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  1. Im going to have to do some fitting on mine for sure. My slide will go forward into battery, but is a bitch to pull back and hangs up quite a bit. Is it going to need widening in the notch or all over? The pictures are helpful, but dont do it justice in where it may be hanging up for me.
  2. Production should be just that......production. If it wasnt built that way from the factory, minus the sights, its a no. Keeps the playing field level.
  3. Looks like perhaps BCT isn't selling .40 anymore. Hard to tell without giving it a shot, but is the match ammo thats loaded a little longer generally more accurate/softer shooting?
  4. I've done some decent searching and found some newer loads from Federal (Syntech) and also Atlanta Arms, etc, but what are the better "factory" available loads for USPSA limited major? I simply don't have the time right now to dedicate to reloading but may begin again soon. I'm looking for some good ammunition that will load and cycle well while meeting major power factor. Using an STI Edge, tuned by Bill Dawson.
  5. With the Gen 5 G34, is the Jager Steel .270 Guide rod and 14 or 15 pound spring the sweet spot for factory 124 and 147 ammo? Think a 13 is too light without playing with the striker springs? I'm looking to get a smooth and soft recoil impulse, but don't want to have it over/under sprung and want it to cycle reliably. Any ideas?
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