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  1. Do you have spacers in your mags? I have a few old sti gen 1 with spacers. I'd be happy to send you to try. I tuned em and they ran 100% out of my gun. Just ship em back when your done testing. I went to 38/SC since they are glued in I can't use em
  2. If I were you I would remove the dot and mount completely, run 100 rounds, see for any malfunctions. You can eliminate it being a gun only issue. Maybe file on your ejector to change your ejection angle. I did not have time to read all this so it's probably already been suggested. If you have other open buddies, see if you can steal a micro dot and mount just bolt it up and shoot it not even worth re-zeroing. Just shoot quick see if problems continue. Best of luck, nothing is more frustrating lol
  3. I have a used venom and an Atlas I can't keep both I gotta sell one. Hit me up 208-960-8752 Ben
  4. Hey guys, I have gotten all my parts together and unfortunately some more pressing things came up that require the funds. I'll make a post in the classifieds too, but if someone was wanting to send parts to Don I could just drop ship everything straight to him and transfer the frame. EDIT: Well guys nevermind, I was able to make other arrangements. On a side note! I was shooting today and noticed I was getting alot of slop in my slide. Up/down/ side to side. So I took a video and sent it to Don. He called me about 10 minutes later. Instructed me to just send it on back at my leisure. He would take care of it, sucks it's gotta go back but the process I'm sure will be super easy and it won't take weeks and months to get it back. Moral of the story, if you have read this thread from the beginning when I started it. My experience with Don has been top notch. Issues always addressed quickly, never more than a call or text away. Not that you should need it, but here it is... Buy with confidence guys..... K BYE.
  5. Trying a hybrid, short binary, aggressive cheely. See if I love the hybrid better, if I do my current blaster will go to a back up
  6. My frame showed up today! Waiting on a barrel and off my goodies goes!
  7. What barrel did you go with? Seems like everything is on intergalactic back order lol
  8. Try the 510c they are hot right now I love mine. Worst case it'll sell on here quickly
  9. Quick edit from the last few matches. Gun is absolutely perfect.... https://gopro.com/v/zP82bamD7vEWk
  10. I really like 6.9 of SILO, WAC is the same charge but much more violent on the hands I think. AA7 is great, like you said crazy dirty. Shoot me a text if be happy to share all my load development data and pictures with ya 208-960-8752
  11. PT would have needed some "love", I called Matt and he said the SV metal is the way to go. It was tight until about 40 draws in during dry fire. Broke right in perfectly. So moral of the story if your ordering a AA x holater get the SV metal if you run the e2 cheely!
  12. Binary 2 port would be awesome for minor
  13. Try to find a used one locally, something you have seen run alot. Shoot the hell out of it, figure what you really like and wanna have. Then build your new one the season after. Just my 2cents You might love or hate different lengths. It's all personal preference.
  14. ALOT of info on here about the differences, I run 9 Maj and will continue to do so. Runs great, very flat, I have load data for 5 powders. If I took the time to dial in HS6 it would be 6 available. I've found I personally like Silhouette. With a KKM and 3 holes.
  15. I've seen some very light marks on the very corner of mine. Hasn't caused any issues, I'm about 650 RD's in now. Hopefully stays that way
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