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  1. What powder are you using with Blue Bullets?
  2. Taccom used to make a 3D printed magwell. He no longer offers it and doesn't plan on making them again. CZ Custom also doesn't have any interest either.
  3. I have been using two CGW SP-01 Tacticals for 4 years now and love them. My triggers are as smooth as any Shadow (of course they have around 25-30k rounds each). Couple of advantages to the Tacticals. Since it is a decocker you get to start with the hammer at half cocked. This reduces trigger travel by 30% and the weight by ~1lbs when compared to the hammer at fully decocked. My reset travel is around 3.5mm vs 1mm-3mm on a Shadow. I do have some take up due to the firing pin block. Can you tell the difference between a Shadow and SP-01 Tactical standing around dry firing the trigger,
  4. This is my Scorpion SBR setup for home defense and competition. I would recommend the carbine hand guard with flash can. The rifle feels more stable and the dot moves less durning recoil. Also go with the Manticore after market mags with steel feed lips. The OEM mags do not hold up to a lot of rounds fired. CZ replaced 8 mags I used for practice and competition. I had about 8k-10k rounds through those mags when I started to have reliability issues. The Manticore mags with TF+10 extension hold 44 rounds and have been rock solid. Yetiwurks has the best price on the Manticore mags. I went with
  5. I saw on a post you are interested in Shockwave for a Scorpion.  I have one for sale for $80 shipped.



  6. They reconfirmed their previous position of no braces. Mainly to avoid the Doodie's making fun of the fact that you have a rifle division at a pistol match that you could shoot a pistol in.
  7. Cmore RTS2. So far love it!!!! I also like it better than the tube style.
  8. I using the same load as my SP-01, SNS 125Gr NLG, 3.8gr of titegroup, 1.090 OAL. ~1150FPS out of my CZ Scorpion 7.72in barrel.
  9. Call David at CGW and get everything in the Pro-Package. If you are needing it to be Production legal let David know and he will substitute the the hammer for the comp hammer which is production legal and remove the reach reduction kit. Also add the stainless steel guide rod and his EZ/D - 9/40 sight set. You will be all set.
  10. I am also interested in how IPSC enforces the production rules.
  11. Hammer is a CZUB part and disconnector is the 75 pre-B, CZUB part. You are good to go.
  12. Reach out to David at CGW to see what he recomends. I would think polishing the firing pin channel and the tip of the firing pin might help.
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