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  1. I really like 6.9 of SILO, WAC is the same charge but much more violent on the hands I think. AA7 is great, like you said crazy dirty. Shoot me a text if be happy to share all my load development data and pictures with ya 208-960-8752
  2. PT would have needed some "love", I called Matt and he said the SV metal is the way to go. It was tight until about 40 draws in during dry fire. Broke right in perfectly. So moral of the story if your ordering a AA x holater get the SV metal if you run the e2 cheely!
  3. Binary 2 port would be awesome for minor
  4. Try to find a used one locally, something you have seen run alot. Shoot the hell out of it, figure what you really like and wanna have. Then build your new one the season after. Just my 2cents You might love or hate different lengths. It's all personal preference.
  5. ALOT of info on here about the differences, I run 9 Maj and will continue to do so. Runs great, very flat, I have load data for 5 powders. If I took the time to dial in HS6 it would be 6 available. I've found I personally like Silhouette. With a KKM and 3 holes.
  6. I've seen some very light marks on the very corner of mine. Hasn't caused any issues, I'm about 650 RD's in now. Hopefully stays that way
  7. Makes sense, I have the cheely, felt a few PT I like the way they feel but for me there's more value in the cheely. Coming with the magwell and all.
  8. Hell ya, what made you choose PT over cheely
  9. It's a stupid amount of fun! Anyone gotten their new toys lately?!
  10. I have found that the spacer fixed my 9major nose diving in the Gen 2 sti
  11. I was certainly concerned about the dot being to small, but as you extend your arms the reticle gets larger and brighter. If you leave it on the circle/dot reticle you will notice it ALOT more from when you first draw u til your at full arms length. Not as noticeable with just the center dot on the screen.
  12. So, to be blunt I really like this dot. I didn't get a chance to sight it in before the match so I showed up early, found zero, drew from the holster a few times and went to the shooters meeting. I don't have the best eyes, so the larger dot window makes a huge difference. I tried the circle and dot the first few stages, (granted this was an outlaw match and all steel except for one classifiers. ) It was a little goofy so I went to just the dot. I could draw and aquire much faster than my rts2. First shots were considerably faster, I didn't feel as slow on transition from Target to Target I never caught myself over running targets in transition. It was absolute s#!t weather low 30's and windy, but I wanted to get out and try this new optic. I have to say from the perspective of a very low B shooter I liked it and will be sticking with it!
  13. Anyone running a cheely E2 ? Are you using the PT insert? Or sti?
  14. Mount should be here tomorrow, Littel worried about switching but we will see
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