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  1. Shove a qtip through the channel every time you clean it and make sure the arm isn't junked up. I shot 8k with my venom gun before I ever touched a spring and it was only because I was going to a major.
  2. Looks awesome, he's put out a few hard mill and black guns lately that have just been stupid cool looking.
  3. Cheely grips come with their Magwells. In my opinion the cheely e2 aggresive is the best grip in the business. And their magwells are too. I've also heard good things about LSI.
  4. Lonestar is building l/h steel grips now. Gonna be a game changer for you southpaws.
  5. Save up buy a 2011 used, you'll thank me later.
  6. I haven't shot my new chaos yet, hopefully soon. I have no doubts it'll be the same as my last one!
  7. The only one I had issues with was Dawson, atlas is fine, the cheely is actually my preference all day. E2 aggressive is awesome
  8. I meant magwell, not just mags. I obviously wasn't paying attention to what the f*#k I was typing.
  9. Sorry atlas mag well, not mags my bad fat fingered it
  10. Atlas mags won't stick either, and they are heavier.
  11. I think Don at venom has an all black 9 major gun ready to go. Romeo 3 XL, I prefer MBX mags over STI. Everyone is different just try different stuff, it's expensive but take your time and enjoy it. You'll learn alot and it will be tons of frustrating times too. Dry fire, as much practice as you can afford.
  12. Oakley golf, baseball, tennis lenses work awesome and you get that safety rating with em. Some glasses are polarized but not safety lenses. Shooting without shatter proff is sketchy to me
  13. Who's shot one? Im just curious about how they shoot and longevity? Not gonna buy one just pure curiosity.....
  14. Appreciate the replies fellas, luckily I have plenty of time to decide. After the holidays at least with this move coming up. We will see what the future brings. A really good local shooter AJ gave me some insight as well a few weeks back. Guess I just wanted to hear what other experienced shooters had to say on the topic.
  15. I'm gonna sell my chaos and go back to limited, after owning an Atlas I'm gonna stick with them. I just have a hard time justifying the extra 1k$+ for a sigh block gun. Let's be real, I'm a low A shooter in open. Pretty solid B in limited. Is that extra $ really worth it? I'm a hobby shooter that just has alot of fun in this racket. I've shot a nemesis briefly, maybe 20 rounds. Felt great, but I've never shot a Titan. My last limited gun was a 6" so I've never put a ton of rounds through a 5" limited gun to begin with. Any experiences y'all might be able to share would be appreciated!
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