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  1. How about yall understand its a one man shop, imagine trying to get s#!t done and people blowing up your phone asking questions when there's probably an 80% chance they ain't gonna spend a dime. Meanwhile, the people who aren't window shopping, who have paid the man to do his thing are waiting patiently. Cause if you've ever dealt with Don you'll know he ain't that guy who takes your money and doesn't communicate. No new builds means just that, no new builds at this time. You guys should be respectful of that cause many builders will take a deposit and just make you wait. Metering ones workload keeps the build time and quality exactly where he wants to keep it and where he's comfortable. Imagine your answering 3 social media platforms, emails, phone calls, text messages. Then dealing with getting parts, and dealing with coating, and dealing with shipping. Buy with confidence, wait with confidence. You won't be disappointed. Cheers
  2. I had a paid and the stud the ear foam goes onto broke off. Kinda frustrating
  3. I'd be careful running 115 blues through a comp anywhere close to max velocity. Look at SNS i tried some at major with 38sc their 125 with 3n38 made 168 thats was below their max rating of 1500fps. Just really smokey. But for what you want thats not a huge deal, like low 9s' in charge with a 125gr/AA7 should get you in that 140-150 range.
  4. anyone tried these bud type hearing pro? I've tried some in ear bud type and they just aren't enough for open guns. I wanna try some but I dont want 130$ in another set of ears I cant use with the space blasters. Hoping someone else has tried em?!
  5. Don has some awesome available blasters if yall are in the market!
  6. I wouldnt at all, that extractor causes to many issues. Id put a top end on a edge with someone like Don at Venom Customs. I'd try to sell whatever tangfo you have now and buy a cheap used gun, there is a shorty akai on here in 38sc. There was a cheap 38sc gun that was down to like 1850 it had a crack by the extractor but "ran fine". You could go that route and put a new slide on that and it'll be reliable. I watched and helped my good buddy for over a year trying to get his tangfo to run. Finally it did after getting sent off and like 500rds later the comp cracked. So many matches ruined because of all types of feeding and extraction failures. Maybe you k ow a guy that knows a guy that can make em run. Just my personal experience dealing with a gold team for over a year. @Mlussoro can tell you all you wanna know about it.
  7. Hey Chris, I've used major pistol with good results. I started at 9.5 went to 10.2 with my hybrid with 3 holes. 10.2 got me 173. Gassy enough to work the comp. With a dvc id start lower like 8.5 ish to be safe. Also I've used ultimate pistol, which was very close to CFE in charge weight and feel. My dvc was good at 7.3 Both powders are significantly cheaper than 3n38. I shot a ton of accuras, they are good enough without a doubt. But PD for me has been significantly more consistent. Same loads data, same press, same gun, PD's cut SD in half. I've found that SNS are rated for 1500fps. So I loaded 100 with 9.3 of 3n38 and they did stay together, grouped well enough, no tumbling, very smokey! Probably not worth the savings, I dont want to start having to clean a comp or even worse risk a comp strike. All that being said, AA7 works fine for practice and locals. Early morning you will get more dot wash as it is considerably more choo choo train like. But your still gonna load high 9's low 10's to make 173, price per lb is about 10-12$ more. Which i understand adds up over time. For me its not worth it, id rather load good ammo for practice,make sure I get my brass back, and always shoot the same load data. You really wanna save $ just shoot 9maj for practice. Always an option. Ben Also, I know having accura in the backyard is awesome. Most people preaching against them probably don't know your supporting a local shop. 45ish$ per 500 isn't bad thats 90 per 1k or 180 per 2k. Before tax PD'd are 178 shipped for 2k. RMR are 182 shipped for 2k. Unless your on the local accura pro team, they ain't worth it.
  8. Less than 6 months for a custom ish gun is not a huge deal. Just saying people wait 18 months for an eddie gun. But I get it if you were quoted 3-4 months that would be frustrating. Hope they take care of yall.
  9. That's my old gun! It was lights out perfect, I'd buy it back if I could find it.
  10. Feeding might be your only issue, co.oressed or not 4.6g of 340 wont hurt anything
  11. Damn that sucks, I've been through a few lbs. I've been lucky, I always had good luck with silhouette for 9 maj. 7.4 with a 124 pd at 1.165. Not as clean, but very consistent in my experience lot to lot
  12. Sounds like practice ammo to me, shoot em, 2011 will handle em no worries.
  13. Gimmie a shout, happy to help. Ben 208-960-8752 I'm in denver
  14. Ultimate pistol works good for me
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19JoFD925g8191IsXOpvqD-_doasZ2Jks/view?usp=drivesdk Here's video
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