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  1. Thays super short for 9 maj, you may need to ream that barrel a little or try another projectile. Maybe the ogive/profile it touching lands. Shats short and obviously adding pressure and thats short to feed, could cause nose dive malfunction
  2. 124 jhp are significantly better in my opinion. 9.3-9.6g has been the range I've always stayed in.
  3. Most guns will run both with one well tuned extractor, its getting them out of the mags that can cause issues.
  4. I know Don had some in stock guns, anyone here pick one up?
  5. Whatever works for you man, glad your system is perfect for you. I have been lucky I guess in always catching bad cases before I load em or on the press. I trust my process as you trust yours. I haven't had a bad round yet, as far as 9 maj.
  6. I would have to politely disagree, dot movement happens so fast i personally can't see a change from load to load. But hey if that works for you then get aftwr it. Perceived movement isn't as cut and dry to me as the double test. I feel as the double test gives me factual results, not based on perception. And let's face it we are not concentrating on the dot that hard in a match. I wanna k ow I can run up to an open 7yrd target tap 2 and know they are gonna be close. On paper. As long as I do my job right of course
  7. I meant was if you unsure of your ammo enough to the point of wanting to inspect every round, thats either just no confidence in your ammo yet. Which happens i know i wasn't when I first started. I wasnt trying to tell anyone to change loading habbits, but maybe reconsider when they come off the press to watch more closely. Thats only if you are worried. I got in the habit of watching every case get powder, some people may not have that habit. Seems like double checking as they go into mags the night before a match might be excessive, or as i said maybe the confidenc
  8. Especially with a CM, if you aren't losing points shooting minor, id run minor all day everyday. Less wear and tear on those seemingly fragile slide stops. Secondly, if you like the way it feels and you have the right recoil spring and the gun tracks how you want it to. Rest of it really doesn't matter. Double tap a target from 15-18yrds If the second shot is high=possible to light of a recoil spring Second shot low, too much recoil spring. Left and right can be a large number of things but that a good place to start in tuning gun
  9. I never load them until I get to the range, belt on, gun on, then load my mags when I get to the first stage. Few reasons, Don't really want to/ sounds boring Usually drinking beers with buddies night before Usually just ate some killer BBQ Meat sweats and loading mags=dropping bullets everywhere. Seriously though, It only takes a few minutes to load up a few mags. If your concerned about inspecting every bullet before you load, you should seriously reconsider your ammo loading habits. Your not gonna check every round all day long when you l
  10. I keep a 140 for those low round count classifiers. Everything else 155s and 170s. I have used the same 170 mbx for probably way to long. But she just runs.
  11. How about yall understand its a one man shop, imagine trying to get s#!t done and people blowing up your phone asking questions when there's probably an 80% chance they ain't gonna spend a dime. Meanwhile, the people who aren't window shopping, who have paid the man to do his thing are waiting patiently. Cause if you've ever dealt with Don you'll know he ain't that guy who takes your money and doesn't communicate. No new builds means just that, no new builds at this time. You guys should be respectful of that cause many builders will take a deposit and just make you wait. Metering
  12. I had a paid and the stud the ear foam goes onto broke off. Kinda frustrating
  13. I'd be careful running 115 blues through a comp anywhere close to max velocity. Look at SNS i tried some at major with 38sc their 125 with 3n38 made 168 thats was below their max rating of 1500fps. Just really smokey. But for what you want thats not a huge deal, like low 9s' in charge with a 125gr/AA7 should get you in that 140-150 range.
  14. anyone tried these bud type hearing pro? I've tried some in ear bud type and they just aren't enough for open guns. I wanna try some but I dont want 130$ in another set of ears I cant use with the space blasters. Hoping someone else has tried em?!
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