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  1. Ultimate pistol works good for me
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19JoFD925g8191IsXOpvqD-_doasZ2Jks/view?usp=drivesdk Here's video
  3. Welp today was a DQ for me unfortunately, It was a very long movement stage i came into a tight spot where I simply over ran it. I tried to drop my foot and catch my balance but it was to far gone. So I kept the gun safe and downrange. Then as I was getting back up I tried to move to quickly I fell again where I broke the 180. Finger was off the trigger and it was as safe as breaking a 180 can be. But it was just a reminder I'm old now, and I can't move like I used too. I knew it was a tight position, I needed to shuffle into that spot and not rush it. Lesson learned, I haven't shot much lately and I had flown into town for the match and I was over excited. Hope someone reads this and remembers to be safe and not try to shoot outside of your abilities.
  4. I found 7.4 of silhouette and 9.7 of major pistol out of my chaos feel identical. I've loaded several lots of silo over the last few years and I have found it's pretty consistent. I'm on my first lb of major pistol so I can't speak on lot variables. I do like it it, major pistol has a little less dot movement but barely noticable. Certainly not under the timer.
  5. As I can appreciate wanting the input from other shooters, none can tell you if your gonna like one or the other better or worse until you shoot them both. And by shoot them both I mean at least one solid practice day. Switching hands, drawing to weak hand, etc. That will tell you all you wanna know. Honestly if your curious have your builder set you up with both. You can go run the same drills back to back and swap them. Theres really not much to fitting them and coating can't be much more $. Yea your probably gonna be another 150$ or 200 into your build. But at least you will k ow and have the option. Certainly one will just sit in the parts case you take to you matches, but at least you'll have a fit spare just in case and know which you prefer. The simplicity of a single side is fantastic during maintenance, but shooting weak hand can be less forgiving. Good luck buddy Let us know what you come up with.
  6. Shove a qtip through the channel every time you clean it and make sure the arm isn't junked up. I shot 8k with my venom gun before I ever touched a spring and it was only because I was going to a major.
  7. Looks awesome, he's put out a few hard mill and black guns lately that have just been stupid cool looking.
  8. Cheely grips come with their Magwells. In my opinion the cheely e2 aggresive is the best grip in the business. And their magwells are too. I've also heard good things about LSI.
  9. Lonestar is building l/h steel grips now. Gonna be a game changer for you southpaws.
  10. Save up buy a 2011 used, you'll thank me later.
  11. I haven't shot my new chaos yet, hopefully soon. I have no doubts it'll be the same as my last one!
  12. The only one I had issues with was Dawson, atlas is fine, the cheely is actually my preference all day. E2 aggressive is awesome
  13. I meant magwell, not just mags. I obviously wasn't paying attention to what the f*#k I was typing.
  14. Sorry atlas mag well, not mags my bad fat fingered it
  15. Atlas mags won't stick either, and they are heavier.
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