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  1. Ive been using an aluminum Dawson ice, but find a like a little more weight in the grip. It only adds about 2 ounces extra weight.
  2. Ive got the LSI and trying to find a good steel magwell is tough. Glenn wil be making his own but unknown when that will be.
  3. I appreciate the critiques and will work on the information provided. I'm by no means an expert and just getting back into competitive shooting after about 10 years away and I'm having a great time with it. I'll work the draw some more during dry fire practice and work on cleaning up the wasted movements. I'll have another match in 2 weeks and I'll hopefully see some progress. I typically just review video on my own, but I'm happy to post more here for helpful information. Thanks again.
  4. One more to add. Video not the best as it was taken on a buddy's GoPro while he was watching. I don't know why i felt the need to punch out so deliberately on the draw on this one, and I had a mental error on the second array as it was Virginia Count and i was debating a make up shot prior to transitioning to the top of the array. Time was 9.22 with all A's. I ran it again just for fun after and ran a 7.48 with 3 C's. Wish I could have kept the second run. Not a classifier, just another stage. VID-20200111-WA0003_Trim.mp4
  5. I know it is not the best possible view, but the best i have from this most recent match, and looking for suggestions/critique on the draw. This stage was set so that you had to engage all targets from within the fault line behind the hard cover. I elected to go support side first and finish fast on the strong side. I am leaning with weight on my left leg, with hands relaxed at sides. I broke the video down to only the draw for this stage. I will try to add more as available. Thanks. Leaning Draw.mp4
  6. Did you find the brass magwell, plus the steel LSI grip to be too heavy? I have the limcat brass magwell that i was using previously on my stock STI grip, but I'm wondering if the SS version might be the best balance of weight and performance.
  7. What magwell did you settle on for your LSI grip?
  8. Ordered mine back in November, and really hoping i get the call it's ready and for final payment soon. I can't wait to shoot this thing!
  9. This must be what the Trijicon offering they are "teasing" is going to be also. I'm definitely intrigued as Vortex is solid!
  10. Shooting this one tomorrow and wondering if it's best to race through the open targets and then take the close head shot, or just take them left to right and repeat.
  11. Hopefully only about 3 more weeks until I can shoot my Honcho! Looking forward to the ability to shoot the same pistol in both Limited and Open configurations.
  12. The P5 will be a 5", and was primarily marketed toward LE first. It will likely be released to the masses shortly, but there is no ETA on if/when it will be offered in DUO configuration.
  13. I'll be sending my LSI grip off for Black Nitride shortly.
  14. The LSI grip is a legit gamechanger of a grip. Very grippy and contoured perfectly for my hand. Felt like gripping a cheese grater the first time i grabbed it, but i have since come to love it. Just need to get it coated and it's perfect.
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