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  1. Oakley golf, baseball, tennis lenses work awesome and you get that safety rating with em. Some glasses are polarized but not safety lenses. Shooting without shatter proff is sketchy to me
  2. Who's shot one? Im just curious about how they shoot and longevity? Not gonna buy one just pure curiosity.....
  3. Appreciate the replies fellas, luckily I have plenty of time to decide. After the holidays at least with this move coming up. We will see what the future brings. A really good local shooter AJ gave me some insight as well a few weeks back. Guess I just wanted to hear what other experienced shooters had to say on the topic.
  4. I'm gonna sell my chaos and go back to limited, after owning an Atlas I'm gonna stick with them. I just have a hard time justifying the extra 1k$+ for a sigh block gun. Let's be real, I'm a low A shooter in open. Pretty solid B in limited. Is that extra $ really worth it? I'm a hobby shooter that just has alot of fun in this racket. I've shot a nemesis briefly, maybe 20 rounds. Felt great, but I've never shot a Titan. My last limited gun was a 6" so I've never put a ton of rounds through a 5" limited gun to begin with. Any experiences y'all might be able to share would be appreciated!
  5. Anyone take delivery of new blasters recently.?
  6. I started in open with a dvc, then sold it and waited to get a venom, then gun went down. Bought a chaos. Now I've invested about 13k in open gear this year alone. Got 3 back when I sold my DVC. Moral of the story get something new, pick a caliber whatever it is and stick with it. Don't f*#k with anything just shoot it. Trust me you'll have no problem finding the drive to go practice. It's a f*#king riot when you got buddies to burn it down with. If I could do it all over again I'd buy a new venom from Don, 9 major, whatever dot your used to, get 4 mags 2 170's and 2 155's. Plastic silica carbide grip is fine to start with. The money you save not going metal grip pays for your mags. Just go have fun and learn the platform and learn the division, everything looks diffent (to me at least) when planning a stage for open. Takes alot of getting used to. I struggled with it, and instead of practicing like I should have I tried different dots, then different calibers, just trying to find comfort. Then I left everything alone with my RTS2 and my 38sc chaos and it's been a riot since. Not I gotta sell off all my open s#!t for a move and a new job. But that's a different story for a different day lol. Cheers man, if your asking about it your gonna do it. Just a matter of time.
  7. Do you have spacers in your mags? I have a few old sti gen 1 with spacers. I'd be happy to send you to try. I tuned em and they ran 100% out of my gun. Just ship em back when your done testing. I went to 38/SC since they are glued in I can't use em
  8. If I were you I would remove the dot and mount completely, run 100 rounds, see for any malfunctions. You can eliminate it being a gun only issue. Maybe file on your ejector to change your ejection angle. I did not have time to read all this so it's probably already been suggested. If you have other open buddies, see if you can steal a micro dot and mount just bolt it up and shoot it not even worth re-zeroing. Just shoot quick see if problems continue. Best of luck, nothing is more frustrating lol
  9. I have a used venom and an Atlas I can't keep both I gotta sell one. Hit me up 208-960-8752 Ben
  10. Hey guys, I have gotten all my parts together and unfortunately some more pressing things came up that require the funds. I'll make a post in the classifieds too, but if someone was wanting to send parts to Don I could just drop ship everything straight to him and transfer the frame. EDIT: Well guys nevermind, I was able to make other arrangements. On a side note! I was shooting today and noticed I was getting alot of slop in my slide. Up/down/ side to side. So I took a video and sent it to Don. He called me about 10 minutes later. Instructed me to just send it on back at my leisure. He would take care of it, sucks it's gotta go back but the process I'm sure will be super easy and it won't take weeks and months to get it back. Moral of the story, if you have read this thread from the beginning when I started it. My experience with Don has been top notch. Issues always addressed quickly, never more than a call or text away. Not that you should need it, but here it is... Buy with confidence guys..... K BYE.
  11. Trying a hybrid, short binary, aggressive cheely. See if I love the hybrid better, if I do my current blaster will go to a back up
  12. My frame showed up today! Waiting on a barrel and off my goodies goes!
  13. What barrel did you go with? Seems like everything is on intergalactic back order lol
  14. Try the 510c they are hot right now I love mine. Worst case it'll sell on here quickly
  15. Quick edit from the last few matches. Gun is absolutely perfect.... https://gopro.com/v/zP82bamD7vEWk
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