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  1. Would you care to elaborate? Certainly curious if i am to consider them.
  2. Necropost alert: Anyone happen to know what a stripped STI Edge in .40 slide weighs from factory? I'm looking to get one lightened, and want to get closer to 10.5 or so ounces, but curious as to what kind of diet it's looking at. Thanks.
  3. You have any photos of the work they did for you? Seen all the ones on their page, but finding another Edge is tougher than i would have thought.
  4. Who is the go-to gunsmith or shop to go to for 2011 slide work? Looking at having my Edge tri-topped, lightened a bit and possibly having some slide cuts put in. Been looking so far at Freedom Gunworks and they seem solid. Any other good suggestions that don't have a 6 month lead time?
  5. I think your pistol is broken and you should let me have it. haha
  6. Is the Staccato-P grip the same standard size 2011 grip? Will it fit the Vario X-Line triggers? Was able to place an order at a great price for a Staccato-P DUO and 10 mags and really like the Vario trigger in my competition gun.
  7. I have not yet revisited trying to swap it out again yet. I'm probably going to get short on patience and break something. lol.
  8. Just registered and looking forward to it. First match outside a local match and only my 5th or 6th overall. Looking forward to seeing some new stages, good shooters and learning some new skills.
  9. How long did the rebate take for those who already received it?
  10. Big Tex Outdoors
  11. Travelling into Hawaii with firearms sucks. Best of luck to you on the travels and the match hunt.
  12. I appreciate the information.
  13. I installed new Grams springs and followers into my mags, and ran some more drills yesterday with some success. I ran my current match ammo, and also some of the Syntech, and some NC Shooters Long blue bullet match ammo with no issues with feeding or reliability. It could have just been that my mag springs were slightly underpowered and allowed the round to come forward impacting the chambering process. I'll run some more after my match this weekend and see if i can induce any stoppages, but so far it looks promising.
  14. Short of just working it with a file or some sandpaper, is there a good way to remove material from the pin without making it uneven?
  15. Would a pin that is slightly too large in diameter cause this issue with resistance in racking the slide only at the beginning when the slide is coming out of battery?
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