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  1. I ended up getting Boombahs. They are absolutely ideal. I wanted something that has more durable lugs than the speedcross and more lateral support than the inov8s. This seems to have both. Only thing I was concerned about was them being uncomfortable and the rubber maybe being too hard to grip well. To me they are extremely comfortable, and they had no issue gripping well on my wood floors even if I got them wet. Amazing value for $50 shipped from their site.
  2. The two ranges I do 95%+ of my shooting at are both gravel. What have you found to grip best on gravel?
  3. I think it is just (U)p and (D)own
  4. I think Berrys are what Max is using, so...
  5. I think people were originally thinking of using lighter bullets to get more powder and gas to work the comp. However, there's just not much gas in a 16" barrel regardless of what load you use, so I think the reasoning behind the lighter bullets is more about having the quickest recoil impulse possible... which should translate to a dot that returns fastest.
  6. I can only speak to the 147s as I haven't shot anything else in PCC. The recoil is soft, but the dot bounces too much and too slowly. I don't have anything to compare it to, but it can't be ideal. 124s seem to be the most popular, but Max (and I'm told Miculek) are going to the 100/105 range.
  7. Seems virtually identical to Bullseye with lighter bullets, but a decent amount slower with the 147s. Not sure what to make of that.
  8. What were the differences you noticed?
  9. Just realized you were also in Little Rock. I might take you up on that offer. I'll of course pay you for them, but it'd be nice to try before making a change.
  10. No. Have you compared 124s to others?
  11. Anyone run them? Thoughts? I'm not loving 147 and right now I'm thinking I'll try 124gr or 105gr next.
  12. As far as pressure and velocities for the charge, what have you seen to be the closest? I think Bullseye should be close, but anything closer?
  13. Haven't tried any of the others. TF +10 was 100% for me through 1000 rounds today. I didn't chamfer anything either. Straight drop in.
  14. I'm definitely going to swap to a lighter bullet. Shot today and my ammo didn't show much of any pressure signs, but the dot movement was too slow. I think I'm going to drop all the way down to 105gr for testing.
  15. Thanks. I forgot I had QL. Plugged everything in for my load and it is saying I'm around 30k psi. Ideally I'd like more margin for error. Seating it at 1.1" gives me almost another 10k psi of wiggle room. Are you saying you still use the 135s or you switched off them too due to the round nose? I was thinking I'd switch to 135 when I'm out of 147s.
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