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  1. Techwell is my favorite also. Especially if you have multiple 1911's. Easy to install.
  2. Not that I know of. I have found that if the mag (I run Wilsons) locks up well in the gun, that's what I'm looking for. Just practice releasing the slide with your thumb after reloading. Your hand should be up there anyway. The slide releasing on it's own sometimes happens on all my 1911's and my P320. Don't know why.
  3. Been shooting the 147's for a while now. Started using them to get away from the lube ring on other molds. Have not noticed any barrel leading. They use the HI-TECH coating which is really good. I recommend them to anyone.
  4. Grumpy, well said. As for the OP. Many times when people weigh in, it's in response to some ones question on other's experience. This is NOT empirical data from a manufacture's lab. That can be found in the reloading manual of your choice. Don't bag on others sharing what they have found to be true for them. Remember, this is a FORUM. Open to any and all opinions meant to be shared and used at others as they see fit. I now relinquish my soap box.
  5. Bullseye is really fast. If you are familiar with Titegroup, and have a load for that use it with SP. Also for all SP users out there. Go to Alliants web site and order their reloading guide. It naturally only deals with Alliant powders but it has a lot of information. And its free.
  6. Paper towels, Q-Tips and a can of air for all the junk that collects around the primer mechanism. About twice a year I disassemble everything down to the shaft. Wipe it all off and re-lube. You'll need to clean the primer feed assembly more often, but that's just to wipe the dust and crud off. It will help with the feed. To your original question, there is no day-day cleaning. Only day-day reloading. But you be your own judge. If it looks dirty and you want to clean it, go for it.
  7. My bad! A little further down and there was a thread with plenty of load info.
  8. I was looking for a less expensive replacement for N320 and I thinks Sport Pistol is it. Is anyone out there using it with 147gn bullets, I was using 3.5gns of N320 and that's what I'm using with Sport Pistol but I have seen charges as low as 3.2gn from others. Wondering if there is a group opinion and also what the Power Factor would be.
  9. Though not a Sig, I just had this same problem with a 1911. Also had the ejector broken on another gun by this problem. IDPA, slide lock reloads and over insertion keeping the slide from moving into battery. Actually jammed round at ramp and locked up. In USPSA this is rare due to reloading with one in the chamber. Mag can't go that far. Another shooter saw this happen twice. Told me to get some metal baseplates and that will stop this. (They are on the way). The plastic base pads get beat up/down and allows this to happen.
  10. Truth is 45 is just about dead everywhere. I'll shoot it some in Single stack, but as arthritis gets the better of me 9mm sees the most action these days. As to the OP question, YES. 45acp is dead in limited. Really for serious competitors, all things being equal, there's no reason not to shoot 40 in Limited.
  11. Lee is a good press. Two of my friends use them and have no issues. Plus they're priced right. Accessories: Buy the Arsonal digital scale. You can set it for grains, grams, oz. whatever. This will also be you powder measure, it comes with a little cup. Digital calipers from Harbor Frieght. You'll also need a tumbler to clean range brass, and an inertia hammer to pull bullets from bad loads. (Saves brass, bullet and primers). Happy reloading
  12. I have never tumbled loaded rounds. I use a dry tumbler and corn cob media. It will wear out to the point it just won't do the job anymore. That's when you need a new batch or media. Mineral spirits will help, but use that trick towards the end of the media's life cycle. One thing I learned is since it is a consumable, put as much brass in the tumbler as it will hold. The media will wear out whether there's 1 pound or ten. So get your moneys' worth. Also to keep the press running smoothly clean the dies.
  13. I think this happens t a lot of folks. You can buy Lee die set and use theirs, which is what I did and the problem went away. Or I've heard of using some JB Weld in the insert and pressing a mold of your bullet profile in the bottom. The smiley face on the end of the bullet won't hurt anything. The suggestions above are if you just can't live with it.
  14. Had the same problem with 45ACP chambering with bullet at 0.452". Asked them to size yours to 0.451", which is what I did and the problem went away.
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