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  1. What powder are you using with Blue Bullets?
  2. Taccom used to make a 3D printed magwell. He no longer offers it and doesn't plan on making them again. CZ Custom also doesn't have any interest either.
  3. I have been using two CGW SP-01 Tacticals for 4 years now and love them. My triggers are as smooth as any Shadow (of course they have around 25-30k rounds each). Couple of advantages to the Tacticals. Since it is a decocker you get to start with the hammer at half cocked. This reduces trigger travel by 30% and the weight by ~1lbs when compared to the hammer at fully decocked. My reset travel is around 3.5mm vs 1mm-3mm on a Shadow. I do have some take up due to the firing pin block. Can you tell the difference between a Shadow and SP-01 Tactical standing around dry firing the trigger, yes. Would you notice the same stuff after the beeper goes off. Probably not. I would recommend getting the Tactical now, replace the springs with the lighter ones and start shooting. Over time you add other components of the CGW Pro package as you can afford them plus CGW are more then willing to help you out as needed. Plus there are plenty of forums and video to help you tune the pistol.
  4. I have my new setup on my 1050. I switched out the following Dillon dies; Lee Sizer, Hornady Seating, and LEE FCD dies. I loaded 1k and chamber checked 600. The new combo nearly eliminated the polish marks and line at the base of the brass. Out of 600 I had 4 fail chamber check, .00666 fail rate. 1 of the 4 had a burr on the rim that caused it to fail. 2 of 4 had a very prominent line at the base that caused them to fail. I did initially notice slightly more effort operating the handle of the 1050 but not enough to count that as negative. I added more One Shot lube to the ziploc bag on the next batch and that reduced it further, still more then with Dillon dies but that is to be expected. I also like the decapping pin on the Lee die better then the Dillon. Sometimes either due to the Dillon decapping pin being slightly bent or the round not that having perfect alignment. The Dillon pin would not clear the flash hole and I would have to stop operation to straighten the pin, realign brass or chunk the brass in question. I did not run into any of that with the Lee. I would also have primers not fully eject with the Dillon die, usually 2-4 per 100. The Lee had zero failures to eject. In general the Lee pin seems more robust, no more breaking the retaining clip on the Dillon. Not a big deal just a PIA, especially when you realized you have no more backups. We will see how things go after 20k+ rounds but I am optimistic.
  5. I have shot it 3 out of 4 years, Fun match, worth it.
  6. I spoke with Lee this morning. The line at the base is due to the FCD doing to much. This is caused by your sizing Die being out of spec and not sizing enough. Since I was using a Dillion die she recommend I get the standard Lee sizing Die. She only recommends the the U-Die if your rounds are not chambering with the standard die. She also mentioned the line is cosmetic and should not effect function as long as they chamber. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of getting a Lee u-Die vs a standard Lee size Die. Any disadvantages to the u-die? I have used the Redding 9mm competition Pro series 3 die set on my Dillon 550. I stopped using the size die and went back to the dillon because the case kept impacting base of the die instead of going in. Have you run into that same problem with the Lee dies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Are they safe to shoot? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I use One Shot case lube. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. After adjusting the Die via Lee’s instructions. I ran several rounds that failed my case gauge. I noticed some just had a polished ring where the round was and the base. Some rounds had a line at the base. Some the line was flat others the line had bit of a lip. Typically the rounds with polished ring and line with no lip passes the case gauge. The ones with the lip failed worse then before. I am more concerned with function then looks but if the case is compromised at the line then I want to know. I use a Dillion 1050 with Dillon dies Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. This is my Scorpion SBR setup for home defense and competition. I would recommend the carbine hand guard with flash can. The rifle feels more stable and the dot moves less durning recoil. Also go with the Manticore after market mags with steel feed lips. The OEM mags do not hold up to a lot of rounds fired. CZ replaced 8 mags I used for practice and competition. I had about 8k-10k rounds through those mags when I started to have reliability issues. The Manticore mags with TF+10 extension hold 44 rounds and have been rock solid. Yetiwurks has the best price on the Manticore mags. I went with the CZC trigger pack with tune. Pull is 3lbs 10oz with very little movement and reset. Plus the Scorpion is the best looking PCC! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I saw on a post you are interested in Shockwave for a Scorpion.  I have one for sale for $80 shipped.



  13. As mentioned above stock on belt requires some skill and practice. Low ready is blah...
  14. I just shot the Oklahoma Sectional in PCC. The standard start position for PCC was stock on belt, muzzle level with the ground and parallel to side berms. For me this is a pretty good standard start position. I don't think low ready should be used.
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