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  1. Does he recommend gripping hard with both hands while push/pulling? He seems to shoot really flat with his recoil.
  2. Thank you for all the replies. Will take all note of all the tips and suggestions posted here. It looks like the best option for me is to switch to a TC since i can load it longer than a round nose. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can share their load data for CZ Shadow 2? I just recently purchased one and I came from a Glock. I noticed while during the plunk tests, all bullets do not fit anymore on the CZ’s I currently load my glocks using: 3.6 Gr - Titegroup 125 Gr - Gallant Bullets Coated RN 1.135 - OAL I am not sure how to adjust the charges given the info above. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Could you expound on your push-pull grip? I have been trying this as well but with mixed results. Some days, it just does not feel right. Could you explain how you enforce this while shooting? Thanks!
  5. I experimented last weekend shooting over 800 rounds. I would say the results were very surprising. I went from Bob Vogel’s death grip to almost no grip. Suprisingly, my gun flipped more as I gripped the pistol harder. My hands were constantly breaking as I increased pressure. Having said that, I held the gun like I would hold on to a bar while standing on a subway. Very neutral. No added squeeze whatsoever. Along with this grip (hand pressure) I straightened my arms out, not bent, without locking but extended and applied a firm push/pull. Not too intense either, just enough for my palms to be in contact.. In short, my very relaxed grip without squeezing, with a bit of push/pull, arms extended out, made my gun flip less than when I gripped it really hard.
  6. These are the czechmate right? Where were you able to get them? They seem to be out of stock everywhere. Thank you!
  7. Squeezing for me might not be the best option. When i squeeze really hard, my hands naturally sweat. Push pull has been effective, although it puts stress too much on my right shoulder. Maybe I’’m doing something wrong, will have to experiment. But so far, i find better results with the push/pull grip without squeezing.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I will need to make a new load for the q5. As for velocity/power factor, I have not run this through a chrono. Although for me, it feels very light in my gun. Having a smaller charge for the 147 gr. Bullet feels slow to me. The 3.5gr seem to make it snappy enough to come back to sight alignment. This is for my G19 and 1911 5”
  9. Just wanted to share my thoughts on grip, having experimented with a couple of techniques the past week. 1.) 360 degree grip Works fine but hands need to be dry/tacky. Works best with grip enhancers. Downside is slipping hands when sweaty. 2.) weak hand wrist lock, relaxed strong hand. Works the same as the 360 degree grip, but needs traction on the left hand to work. Also tiring after a few hundred rounds. I tend to overcompensate and shoot right (I am right handed) 3.) push pull/isosceles stance works well with sweaty/dry hands. Sights track straight up and down. Very little to almost no grip necessary (making a fist). All pressure front to back with the push and pull. Downside for me is it does not work too well for glocks because of the shape of the grip. Works better with rounded grips for guns like a 1911. wanted to see some thoughts/techniques some might have to improve shooting. thanks!
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions. These have helped me a lot. I really appreciate everyone’s input. I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else but this forum! I tried a couple of load data posted here and found the “best” that works for me. Sharing this for those who also use a G19. 147gr RN - SNS coated 3.5 gr Titegroup OAL - 1.125 I will be investing in a competition gun now. Looking at the PPQ Q5 match. Hopefully this same data works, if not I now know what to look for, thanks to everyone here! Cheers
  11. Does anyone know at what brinell they are casted?
  12. Oh okay. Everything is starting to make more sense. Thanks a lot. So for the charges, maybe using 10% lower than the maximum charge is a safe starting point. For the OAL, that will depend on the results of my plunk test for each type of bullet and gun.
  13. Thanks for all this info. Definitely helps a lot. I will Plunk test them all when they ship. Hopefully the OAL from the plunk test will not be too close to the Minimum OAL stated in the load data. Alliant provides this, while titegroup does not. Since they will be the same type of bullet (Coated RN) can I use the same Minimum OAL as reference? For instance, Alliant sport pistol shows minimum OAL at 1.05 for 124 gr coated RN. Can I use this minimum OAL with titegroup? Not sure if I’m explaining it correctly, but my question is, is OAL relative to powder type? (Sport pistol) vs Titegroup Or bullet type? (Coated RN, FP, etc)
  14. I will be getting this powder as well. Good thing they post their load data on their website. Thanks!
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