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  1. Another vote for WWB 165. I put a couple thou through my STI until I worked up a load. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
  2. usmc0326 How much difference in accuracy do you see between the Montana Gold and Bayou Bullets loadings?
  3. Wayne, do you mean PSC instead of CCC? If so... psc-range.com will get you there.
  4. Check out: http://www.sleeplikethedead.com/ I bought http://www.bedinabox.com/ based on what I read there. The bed has worked well for me.
  5. slobberbone

    Which one?

    Neat Bourban Bookers or Stagg
  6. I'll throw in with MoNsTeR. I've shot 10K+ rounds of 185 Precisions under 3.9 to 4.1 grains of N310 with no issues. Soft shooting, accurate and single digit SD. Switched to Solo 1000 after getting tired of trying to find it.
  7. I knew the band in the 90's. They played my clubs, and I hooked them up with Drivin' & Cryin'...both lead singers became fast friends and would play with each other onstage.

  8. slobberbone

    Glock Mags

    Ordered lots of mags from CDNN, they are Glock factory. Good folks to deal with.
  9. I'd really looked forward to seeing this movie after all the good press it received. My son (an OIF combat veteran) and I caught the first showing yesterday morning. We were terribly disappointed, what a wasted opportunity. The filmmakers had a good cast and a story worth telling and totally buggered it up. F'ning Hollywood.
  10. http://ripquoteoftheday.blogspot.com/
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