled my order, and picked it up from BSPS. Got it 2 days later.
  9. Area 419 Hellfire or their new Hellfire Match is my go to for precision competition when i am not using a suppressor.
  10. Thats a fair observation. I should have asked regarding similar JHP projectile profiles, such as PD/MG in 124 gr and Zero/Everglades conical/truncated cone style 125gr bullet profile.
  11. For Open 9mm Major is there any discernable difference between the two aside from a slight change in velocity and maybe having to adjust zero? Any downside between going between the two?
  12. Im happy to take the 124s off your hands if you need to offload them.
  13. They are 100% a scam artist "company". You can look them up on IG also, and if you simply conduct a google search of reviews, you will find a plethora of information. They have multiple different "businesses" from pet sitting, to dry cleaning, to apparently now firearms and primers. If you are comfortable being ripped off or having your ID stolen, by all means conduct a transaction with them online. They blocked me on IG when i asked very basic questions like "how is it your have millions of primers when nobody else does", and "how are you getting them imported within days, when ammunition companies are waiting months or more for them to arrive and/or clear"... Suspect for certain. The last straw were a dozen different grammatical and spelling errors from the "president" of their company who finally said, "if you send us your CC info right now, we will invoice and ship you an extra 10,000 primers for free to gain your trust, but it has to be right now, today". Big f*#king nope.
  14. Primers12 is 100% complete horseshit. Scam all day long.
  15. Did the RO ever call that competitor to the line or tell him to make ready?
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