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  1. The finish is better on the Stock 2s. My Stock 3's finish is basically gone in several areas. It will rust easily.
  2. Good stuff. Any chance that you've timed yourself using a production rig? Draws and reloads are the biggest thing holding me back. I hover around 0.9 second draw and 1.1 second (inconsistent) reload.
  3. Can you post a video of your draws?
  4. I think they both shoot hundreds of thousands of rounds per year.
  5. Except maybe Gaston and Eric Grauffel.
  6. I'd be interested in that stock 3 and maybe a mag or 2
  7. I don't have access to a range. So 95% of my practice is dry fire. I'm unclassified, but generally finish above most A class guys.
  8. My par time for 4 Aces is 2.3 seconds at 7 yards. Adding a reload and 1 split makes it 3.45. This is roughly a GM level dry fire par time.
  9. They were picked because they were considered the best presidents. The top 4 generally consists of Lincoln, Washington, FDR, and Jefferson. Mount Rushmore was done before FDR, and Teddy is usually around #5 on most polls.
  10. I think he is referring to him being more of a revolver guy than anything else in uspsa.
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