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  1. Old electric toothbrush with stiff bristles, brake clean and air compressor. Thats what i use for my Extra Aggressive PT grip. Works pretty well.
  2. Welp....not unexpected, but unfortunate, and a bit frustrating considering ive only had the 015 for a few months and its now a $220 paperweight. Correspondence from SL Customer Service below: Good afternoon, Unfortunately the 015 holsters have been discontinued due to supply chain issues and we cannot service them at this moment. There are no current spare parts for that series of holsters. Thank you for being a Safariland customer. If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Care @ 800-347-1200 or reply to this email. Thank you, The Safariland Customer Care Team I honestly think the 015 was one of the better designed holsters, and I wish DA would purchase the rights and produce it at opposed to the Alpha-X. Oh well...MRH, here I come.
  3. I figured considering there are no more 014 or 015 holsters on the site. As a replacement, what would be your recommendation? I've heard good things about the Everglades MRH, had a DA Alpha-X, but never really liked it. I guess it's time to find another.
  4. Welp, my Safariland holster is a paperweight until i hear back from them. While do some routine maintenance and trying out the muzzle support, the bottom screw completely stripped out the threads connecting up into the holster body. Of course ive got a bunch of major matches upcoming so it's perfect timing. Email out to Safariland CS, but noticed they dont even have the 015 holster on the site anymore, or at least it wont let me get to it.
  5. It will be nearly impossible to determine what upper will be most accurate with a given rifle especially when a suppressor is employed. It is not so much about the upper itself, but the individual components, and more so due to the attachment method, lockup, internal characteristics of the suppressor and the inherent accuracy of the ammunition used. You could get all of the above, and find that amongst 3 people, the same rifle may never be the most accurate twice.
  6. Yes. Staking is simple, cost effective insurance. I do it on every rifle with a castle nut. Then again, I also loctite almost everything with threads with a few notable exceptions and add witness marks to every attachment. I am also used to putting rifle calibers through hard, duty use training, so doing it on a 9mm PCC for gaming *may* not be necessary, but i maintain consistency across platforms.
  7. Yes, periodically change it out if it is old, worn, torn, slimy beyond cleaning, not properly sealing, etc. I wouldnt say a "regular" schedule, it an "as-needed", consumable wear item.
  8. Yes. It's simple. There is a set screw that allows you to remove the holster body from the belt and reattach it in the exact same spot because the belt portion of the mount/holster has not been removed.
  9. As an RO, how do you intend to tell the difference when they break out a tool and begin to try to dislodge an obstruction from the muzzle end of the pistol? Could it be possible to have a stuck bullet in the barrel AND a case head separation that is what they are attempting to clear?
  10. Check to make sure your swager is set correctly as well and that it is not in some way increasing primer pocket size. It should not, but it's worth a shot since everything else is not coming out right. But oversized primer pockets sound like perhaps a manufacturing issue.
  11. MBX have always run right out the packaging without issue in my limited and open guns
  12. Lots of people seem to be getting, and then almost immediately offloading these on the secondary market. Doesn't seem like to many are fans of the new features out of the gate.
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